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Modern 4-Bedroom 2-Story Farmhouse with Corner Home Office and Upstairs Laundry (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 2,317 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Well hello there, future homeowners and dream-pad designers! Buckle in, as we’re about to sail smoothly through a space where farmhouse chic cozily intertwines with modern allure, all within a splendid 2,317 Sq Ft.

Prepare your hearts (and your Pinterest boards), for a delightful peek into homely perfection!

Now, who among us can resist the inviting charm that exudes from a 4-bedroom modern farmhouse? Not this writer!

Especially when we’re talking about a domicile delicately draped in board and batten and clapboard siding, offering that quintessential nod to a timeless, architectural beauty.

Envision the soft glow of evening sun caressing your 7′-deep entry porch, its sturdy wooden pillars holding promises of serene evenings with iced tea and twilight musings.

As you saunter through the entrance, allow your gaze to flutter and land upon the quietly elegant French doors, positioned ever-so-strategically off the foyer. Hidden behind, a luminous home office awaits, its walls adorned with windows that serve two sides of your new kingdom.

Here, work-from-home becomes a tranquil and productive dream, with a dash of sophistication only a neighboring powder room can provide – a quick escape during those never-ending conference calls.

Allow your senses to be gently guided from the great room, where the cozy fireplace whispers tales of holiday gatherings and intimate conversations, through to the dining area, and finally into the culinary wonderland that is the kitchen.

Picture this; you, perched on a generously proportioned kitchen island, sipping your morning elixir, while the aroma of fresh baked bread pirouettes through the air. And fear not, culinary wizards, for numerous cabinets and a spacious walk-in pantry stand ready to guard your gastronomic secrets and treasures.

Venturing upwards into the realm of repose, you’re greeted by four bedroom sanctuaries, each offering a soft embrace of comfort and tranquility. The master suite, a haven of luxury, flaunts two vanities, a secluded toilet, and a walk-in shower – all tucked neatly behind a pocket door.

Visualize your evenings, melting into a world where relaxation reigns supreme, your biggest pondering whether to indulge in a leisurely soak or a pampering skincare ritual. A sprawling walk-in closet, sprinkled with built-ins, completes the suite with an amalgamation of opulence and practicality.

Let’s not overlook the three additional bedrooms, each generously presenting vast closets, ready to embrace garments, secrets, and perhaps a covert chocolate stash.

Amidst these chambers, an upstairs laundry room stands inconspicuously, bidding adieu to days of cumbersome basket lugging between stories.

Returning to the abode’s entrance, let’s take a moment to admire the strategically situated mudroom, nestled gracefully behind the pragmatically sized 2-car garage.

Bedecked with lockers, it stands as a sentinel against clutter and pandemonium, ensuring that muddy shoes and rain-drenched coats are kept in check, safeguarding your home’s serene aura.

In essence, within the gentle embrace of this splendid 2,317 Sq Ft, our modern farmhouse effortlessly waltzes through two stories, providing a world where elegance, functionality, and warmth coexist in a sublime balance.

It’s more than mere walls and windows; it’s a canvas where life’s vivid colors are daubed in every nook and cranny, providing a perpetually warm welcome.

Your thoughts might be dancing with visions of festive soirées, languid Sunday mornings, or perhaps the unassuming pleasure of a tranquil evening nestled by that beckoning fireplace.

Regardless of your dreams, this modern farmhouse, with its inviting nooks and open arms, awaits to cradle them all in a cocoon of understated luxury and palpable comfort.

And so, dear reader, our tour concludes, leaving you with a mere morsel of life in a home where every corner is a chapter waiting to be written.

May your walls echo with joy, rooms brim with laughter, and every window open to invite beams of sunlight or gentle moonlit caresses into your carefully curated spaces.

In a world that occasionally teeters as precariously as a poorly flipped pancake, isn’t it simply delightful to find a spot that gently whispers, “Welcome home, weary traveler”?

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