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2-Story 2-Car Barn Style Garage with Second-Floor Storage Loft (Floor Plan)


  • 1,380 Sq Ft
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Hey there!

Welcome to a delightful journey where I introduce you to not merely a structure but a captivating extension of your home – a barn-inspired detached garage that boasts additional storage space above.

Imagine a blend of rustic charm and modern utility that captures the essence of a barn, transforming it into a contemporary haven for your vehicles and storage needs.


Let’s explore this enchanting concept further.

This is far from your ordinary garage.

Envision a generous 1,380 square feet of space, gracefully distributed across two levels, echoing the grandeur of a barn.

Yet without the farm animals (though your beloved pet might enjoy roaming around).

The highlight?

This haven comfortably houses two vehicles, offering a cozy retreat for your cherished cars.

Visualize charming sliding barn doors that grace the facade, evoking images of a serene countryside retreat, ingeniously integrated with the convenience of modern living.

These doors are not mere entrances; they’re a homage to traditional barn aesthetics, cleverly adapted to meet your contemporary desires.

And there’s more – a modern garage door, expansive at 18 feet wide and 8 feet tall, ensures effortless access for your vehicles, blending the rustic with the new seamlessly.

Now, let’s ascend to the storage loft above.

Ever found yourself yearning for just a tad more space for those seasonal decorations or treasured keepsakes?

Your wishes are answered with this hidden gem of a loft, accessible via a pull-down stairway, bathed in the warmth of natural light from windows on two sides.

It’s more than a storage area; it’s a sanctuary akin to a personal attic, awaiting your imagination.

This barn-style garage transcends its primary function of vehicle storage, emerging as a harmonious fusion of charm, practicality, and a touch of nostalgia.

Whether you’re a vehicle aficionado in need of extra space or in pursuit of an elegant storage solution, this design strikes the perfect chord.

Imagine this structure as your contemporary carriage house, where parking your cars transcends the mundane, transforming it into a ritual of care and pride.

The sleek modern door not only serves its purpose but also enhances the rustic allure, creating a perfect backdrop for your DIY endeavors or moments of solitude.

The story doesn’t end with the garage; the loft above is a narrative in itself.

Far from being an afterthought, this space is a chameleon, ready to adapt to your changing needs – be it as a seasonal storage haven, a creative nook, or a serene home office.

The infusion of natural light and ample room liberates you from the constraints of clutter, offering a canvas for your aspirations.

In essence, this detached barn-style garage with loft storage transcends its physical form to become a multifaceted, enchanting, and functional extension of your living space.

It shelters your vehicles, safeguards your memories, and maybe even becomes a secluded retreat for your thoughts.

As you contemplate adding a garage to your property, envision more than just a structure; foresee an addition that weaves together charm and utility, enriching your life with ease and organization.

Isn’t this an exciting prospect to consider?

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