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6-Bedroom Two-Story European Manor with Private Balconies for All (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 12,720 Sq Ft
  • 6 Beds
  • 5.5+ Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 5 Cars

Greetings, dear readers!

Imagine embarking on a virtual journey through the exquisite halls of a European manor that’s not just a dwelling, but a testament to a lifestyle. Are you ready to delve into this captivating experience? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an incredible adventure.

And don’t forget to bring along your imagination – you’ll certainly need it for what’s in store!

As you step inside this opulent 12,720 square foot masterpiece, you’ll be greeted by a foyer that exudes a warm “Welcome Home!” in a rich, resonant tone.

The magnificence of the 23-foot ceiling, elegantly held in place by a meticulously crafted double spiral staircase, will undoubtedly leave you in awe. It’s akin to walking into a scene straight out of an Italian Renaissance painting, only this time, with the added comfort of modern central heating.

Turning your attention to the right, the regal living room commands your gaze. With its impressive 23-foot coffered ceiling, you might half expect to glimpse mischievous cherubs peering down at you from above.

And let’s not overlook the cozy media room that accompanies it – a space thoughtfully designed with nooks and crannies to house your not-so-secret binge-watching indulgences. It’s a place where Netflix and chill takes on a whole new level of sophistication.

Now, to the left of the foyer lies a dining room spacious enough to accommodate your Thanksgiving gathering and beyond. And then there’s the study – a room that’s a retreat in its own right.

With its coffered ceiling and a fireplace offering companionship, it’s an ideal spot to pen that novel you’ve always dreamed of or to lose yourself in the pages of timeless classics while nursing a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Following an arcade-like corridor will lead you to the kitchen, but let’s not mistake it for just any kitchen. We’re talking about a culinary arena that wouldn’t be out of place on “Iron Chef” – a space where your culinary aspirations can truly come to life.

Alternatively, the arcade also guides you through an elegant rotunda that reveals the gallery, utility room, and an astonishing five-car garage. Yes, you heard that right – a garage spacious enough for five automobiles. It’s time to start envisioning your collection of classic cars!

Venturing to the opposite side of the house, the arcade and rotunda unveil an exercise room that renders gym memberships obsolete. And in the same vicinity, a charming guest suite awaits, complete with a fireplace and a full bath, offering your visitors a VIP treatment they won’t forget.

However, the heart of this magnificent manor is undoubtedly the spacious great room that seamlessly flows into the breakfast area and kitchen. It’s the ultimate social hub for your guests, providing an abundance of space, style, and connectivity. But hold on – there’s more to come!

Beyond the great room, a terrace beckons you to savor serene views, while a patio just off the breakfast area invites you to relish your morning coffee amidst nature’s embrace. It’s a personal oasis of tranquility amid the bustling currents of daily life.

Now, let’s ascend the grand staircase to the second floor, where the pièce de résistance of this manor awaits.

The master suite epitomizes luxury, boasting a barrel-vaulted master bath that will make you feel like royalty as you soak, a private balcony for intimate stargazing sessions, ample storage, and even a personal utility area.

The second floor goes beyond the master suite, housing four more bedrooms, each with its private bath and balcony. Think of them as individual sanctuaries for your family members or cherished guests. An additional den and game room further elevate the comfort and entertainment quotient.

This remarkable European manor might appear as if it sprung from the pages of a fairy tale, but it’s very real and ready to welcome you into a life of opulence and grace.

With six bedrooms, more than five and a half baths, two stories of awe-inspiring architecture, a five-car garage, private balconies, and an abundance of luxurious amenities, this isn’t just a house – it’s the embodiment of your dreams.

Whether you’re hosting a grand soiree or enjoying a tranquil evening, every corner of this manor is meticulously designed to infuse your life with delight. So, if you’re in pursuit of your forever home, I’d wager that your search ends here. You’ve already stumbled upon it.

What are you waiting for? Step inside and allow the manor’s enchantment to unfold. Here’s to a lifetime filled with joy in your very own European haven!

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