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5-Bedroom Two-Story Newport Home with Finished Walkout and Personal Home Office (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 10,275 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 5 Cars

Imagine this: an architectural marvel encompassing an impressive 10,275 square feet, effortlessly dwarfing a couple of NBA basketball courts in comparison.

Nestled within this magnificent edifice are five opulent bedrooms, an equal number of luxurious baths and an additional powder room, all elegantly spread over two stories.

A spacious garage, well-equipped to accommodate a convoy of five vehicles, adds further grandeur.

Did I bring up the grand mansion yet?

Ah, indeed, I did. However, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill mansion. This is the famed Newport Masterpiece, boasting a fully-furnished walkout, resembling the extravagant lair of a Bond villain – minus the nefarious schemes and with an added touch of affable charisma.

This prestigious residence comes alive with shingle-style gables, gambrels, meticulously designed columns, picturesque turrets, and sweeping verandas. These aren’t merely architectural elements; they encapsulate the soul of this majestic dwelling.

Crossing the threshold of this exquisite property might well make you feel like royalty. And why wouldn’t you enjoy that occasional brush with nobility?

As you enter through the imposing doors, a traditional foyer entices you into a mesmerizing spectacle – the grand circular rotunda, a marvel of architectural genius that might remind you of a Renaissance cathedral dome.

Michelangelo may not have left his artistic imprint here, but this rotunda surely redefines extravagance.

Its sheer grandeur reduces any other two-story room to the insignificance of a shoebox.

The commodious great room, featuring a charming curved bay window, forms the core of the sprawling family living space. It is so expansive that it could comfortably host an extended family reunion, with room to spare for a playful baby elephant.

Don’t miss the formal dining room, a regal banquet hall primed for hosting festive celebrations and even the simplest of Tuesday dinners.

In need of some solitude? Retreat to the cosy corners of the intimate library or circular sitting room – the perfect sanctuaries for peace seekers.

Yearning for a social gathering? The outdoor living room, boasting a cozy fireplace, offers an ideal private retreat, be it for a sophisticated wine tasting evening or a casual marshmallow roast-off with friends.

The mansion also provides service spaces such as a quaint butlery (for a touch of Downton Abbey elegance), a mudroom featuring an elevator, and a practical back stair – the essentials for a modern-day aristocrat.

The kitchen is a gastronome’s dream. Capable of accommodating multiple chefs, it’s the ideal setting for your next MasterChef audition.

This could be your opportunity to serve a culinary delight that doesn’t rely on the phrase, “Microwave on high for two minutes”.

The grandeur continues on the upper floor, with a master suite that rivals the size of an average house. A tranquil refuge, it houses a dedicated sitting room and a fireplace. Experience the allure of a Jane Austen novel on those chilly winter nights.

The master bath spells luxury with a stately columned soaking tub, roomy double closets, and ample vanity space. Think of it as a personal day spa, without the perpetual Enya soundtrack.

The mansion doesn’t neglect the younger residents, offering fun-filled spaces in the kids’ suites that can give Disneyland a run for its money.

Likewise, the guest suite – complete with a circular sitting room – guarantees a royal treat for your visitors.

For those balancing work and home, the mansion provides a dedicated home office setup complete with a conference room and a kitchen – because when you live in such an opulent setting, even your virtual meetings deserve a touch of extravagance.

In summary, the Newport Masterpiece is more than just a residence; it’s a lifestyle, an experience that exudes comfort, elegance, and unabashed luxury.

So, if you’re prepared to savor a slice of this glamorous life, step right in. We guarantee you’ll feel like royalty – yes, even on a Monday.

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