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Do Dutch Ovens Wear Out? How Long Do Dutch Ovens Last?

Dutch ovens are convenient cooking wares that save your time and energy. These ovens are being so popular that people love cooking in dutch ovens. Even you can put the dutch ovens in the ovens too.

But like other cooking appliances, dutch ovens also have a lifespan. They have also some demerits.

So, you might be thinking about whether dutch ovens wear out or not and how long dutch ovens last. You have to know the manufacturing materials and their quality to assume the life of a dutch oven.

Do dutch ovens wear out? How long do dutch ovens last?

Dutch ovens wear out if the materials of the ovens are corrosive and low-quality materials. Generally, dutch ovens are made of wear-resistant materials that can withstand high temperatures and last at least 20 years. But low-quality materials of dutch ovens might not even last for 5 years.

The rear resistance of a dutch oven depends on the manufacturing materials and quality of that materials. So, if the manufacturing materials of dutch ovens are corrosion and wear-resistant, the ovens will not wear out.

But if the manufacturing materials are low-quality and corrosive, the dutch ovens will wear out soon.

The lifespan of a dutch oven depends on how fast the oven will wear out. If the dutch oven doesn’t wear out soon and is made of high-quality materials, the oven will last at least 15 to 20 years.

But if the quality is not so good, the dutch oven will start to wear out. So, the oven will not last that long.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 13.25 qt., Cerise

Why does dutch oven wear out?

Every cooking ware has a lifespan. After that time, the product starts to wear out. Sometimes, other reasons can also be responsible. So, let’s see the reasons why dutch ovens wear out.

Low-quality materials:

Sometimes, the manufacturing materials of the dutch oven are corrosive and don’t provide any wear resistance.

So, the dutch ovens chip off, wear out, and get rusted over time. So, the manufacturing material is one of the reasons for wearing out a dutch oven.

Excessive temperature:

Dutch ovens are suitable for cooking at high temperatures. Even you can preheat and use the dutch oven in the ovens.

But sometimes, the temperature is too high that the materials of the dutch oven can’t withstand. So, the walls of the dutch oven get cracked and worn out.

Using dishwasher:

You can’t put the dutch oven in the dishwasher. Generally, a dishwasher doesn’t wear out the dutch oven instantly. But it can wear out the enameled coating of the dutch oven over time.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt., Cerise

Can you ruin a Dutch oven?

Yes, you can ruin a dutch oven. Dutch ovens are generally made of strong materials that don’t break so easily. But there is a chance of ruining a dutch oven if the oven is made of corrosive and low-quality materials.

Dutch ovens, especially cast iron dutch ovens are brittle. This doesn’t mean that they are brittle like ceramics. But cast iron dutch ovens have a chance of ruining them because of their brittle nature.

Moreover, if you keep the temperature excessively high, practice the wrong cleaning process, and use seasonings regularly, the dutch oven will ruin.

How do I know if my Dutch oven is ruined?

Dutch ovens can be ruined for different reasons. But you might not know the signs of ruining the dutch oven. So, you have noticed some signs from where you will know your dutch oven is ruined.

If your dutch oven is ruined, the inside of the oven will be discolored and the food will stick to the inside wall. Besides, the finish of the inside wall of the dutch oven will be damaged.

Some areas inside the dutch oven will be scratched and food will stick to the scratched area. Moreover, both inside and outside of the dutch oven will be cracked. Coatings of the inside wall will be chipped off and wear out.

How long do dutch ovens last?

A good-quality dutch oven lasts a long time. But all people don’t use the same type of dutch ovens. So, let’s see which dutch oven lasts for how long.

Le Creuset:

Le Creuset dutch ovens are made of so strong materials that they will last a lifetime. The manufactures also claim that Le Creuset dutch ovens will last at least 1000 years.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt., Indigo


Enamel dutch ovens are also a strong product that will last a long time. If you use it properly, it will last a lifetime.


Lodge dutch ovens are also long-lasting ovens. They can last up to 20 years or more.

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Blue Enamel Dutch Oven (Blue)

Martha stewart:

Martha Stewart dutch ovens might not last forever. But they can last up to 5 to 10 years if you use them properly.

Martha Stewart Collection La Dolce Vita Enameled Cast Iron 2-Qt. Dutch Oven

Pioneer woman:

Pioneer woman is another lifetime lasting dutch oven. This oven is made of high-quality materials that will keep the dutch oven in good condition.

The Pioneer Woman 4 QT Dutch Oven with Lid


Tramontina is made of cast iron material with an enameled coating in it. It will also last a lifetime.

Tramontina Covered Dutch Oven 6 Qt Teal, 80131/097DS


Calphalon is another strong dutch oven that will last at least 20 years if you use it properly.  

Calphalon 2029654 Premier Hard-Anodized Nonstick 8.5-Quart Dutch Oven with Cover, Black

Chrissy Teigen:

If you use the Chrissy Teigen dutch oven properly, it will last 15 years.


Kitchenaid dutch ovens are also pretty strong and wear-resistant dutch ovens. So, they will last at least 10 years.

Paula deen:

Paula deen dutch ovens can last up to 5 years. If you keep using them in a proper way, they will last even more than 5 years.

Wolfgang puck:

Wolfgang puck dutch ovens are so good and made with high-quality materials. They can last up to a lifetime.


Tasty dutch ovens can last for a long period of time if you use them according to their instructions. They can last for at least 10 years.


Staub dutch ovens might not last a lifetime. But it can last up to 20 years and even more if properly used.

Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4 Qt, Black Matte

All clad:

All clad dutch ovens will last lifetime. They are made of so strong manufacturing materials that you can use these ovens a lifetime.

All-Clad BD55500 D5 Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Dutch Oven with Domed Lid Cookware, 5.5-Quart, Silver

How do you preserve a Dutch oven?

Preserving a dutch oven well is a golden rule to keep your dutch oven in a good condition. So, let’s see some processes on how you can preserve a dutch oven.

  • Don’t keep your dutch oven stored without cleaning it properly.
  • While storing the dutch oven, keep it dry completely. Never store the dutch oven when it is wet.
  • You can put little seasonings in the dutch oven while cleaning it.
  • Don’t store the dutch oven with the lid tightly stuck. You can store it without the lid to keep the air circulation well.
  • Keep the dutch oven in a place where the humidity is balanced.
  • You can keep some paper towels in the dutch oven while storing them to soak up the moisture.

Do dutch ovens stick?

Generally, dutch ovens work well when they are at moderate temperatures. But when the temperature is too high, it will stick food like other cooking wares.

When the dutch oven becomes too hot, it will burn the food and make the food stuck at the bottom. Some non-stick dutch ovens are available that will not stick the food. But excessive temperatures can stick the food in the dutch ovens.

Why does everything stick to my Dutch oven?

Sticking food to the dutch oven is normal if the temperature is too high. Your dutch oven is sticking everything to it because it is getting continuous high temperatures.

Moreover, sometimes, the materials of the dutch oven are not so high-quality. So, the dutch oven wears out and makes it difficult to cook smoothly. So, if the dutch oven becomes rusted or scratched over time, food will stick to it.

Why is my Dutch oven discolored?

Dutch oven can be discolored temporarily or permanently. If the discolored areas can back in their original color after the cooking is finished or cleaned, its discoloration might be for cooking. This problem is temporary.

But if the discoloration doesn’t go away, the problem might be with corrosion or wearing out the dutch oven.

Should I get an enameled dutch oven?

Yes, you should get an enameled dutch oven. Enameled dutch ovens add a coating to the pitted surface of the cast iron. So, the food doesn’t get stuck to the surface. Moreover, the enameled coating is corrosion-resistant.

Enameled dutch ovens are non-stick ovens. So, you don’t need to add any excess seasonings. So, if you want to buy a long-lasting dutch oven, you can get an enameled dutch oven.

Final Thoughts:

Dutch ovens are strong and anti-corrosive cooking wear that doesn’t wear out easily. Even many dutch ovens have a lifetime guarantee. But some dutch ovens can wear out for inappropriate cleaning and use. If you don’t use the dutch oven according to the instructions, it will wear out.

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