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Samsung Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening? (Explained)

Samsung is a globally recognized brand. The dishwasher dispenser of Samsung is quite popular with consumers. However, it is a typical occurrence for any item to malfunction owing to unavoidable factors.

Similarly, it is not uncommon for Samsung dishwasher dispensers to malfunction. Due to normal wear and tear, various components of the dispenser may deteriorate over time.

Consequently, the dispenser door will be unable to open. Dishes cannot be washed if soap or detergent cannot be poured into the dispenser. However, a number of causes, such as blockage, overfilling, improper use of the appliance, etc., can lead to such undesirable scenarios.

In addition to challenges, there are also remedies. There are a number of methods for completing the washing cycle, bear with us and find out the reasons along with their solutions for Samsung dishwasher soap dispensers not opening.  

Samsung dishwasher soap dispenser not opening

There might be many reasons for not opening Samsung dishwashers. A blockage is the most common reason. If there remains any detergent in the dispenser after washing, it gets blocked and stops working. Often, tall items such as cutting boards, and cookie sheets prohibit the door from opening.

A failed dishwasher is as good as nothing. Especially if you cannot open any part of it. It would be impossible to wash some utensils without opening a door.

Dispenser doors are as important as any other components in the machine. If you cannot put soaps inside the dispenser, the machine cannot clean the dishes properly. 

Samsung dishwashers are pretty good because of their built quality and functionality. 

However, like any other electronic components a dishwasher can get some troubles while running, and sticking the dispenser door is a common phenomenon. However, it doesn’t make such dishwashers a bad one.

You often may face a situation of a locked dispenser. Samsung dishwasher soap dispensers may not open for several reasons. Let’s explore some probable reasons behind not opening the dispenser. 


After the washing cycle, if detergent gets stuck in the dispenser, it will stop working and the dispenser door will not open.

Additionally, this will stop the draining and the dishwasher will be filled with unclean waters and food extras. Its effect will be on health and property.


Make sure there remains no detergent in the dispenser. It is possible if it dissolves well during washing. 

Overfilled dispenser:

Often the dispenser gets filled or overfilled with detergent. It obstructs the washing cycle and then the dispenser door doesn’t open.


In order to avoid such a situation look at the descriptive manual and note down the right amount you put into the dispenser. This will save you from future mishaps before taking place. 

Also, in the case of such situations, you have to first unload the dispenser, and open the door with force.

Displacement of detergent tablets:

Dishwashers have specific containers where you should put detergent tablets. Failing that can lead you to unclean dishes and unhygienic conditions in the kitchen. 

A greater consequence can come afterwards as a result of that in the form of diseases and health conditions. 

Also, misplacing tablets can lead to a machine failure in terms of reaction inside the machine. Depending on where you have put it can have different effects such as jamming the door.


The most important lesson learnt is, you have to put the right amount of detergent tablets in the right place. Furthermore, unload the displaced detergent tablet and open the door before starting another cleaning cycle.

Incorrectly closed dispenser door:

Usually, dishwashers are designed in a way it will not work unless you have closed the adjacent doors and openings properly. 

However, an incorrectly closed dispenser door can activate some part of the machine that may block the dispenser door. 


At first you have to open the incorrectly closed door and then place it as regarded. Secondly, you should look into whether something is responsible for incorrect closing other than some mistakes. If so, take necessary steps to prevent future mistakes.

Dispenser doors might get locked and blocked for various reasons, it is important to take actions immediately to prevent greater jamming in the locking mechanism. 

You may find many options on how you can open the door without going to any great extent. But, in cases of severe issues, you may follow some tips and tricks and in special cases consulting with an expert will be an absolute necessity. 

Why is my new Samsung dishwasher not dispensing soap?

If your Samsung dispenser is not working properly, not dispensing or dissolving soap, it means either it is blocked or overfilled. When the dispenser contains detergent beyond its capacity, it stops dispensing soap as there is no space left for dissolving and dispensing.

So, make sure to fill detergent as per capacity and requirement, and don’t overfill the dispenser. Overfilling will lead to the malfunctioning of your Samsung dishwasher dispenser, even if it is new.

Another reason is to get blocked. During the washing cycle, if detergent gets stuck in the dispenser, then the dispenser will not function properly. Stuck detergent prohibits dispensers from dissolving soap and dispensing it

However, even if your Samsung dispenser is new, it may not dispense soap due to detergent overfilling. So be cautious about filling detergent and dissolving it. Clean away the detergent residue after the washing cycle. 

You can thoroughly clean the surface using warm water to remove the residue. While using a detergent tablet, be aware of the exact place, don’t let it displace. 

Some other obstructions like dishes or utensils may also create a blockage. So be aware of placing them.

What do I do if my Samsung dishwasher soap dispenser is broken?

Things often get broken after a more extended period of usage. There might be some wear and tear. However, over time, your Samsung dishwasher soap might break as well. 

A broken dispenser will not be able to dissolve soap and dispense it properly. This will cause you great trouble. But there are alternative solutions for a broken dispenser. Let’s explore them thoroughly –


A broken dispenser is of no use to you as mentioned earlier. You can replace your whole dispenser or part of it. You need to look for broken portions.

You will find a bi-metal, detergent container, detergent dispenser, dispenser cover, dispenser actuator, door pin, spring, etc. Inspect every part if it is broken; accordingly, you can replace that with a new one. 

On the contrary, you can replace the whole dispenser if you find it cost worthy. You will get a new one and use it more effectively.

Direct usage of soap:

If you don’t want to spend money on a new dispenser, you can use another trick. Add detergent directly into your machine and use your broken dispenser for years.

Input detergent at the bottom of your machine keeping the door open. You can wash your dishes easily with this technique. So do not worry if your Samsung dishwasher dispenser is broken. 

Though you can wash dishes with a broken dispenser, it is always suggested to replace broken parts for better output.

How do you open the soap dispenser on a Samsung dishwasher?

The soap dispenser in the Samsung dishwasher is used to dissolve the soap and dispense it to wash dishes. Dissolved soap helps to clean better. So, the dispenser plays a major role in the whole machine. 

However, over time, the dispenser of your Samsung dishwasher might get broken due to wear or tear. Such an unwanted situation would require the replacement of your dispenser. You will need to open the dispenser to replace it.

You can apply the following steps to open the dispenser of your Samsung dishwasher-

Turn off the power:

As the dishwasher is connected to the electric line, for safety you need to disconnect the power first. 

Separate the door panel:

You would require removing the screws securing the inner door panel to the outer door panel. Use a screwdriver to unscrew and separate the door panels. Avoid removing the door latch mounting screw.

The Control panel should be removed first and then the two panels should be separated. Unwire the connection of the control panel to fully remove the door panel.

Detach the dispenser:

After the separation of the door panel, you will find the soap dispenser inside. Remove the wire connection safely and before that check the orientation to connect them again. 

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bracket. Separate the residual taps attached to the dispenser with the help of a flat screwdriver and remove the dispenser carefully.  

Final Thoughts 

Out of many reasons that prohibit the dishwasher doors from opening tall and long cutting boards and cookie trays are the most significant ones. Also, leftover food extras and detergent can block the door. However, cleaning the dispenser regularly is a great way to keep it out of such troubles.