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Samsung Dishwasher Beeping (How to Fix?)

A dishwasher is something that can make washing your piled-up dishes much more manageable. Samsung dishwashers are easy to operate and include silent wash cycles, adjustable rack design systems, and a reliable timer.

However, beeping dishwashers is a sign that the machine might have a problem which needs to be fixed.

Samsung dishwasher beeping

Simply put, a dishwasher that is consistently beeping has an error. You could have left the door open or the machine might be jammed. Furthermore, constant beeping might cause much more significant issues. A component could need to be changed or replaced, or the entire device might need to be reset.

Samsung dishwasher beeping can be for many reasons. Besides, there can be different patterns of the beeping.

All the patterns have different indications, and you need to take measures according to that. Sometimes you need to just reset your dishwasher or sometimes it may need professional fixing. You need to mend it according to your dishwasher’s needs.

Now let’s get to know what these beeping patterns mean and what you should do if you find your dishwasher beeping in certain ways or patterns to fix them.

Beeping while running

Dishwasher beeping is inconvenient at all times. In order to determine why your dishwasher is beeping while it is running, you can check for the following causes:

Opening a Door While Running:

The machine will remember the previous incomplete cycle if the door is opened during an ongoing wash cycle. The machine will refuse to begin a new cycle. If you don’t properly close the door, the washer will continue to beep.

In this case, you need to reset the machine.

Indicating Anti-flood Device Activation:

This is a sign that the water outflow valve is blocked, and the dishwasher is beeping to draw your attention to preventing floods on your floor. Before continuing, you need to drain the water.

Lack of Proper Amount of Soap and Detergent in Dispenser:

The machine will beep at you if the soap dispenser is empty and the latch is not closed correctly. You need to carefully close the latch after adding soap to the dispenser.

If not, the washer will just rinse the dishes with water rather than completely cleaning them.

Beeping 3 times

Certain features on Samsung dishwashers make it easier for you to spot issues on your own. If the dishwasher beeps three times, you can experience the following issue.

Indicating Leakage:

Three beeps from a Samsung dishwasher indicate that there is a leak that has to be fixed. Dishwashers with displays could flash as well to let you know there’s a problem.

To find the problem, the bottom of the washer needs to be examined. Make sure the washer is unplugged from the power source before you look for it.

Beeping 4 Times

Samsung dishwasher can beep multiple times to indicate there is an issue. It can beep for certain reasons,

Wash Cycle is Not Complete:

If a wash cycle doesn’t finish completely, the machine may beep more than once to get your attention.

Dishes are yet to be Cleaned:

If the dishes are not cleaned all the way, the machine will beep to let the user know that there is a problem and the machine did not finish a task.

An issue with a Component:

If something is wrong with a part or if a part is not in the right place, the dishwasher will beep more than once to let the user know.

Beeping every 30 seconds

Samsung dishwasher beeping every 30 seconds may lead to the following issue,

The door is Left Open:

If the dishwasher door is left open, the machine won’t be able to start the wash cycle or keep going with it. Every 30 seconds, the machine will beep to let you know what’s wrong.

Machine Door Unlocked Accidentally:

The door to the dishwasher could get unlocked and open by accident. The rinse and wash won’t start again. The user needs to close the door to proceed.

To fix the problem, the washer door needs to be shut properly, and the machine needs to finish its cycle. If this doesn’t work, the machine needs to be reset.

Beeping and not starting

If your dishwasher keeps beeping and will not start working, there are a few things you can check,

Open Door:

If the dishwasher door remains open, the machine will not start the wash cycle. The washer will remain to beep unless the door is closed completely.

Power Surge:

Another possible reason the dishwasher is beeping and not starting indicating a power surge. The machine needs to be reset to solve this issue.

Error Codes:

If the dishwasher comes with displays, problems can be identified with error codes and solved following instructions according to the user manual.

How do I stop the beeping on my Samsung dishwasher?

If your dishwasher keeps beeping, you can try the following solutions to stop the annoying noise. Here’s what to do,

Check for an open door:

If you leave the dishwasher door open, the machine will beep to let you know. Check to see if you left the door open and then properly shut it.

Figure out Any blockage of the sprayer arm:

Check to see if any pots, pans, or spoons are in the way of the rotating arm. Remove any blockage, so that rotating arm can spray water over all the dishes properly. Make sure there is enough room for the rotating arm, and don’t overload your washer.

Lower Soap Dispenser Level:

To clean the dishes well, your dishwasher needs enough soap and detergent in the dispenser. Make sure the dispenser has enough soap, and if it doesn’t, refill it. But be careful not to overfill the dispenser.

Rinse Aid Is Running Out:

Samsung dishwashers also make a beeping sound when the dispenser for rinse aid runs out. People who use them often forget to refill them. Make sure the right amount is in your dishwasher and add more as needed.

Check for a Leakage:

If the water level is wrong, the dishwasher may also beep. If there are any leaks or water blockages, it will let you know. Check each part to make sure it is working the way it should.

Avoid Opening Door During Wash Cycles:

Give your dishwasher enough time to finish one cycle before you open the door and reload it for the next cycle. If you open the door while a cycle is going on, the machine will remember where it left off.

You will be unable to operate the machine for the next cycle. In this case the machine needs to be reset and restart.

Look for Error Codes:

If your Samsung dishwasher comes with a display, it will show you error codes. Error codes will assist you in searching for issues that the user manual can help you with.

These are the first things you can try. If none of the fixes work, it’s best to reset the machine.

How to reset Samsung dishwasher?

Before calling a technician to fix issues on your dishwasher, it is better to try resetting it first. There are two methods to reset Samsung dishwashers. Following ways can help you to rest your Samsung dishwashers,

Current Samsung dishwashers comes with built in reset buttons and users of such machines can follow

Method A:

  • Locate the built-in reset button
  • Press the button
  • Wait for maximum 2 minutes to reset (duration may vary from one model to another)

For the machines which do not have the built-in reset button feature, users need to follow

Method B:

  • Turn off your dishwasher to disconnect it from the electric source
  • Remove the power cord from the electric outlet
  • Wait for at least 3 to 5 minutes
  • Reconnect the power cord in the electric panel
  • Turn on the switch and restart your dishwasher
  • Your dishwasher will be reset at this point

Most problems with a dishwasher can be fixed by turning it off and on again. If pressing the reset button doesn’t help, it’s time to call a professional.

Final Thoughts

As a general rule, a beeping dishwasher often means that there are problems that need to be rectified. You need to avoid overloading the washer, clear any obstructions or properly close the door. Sometimes you might need to reset the device, replace worn-out parts, or get in touch with a specialist.