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Samsung Washer Beeping (How to Fix?)

Samsung washer is one of the reliable and well-known washers. This washer has excellent functions that indicate different conditions and washing cycles.

Various sensors control the operations. The sensors indicate different conditions and create a beeping sound to inform you.

But sometimes, the beeping sound might be unexpected. So, you might be confused about why your Samsung washer is beeping.

Moreover, you might want to fix the problem. So, learning about the different functions of the Samsung washer is essential. Besides, learning the solutions and application of the solutions are necessary.

Samsung washer beeping

A Samsung washer will make a beeping sound when it is running. But the Samsung washer keeps beeping also when there is an error in the machine. Control panel problems, water draining problems, lack of water, and balance issues in the washer can create beeping.

However, the beeping sound can be of different types. For example, beeping during cycle, beeping 3 times, beeping 4 times, etc., can be some examples. Let’s see what these beeping sounds mean.

Beeping during cycle

While running the cycle in the Samsung washer, the machine can keep beeping for several reasons. Let’s see why your washer keeps beeping during the cycle.

Overloaded washer:

When your Samsung washer is overloaded or has too many clothes in the washer, the washer can give a warning by beeping. So, there will be a balance problem. This beeping means that the load in the washer is not balanced. So, the drum faces difficulties while spinning.

Moreover, if too many clothes are not uniformly distributed in the machine, the washer can produce a beeping sound.

Low water level:

Another possible reason your Samsung washer keeps beeping might be the low water level. When the washer is not getting enough water, the beeping sign can indicate.

Moreover, when the drainpipe is too low or pulled farther into the drainpipe, this will cause water to siphon out from the washer.

There will be a low water level when the supply water flow rate is slow. Moreover, when the filters in the inlet pipe are clogged, the water level will be low.

Error code:

Some error codes might cause a beeping in your Samsung washer. Different errors mean different problems.

But often, the error code is solved when you reset the washer. You need to unplug the washer and turn off the machine to solve the software error. When you turn on and plug the washer, the washer will be reset.

Beeping during spin cycle

The Samsung washer might keep beeping during the spin cycle. Let’s see the problems with beeping the washer during the spin cycle.

Water draining problem:

Your Samsung washer can beeping during the spin cycle if the washer has a water draining problem. If the water is not drained or emptied, the washer will beep. When the pipes are clogged, they can lead to water draining problems.

Faulty control board:

Control board problems can also lead to beeping problems during the spin cycle. In the controller board, any problem can cause beeping during the cycle. Fixing this control board is expensive.

So, you can also check the board manually. To do this, you must remove the washer’s lid and unplug it. You will find whether any button on the control board is pressed or not.

Beeping 3 times

Let’s see what it means when the Samsung washer keeps beeping 3 times.

The washer needs to be reset:

When your Samsung washer needs a reset, it can beep 3 times. Sometimes, error codes or other functioning problems can lead to this problem. When you reset the washer, this problem will be solved.

Balance problem:

When there is a load unbalance problem in the washer, it will produce a signal of beeping 3 times. Too many clothes in the washer can lead to balance problems. So, when you hear beeping 3 times in the Samsung washer, try to keep fewer clothes in the washer.

Beeping 4 times

If your Samsung washer keeps beeping 4 times, the associated problem might be the following.

4E (4C) error:

When the Samsung washer has a 4E or 4C error, the washer will keep beeping 4 times. This problem might create when there is a problem with the water supply. A blocked or kinked water supply hose will cause a water supply problem.

Beeping twice and won’t start

When the washer is beeping twice and won’t start, the problem might be the following.

Power problem:

If the washer has a power problem, the washer will take time to start. But the washer will be beeping at the same time. Until the washer receives electrical power, it will keep beeping.

How do I stop my Samsung washer from beeping?

Now that you know your Samsung washer can beep for different reasons, you might want to stop the beeping. So, let’s see how you can stop your Samsung washer from beeping.

Unplug the machine:

You need to unplug the machine so that the washer can be reset. To reset the machine, you must turn off the washer and unplug it from the wall. Then you have to leave the machine to rest for an hour.

After an hour, you can plug the machine again and turn it on. Then, you can run a cycle to check whether the problem is solved or not.

Solve the error code:

Different problems might arise when there is an error code. So, if you know the error code, you can understand what the machine requires. But if you don’t know the error code’s meaning, you can see the user manual or search online for the solution.

Fixing the control panel problem:

You can also try to fix the control panel. Generally, the control panel problem is fixed by a technician. But if contacting a technician is not possible, you can remove the lid of the washer and unplug it. Then if you see a button pressed, you can turn it off.

Cleaning the clogged parts:

When the filter and pipes get clogged, it will lead to some problems. So, you can try to clean the filter and pipes. This will lead to solving the clogging problem.


You can try some simple solution or prevention to easily solve the problem. For example, you can try to keep less laundry in the washer. This will solve the overloading problem.

Moreover, you can check whether the water supply is running correctly or not. Besides, you can try to clean the washer regularly. This will keep the machine clean from being clogged or dirty.


If the problem is not solved, you can try resetting the washer again. For resetting, you need to unplug and turn off the washer.

Then keep the washer in rest for a couple of hours. After that, plug the machine and turn it on. This will reset the washer. If the problem is still not solved, you can contact a technician.

How do I find the error code on my Samsung washing machine?

Generally, you will find the error code on your Samsung washing machine. If you can’t find the error codes on the machine, you can’t solve the problems.

So, finding the error codes to solve different problems is necessary. Let’s see how you can find the error code on your Samsung washing machine.

Understanding the display panel:

Generally, there is a display panel on the front side of the washer. You have to understand the buttons and writings on the display panel. While finding the error codes, you must make sure that the washer is plugged in, and you need to hit the power button.

Pressing the temp button:

When the display is on, you need to press and hold the temp button for a couple of seconds. Then it goes into the diagnostics system. This will show you the multiple combinations of codes. Some codes will be on continuously, and some will be flashing. 

Understanding the light:

Each light and the flashing lights have a different meaning. The list of meanings is supposed to be in the user manual. Otherwise, you can also find them online.

Finding the error code:

Finally, if your Samsung washer has the front display system, you will see codes on the screen when you press and hold the start or pause button for a couple of seconds.

Then the error code will be shown. You can find the code’s list and solution in the user manual or online.

Final Thoughts

Samsung washer beeping can be of different types. Beeping might indicate the overloading of the washer. Moreover, load balance, water supply, control panel problems, etc., can be responsible. Moreover, resetting the requirement of the washer can lead to beeping.