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Maytag Dryer Making Noise: How to Fix? (Explained)

The dryer makes a quiet humming sound which is pretty familiar to us, but loud noise can indicate something is wrong with the dryer.

Noise is a common issue with the dryer, but different dryers may have different sounds in different problems. This article will explain all the sounds of the dryer and how to fix them.

Maytag dryer making noise

The reason for the Maytag dryer sound can be pretty simple, from overloading clothes to more complex, like a motor failure. More than 5-6 parts of a dryer can cause noise issues. Finding the damaged or displaced part and fixing or replacing that can solve the noise issue.

Maytag is one of the USA’s best washing machine and dryer companies. The dryers are pretty reliable and provide excellent service years after years. The dryers are so good that they come with a 10-year parts warranty. You can expect to use a Maytag dryer for about 11.5 years.

No dryer can’t work without its drum rotating, and when such a big thing rotates with a bunch of clothes, it will make some noise. However, we know what the dryer should sound when it works fine.

A Maytag dryer should make a gentle humming sound while running. Sometimes clicking or tapping sound is also typical for the dryer. But when it starts to make a rattling or stumbling sound, it can indicate that some part of the machine is not working correctly.

The dryer machine may look complicated, but it does only a few main works. There is a system inside the dryer machine to rotate the drum and blow hot air inside the drum and let the air pass.

Several parts help the drum rotate as smoothly as possible. It includes the motor, drum belt, drum bearing, drum roller, axels, idler, and others. When parts have any issues or are displaced, the drum can not rotate freely, causing different noise problems.

But is it possible to fully understand the issue by hearing the noise? Sadly, without years of experience, you can not understand the problem this way. But the good thing is, it’s possible to open the dryer and check a few parts to find out the issue and fix it yourself.

Check out summon common noise issues and their fix.

Rattling noise:

Most of the time, the rattling sound is caused by the drum roller. The drum roller stays under the drum and supports the drum. There can be 2 or 4 drum rollers in a dryer. The drum roller also needs to roll so that the drum can rotate smoothly.

It’s like the wheels that hold the drum and helps it rotate. The wheels are connected with a metal rod called a drum roller axel.

The axel and the roller need to support the drum, so if you overload the drum, the drum roller can become off track or damaged, causing rattling or other types of sound.


First, disconnect the wires from the dryer. Remove the front and side panels of the dryer. Remove the lint trap and drum belt to remove the drum after removing the drum from the dryer.

You will be able to see the drum rollers. Inspect the roller closely.

The roller should spin freely. If you find any issue with the roller or the axel, you need to change the rollers. Get a full set of rollers and change them all. (You may not find one drum roller)

Grinding noise:

Drum bearing often causes a grinding sound in the Maytag dryer. Drum bearing connects the motor and the drum and helps the drum roll. If the drum bearing is faulty, it can cause a grinding noise.


Unplug the Maytag dryer from electricity and remove the screens. Then try to rotate the drum by hand and inspect if the drum bearing is causing any issue. If the drum bearing is faulty, you will need to replace the drum bearing.

Squeaking or screeching noise:

A faulty drum belt or a bad motor can cause screeching noise from the Maytag dryer. The drum belt is the belt that surrounds the drum and helps the drum rotate.


Open the dryer and check if there is any drum belt or motor issue. A loose drum belt is an indication of damage. Try to spin the motor. If it is okay, it should spin freely when you try to rotate it.

Scraping noise:

A faulty drum belt and bearing can cause scraping noise from a Maytag dryer.


Open your dryer and check if the drum belt is working correctly by springing it by hand. While spinning, inspect the drum bearing to see if it is working. If any of them is faulty, a replacement should fix the issue.

Clunking noise:

Most of the time, the drum roller or the idler pulley is responsible for the clunking noise of the Maytag dryer. The idler pulley helps to keep the tension of the dryer belt.


To solve the chunking issue of a Maytag dryer, open the dryer screen and remove the drum. Now check the drum roller if it is working. If the roller is fine, you should check the idler pulley next. If any of those is damaged, replacing them should fix the problem.

Banging noise:

Banging noise can happen due to the imbalance of the dryer machine. There can be several causes of the imbalance.


Check if the four legs of the dryer are touching the ground. Also, a flat drum roller is a common cause of banging sound. So, changing the flat drum roller may fix the issue.

Thumping noise:

Dumping noise is common for dryers, and you probably know why it is happening when it happens. There can be three reasons for the thumping sound of Maytag dryers. When you overload your dryer, a tumbling sound can happen.

Overloaded clothes can roll up and make a giant cloth ball. It adds stress to your drum roller and makes a thumping sound.

If you enter sneakers or shoes in the dryer, it can cause thumping noise. Sometimes, flat drum rollers can also cause a thumping sound.


The solution is simple, don’t overload your dryer, and do not enter objects like sneakers. If the problem is still there, check the drum rollers. Fixing a displaced drum roller can help to resolve the issue.

Humming or buzzing noise:

A humming or buzzing sound is typical for a dryer, but if the humming or buzzing sound is louder than usual, it can be a faulty drum belt or motor.


Most of the time humming sound does not indicate any specific issue. Gentle humming is normal for the dryers. You can either open your dryer and check all the parts or get help from professionals to fix that for you.

Rumbling noise:

Defected drum belts or rollers can cause a rumbling sound from a Maytag dryer.


Open the dryer and check if there is any drum belt and roller issue.

Clicking noise: 

A gentle clicking noise is generally standard for a dryer. But loud sound can happen when the parts of the dryer that help the drum roll are slightly displaced.


To solve the issue, disconnect the dryer cables and remove the dryer’s front and back panels. Check all the parts one by one if they are working correctly. Fix any displaced part and now check if the clicking sound issue is fixed.

Knocking noise:

Knocking noise can affect a Maytag dryer’s faulty drum belts or drum rollers.


Check if there is any issue with the drum belt or drum rollers to fix the knocking sound issue. You may need to replace them if they are defective.

Is Maytag dryer making noise common?

Maytag dryers making noise is not common. It is known for its durability and reliability. But still, some parts of the dryer can get damaged as the machine ages, leading to noise issues.

Maytag dryers become more prone to start making noise when you overload heavy clothes. Thumping noise is a common noise caused by overloading the dryer.

If your Maytag dryer is causing thumping noise, insert fewer clothes the next time. Metal buttons or another rigid part of your clothes can also make some sounds naturally. You do not have to worry about those.

When the noise is loud and unusual, you will understand something is wrong with the machine. The Maytag dryer parts are very high quality and less likely to cause problems in the early years.

But as the machine ages, some parts may get damaged, causing noise issues. Changing the faulty part can solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Maytag dryers can cause noise because faulty parts help rotate the drum. It can be drum roll, idle, drum belt, or the blower. With some mechanic knowledge and research, you can fix your dryer DIY. Overloading your dryer increases the chance of noise issues.