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LG Dryer Making Noise: How to Fix? (Quick Answers)

LG dryers are one of the most consistent and reliable on the market. But like any other machine, it can also have issues. Loud noise is one of the common problems that a dryer can have. This article will explain all the possible reasons for LG dryer noise and ways to solve it.

LG dryer making noise

A faulty dryer belt is one common reason the LG dryers make noise. Drum roller and blower wheel can also cause issues. Sometimes, a metal part or rigid object inside your dryer can also cause a loud sound. Look for faulty parts of your dryer. Replacing that may solve the issue.

Fixing the noise of an LG dryer or any dryer is a bit tricky, as the dryer can make many types of sounds when it’s not working correctly. Some common parts of the dryer cause noise when they do not work properly.

In this article, we will go through all of them. But note that there is no surety that a faulty roller wheel makes a rattling sound; it can also make a grinding noise. It depends on how much is the roller wheel damaged and many other factors. It’s true for all the parts we mentioned here.

Yes, the issue with a specific dryer part can make curtain noise, but that’s hard for you to understand. Only experienced professionals have a good idea about them.

So, If you have rattling noise, and the solution we give for rattling noise does not work, you should try a solution of grinding noise or others.

 Understanding the potential issue by sound is a bit complex. But checking a few dryer parts can easily help you find the problem. But still, we are going to explain the issues by sound as most people try to find solutions by searching the sound name.

Before that, you need to know the typical sound of a dryer. An LG dryer should have a gentle humming sound. The sound may change slightly, but it should not sound like noise.

Here are the common noise issues of LG dryers and the ways to solve them.

Rattling noise:

The drum rollers of the dryer are a common reason for the rattling noise. The drum rollers are wheel-like rollers that support the drum.

There can be two or four drum rollers. Usually, it is made of rubbers, and when some part of the roller gets damaged, it can make rattling sounds.

One roller can also become displaced, and it will cause the tennis shoes like noise. The metal part that helps the roller roll is called an axel. A faulty axel can also cause a rattling sound from your dryer.

Other issues can also make a rattling noise. We will talk about them in other sections.  Now, let’s check the following part.


Disconnect all the wires from the dryer and open the machine to solve the issue. After removing the dryer drum, you can see 2-4 wheels supporting the drum. Check if any one of them is damaged.

Try spinning the wheels and check if they roll smoothly. If the roller is okay, remove the wheel and check if the axel is in position. If the roller is damaged, manage the full set of the roller to solve the issue.

Grinding noise:

A few common reasons cause grinding noise from the dryer. The drum-bearing issue is one of them. The drum bearing is the bearing that helps the drum to rotate and makes the rotation smooth. If the drum bearing is faulty, it can cause noise.

Note that dram bearing can also cause another rattling sound too. Another common cause of an LG dryer’s grinding sound is the drum belt. The drum belt is a belt that helps the dryer top rotate.


Remove the plug of your dryer, and open the dryer by removing the front and side screen. Now check the belt if it has any issues. You can try to rotate the drum by hand to spot any problems with the drum.

If the belt looks fine, check the drum bearing. Remove the bearing, and inspect it closely. Try to spin it. If it does not rotate freely, you must change the drum bearing to fix the noise issue.

Squeaking or screeching noise:

There are lots of common issues that can cause a screeching sound from an LG dryer. Screeching noise can be caused by a faulty drum belt, a bad motor, a loose idler, etc.


Unplug your electric dryer and open the panels. Check if the drum belt is working well. If the drum belt is working fine, check the idler and motor of your dryer. If you find anything wrong with those. You can fix the noise by changing it.

Scraping noise:

A faulty drum bearing can cause scraping noise. Drum bearing can become damaged with time. Sometimes blower wheel can also cause scraping noise from your LG dryer.

The blower wheel is the part that helps to blow air inside the dryer and push the air to the vent.


Open the dryer panels and check if there is any issue with the blower wheel. Sometimes the blower wheel can get broken. Lint can also cause blower wheel sound. If you see lines in the blower wheel, you can clean it and check if the dryer is working.

Also, check the drum bearing. If the drum bearing is causing the issue, you can fix it by changing it.

Clunking noise:

The drum rollers are also responsible for the clunking sound of the dryer. The roller supports the dryer, and when the drum misses a roller because of the displaced roller, clunking noise can happen.


Open the dryer and reach the drum roller by removing the drum. Now fix the displaced roller to solve the noise issue.

Banging noise:

When the dryer loses its balance while running, it can cause banging noise. The imbalance can happen due to the fault of the drum belt, the Idle pulley, roller, etc.


Make sure that the belt, pulley, and roller are working fine.

Thumping noise:

Thumping noise is the most common type of noise you can get from LG dryers. It happens when you overload the dryer with heavy clothes.


Do not overload the dryer; if you have more clothes to dry, do it in two cycles.

Humming or buzzing noise:

The gentle humming noise is normal for LG dryers. But if the humming or buzzing sound is too loud, the machine may be too old.


The humming sound is normal for the LG dryers.

Rumbling noise:

The axel and drum roller issue can cause the rumbling noise from your LG dryers. The drum roller is the wheel-like roller that supports the drum.

The wheel is connected with the axel. If the drum roller or axel is damaged or displaced, you may face a rumbling noise.


Open the dryer with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the drum by detaching it from the belts. Now check if the drum roller is in the proper condition. If it is damaged, you will need to change it to fix the sound issue of your LG dryer.

Clicking noise:

Sometimes the dryer can also cause a clicking sound naturally. You can use the dryer as long as the clicking sound is not too loud and regular. A louder clicking sound may indicate that the dryer drum sticks with something while rolling.


Remove the electrical wires and open the panels of the dryer. Remove the dryer drum and set it again correctly. If the sound is still there, you may need professional help to get rid of the sound.

Knocking noise:

A faulty drum belt or idler can cause a knocking sound from your LG dryer.


Open the dryer and look for any issue with the drum belt of the idler. Replace them if you can find any problem to fix the noise.

Is LG dryer making noise common?

LG dryer making noise is not rare but also not very common. The most common noise from LG dryers is a thumping sound that can happen because of overloading the dryer. If you are used to overloading your LG dryer, you may think the noise is common with LG dryers.

However, overloading hurts the longevity of your dryer, and different noises can appear if you regularly overload your dryer. Over time some parts of LG dryers can get damaged, causing the noise. Changing them can fix the noise issue.

Final Thoughts

Many parts of a dryer can cause noise from the LG dryers if faulty. Check different parts of the LG dryer to find out why the noise is. It can get complicated if you rely on the sound to find the issue. Check different dryer parts and ensure everything works to fix the noise.