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Whirlpool Dryer Smells Bad: Reasons & How to Fix?

Only washing clothes would not help if you can not dry them within the proper time. Sun drying might be the easiest but with the change in weather, you would not be able to dry the clothes sooner. A dryer would work in that case and you can even dry clothes when in a hurry. 

Following the below tips and information regarding the whirlpool dryer and the reason behind its smell would lead you to the solution. 

Why does my Whirlpool dryer smell bad and how to fix it?

Whirlpool dryers might smell bad but they would not cause any severe problems as long as you take care of them. The dryer can smell bad if you put smelly clothes in it and even not cleaning the dryer can also lead to a bad smell. You should take steps that are suitable to solve the problem. 

Frequently using a dryer would also lock up dirt. Well, dirt can accumulate in any electrical machine. This can result in a stinky smell. Though it is the common reason, there are plenty of other causes of the dryer being smelly. You can either fix the problem or get a new dryer. 

Smell like mildew or mold: 

When mold grows, you can sense it by its smell. Even when the mold grows inside the dryer, this would release the smell. When excess moisture gets trapped in the dryer or when you put moldy clothes in the dryer, the dryer would stink.

To get rid of the moldy smell, you can use vinegar, bleach, or detergents, though detergent is not much effective here. Soak the towel in water that contains vinegar, and put it in the dryer. Run a cycle and it would minimize the moldy smell. 

You can also clean the dryer with bleach by damping the towel in the mixture of water and bleach. 

Smell like gas: 

The gas dryer can smell like gas especially when there is a gas leak. The clothes would smell as well. The equipment in the dryer being damaged can also be a reason. The dryer also needs to ventilate the heated air.

Check the filter and clean it. Ensure proper ventilation of air. Moreover, fix the parts and notice if there is any gas leak. Even old gasses can cause the smell. Change the gas if needed. Better to contact professionals as handling gas is no joke. 

Burning plastic smell: 

Burning smell in the dryer can be due to the wires or parts getting damaged. Sometimes, lint build-up would also cause the smell. Even putting clothes with gasoline or oil would also do the same.

Check the dryer if any wires are burning or broken. Also, clean up the lines. For the time being, it is better if you do not use the dryer. If the belt is broken, you would need to replace it soon. 

Smell like fish: 

The dryer can sometimes also have a fishy smell when lint is jumbled up. Even when the ventilation is not going right or the wires are broken, a fishy smell can spread. Moreover, when rats or mice get trapped inside and pass away, they can also release smell.

You should clean the dryer from up to the toe. Making the vent hose clearer and running a cycle to get the smell out. Also, remove the trapped mouse or rat if found. 

Smell like skunk: 

Passed away animals can cause a skunky smell in the dryer. Even the vent hose system can also be responsible for spreading the smell.

Clear up the vent system or repair it fully. Well, there is a low chance that you might get rid of the smell with home remedies. Rather follow an instructor. 

Smell like smoke: 

Mainly the damage in the dryer can reflect a smoke-like smell. The belt in the dryer can get damaged with time. It can release a smoky smell. Even gas lead could do the same.

Detect the problem and follow the solution. You might need to fully change the belt. If the dirt is accumulated, clean them. The dryer should be checked by professionals. 

Smell like urine: 

Well, if you are putting the clothes on kids, the urine smell might obviously spread in the dryer. Even pets with smelly clothes can do the same. Moreover, if the dryer is located near the shower, a urine-like smell is possible.

You can clean the dryer by putting vinegar in it. Run a cycle to get rid of the smell. Sometimes, excess detergent can also cause a smell. Better to use it moderately. 

Smell like a dog: 

In case you have a dog in the house, you should not certainly put furry clothes inside the dryer. Also, dirt in the dryer, molds, and even moisture in the dryer can cause the smell.

You should keep the dryer clean to get rid of the smell. There are plenty of ways of cleaning the dryer. Using vinegar, or bleach would work but remove the temporary smell.

Smell like kerosene: 

If you have recently painted your house or floor, the kerosene-like smell is normal in the dryer. Even clothes with stains of gasses and petroleum can cause a kerosene-like smell. But if the dryer is not running, there might be gas problems in the dryer.

You can generally clean the dryer or call the technicians. If cleaning does not help, better to seek help. 

Tips to get rid of bad smell from Whirlpool dryer:

The dryer often does not give off a bad smell. The smell is certainly because of the clothes. Or because the problem is getting bigger and the smell appears as a sign. Moreover, you can get rid of the bad smell from the whirlpool dryer by following below. 

Clean the dryer:

Try running the cycle in the dryer to clean the dryer. You should take a clean towel and soak it in the water. You can mix the water with vinegar, baking soda, or even bleach. This would get rid of all the smell inside the dryer. Running a slow cycle would help. 

The dirt may also get clogged inside. Check the lint trap and clean it before it releases a smell. Even clean the surface of the dryer. These small cleaning steps would help you to get rid of the smell. 

Proper ventilation:

The dryer usually dries the clothes. Apparently, the dryer would release heat, the heat needs to be ventilated. Otherwise, it would get trapped inside the dryer and can cause the smell. On the other hand, overheating can damage the wiring and parts in the dryer.

Check the dryer:

You should check the dryer as any damage to the parts can also lead to a smell. Finding any damage in the wires and parts and solving it immediately would get rid of the smell in the whirlpool dryer. Apart from that, cleaning removes almost all the bad smells from the dryer. 

Tips to prevent bad smell build-up in your Whirlpool dryer:

Bad smells can occur in the whirlpool dryer if you neglect the dryer for a long time. Long-time problems or damage can build up the smell in the dryer. You should give the dryer a chance of getting damaged. Instead, try every possible way to stop the spreading of smell. 

For that, you can follow the below. 

Stop putting in uncleaned clothes:

You must be wondering even if you put the clothes in the dryer, right after washing, the smell still builds up. Well, if you continuously put dirty clothes like moldy clothes or sweaty clothes without proper cleaning, the smell can build up inside the dryer. 

Stop putting in such clothes without ensuring proper cleaning.

Clean the lint:

The dryer would eventually accumulate lint in the lint screen. Either you can clean it every day or occasionally. No matter what, keep it clean. The building up of lint is another reason for the bad smell in the dryer.

Maintain ventilation:

The air inside the dryer should be ventilated properly so that the dryer can work. Moreover, try to clear the way of ventilation. As a result, if any bad smell occurs inside the dryer, it would go away due to proper ventilation. Try to keep the dryer clean to prevent any kind of bad smell.

Final thoughts:

Overall, the bad smell in the whirlpool dryer is mainly caused by improper ventilation, lint building up, putting dirty and smelly clothes, and defects in the wires and parts. You can take proper measures after detecting the problem. Mostly cleaning the dryer would get rid of half of the smell.