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Do Dryers Have Shipping Bolts? (Explained)

You may have a washing machine and a dryer since these home appliances help you clean and dry the clothes on time. If you have any concerns using your dryer, you must try to know its parts. 

If you know different parts of your dryer, you can repair or change the small damaged part. It will also help you buy the best quality instruments.

Do dryers have shipping bolts? 

Dryers have shipping bolts to protect the inside components from getting damaged when they transit. But the updated dryer might have automated bolts that don’t need to be replaced or changed. If you have a manual dryer, you need to change the shipping bolts if it is damaged.

The main concern is the type of dryers because most dryers have shipping bolts. It will only vary from manual and automated dryers. We list five different brands of dryers to let you know if they come with the shipping bolts or not.

If you have any of these dryers, you will know the shipping bolts’ location and work. It will ultimately help your dryer become a long-lasting product since you can change the shipping bolts using your little experience.

LG dryers: 

The LG dryers have shipping bolts inside the machine. You can easily change the bolts when they are not working correctly. Remember, you cannot run your LG dryers without healthy shipping bolts since they will increase productivity. 

GE dryers: 

Most recent GE dryers don’t have the shipping bolts. Manufacturers safely make this dryer that will not require any shipping bolts. But the fact is you need to use it carefully. 

When you place your GE dryer, you must check the position and slowly install it in your laundry room.

Samsung dryers: 

The Samsung dryers come with safety shipping bolts. They will help you transport the dryer safely from one place to another without damaging the dryer machine. 

It’s not like you will love the process of changing the shipping bolts of the Samsung dryer; it will help you to transport safely.

Tumble dryers: 

The tumble dryers also come with shipping bolts to secure the inside of the machine while transporting. If it is not the latest automated dryer, you will find the shipping bolts with all the tumble dryers. 

You can read the manual and follow the instructions to transport the tumble dryers safely.

Hoover dryers: 

The Hoover dryers also have the shipping bolts to transport it a long distance safely. It is specially installed at the back of the dryer to safely transport the Hoover dryers and save the internal instruments of the dryers.

Do front load dryers have shipping bolts?

The front-load dryers have shipping bolts to transport the dryer safely. If you don’t use the shipping bolts to transport your front load dryers, it will lead to severe damage. If you make any mistake, your front load dryers will damage all the internal components.

Mainly, the front load dryers are difficult to balance and transport. You can only maintain safety if you install and use the shipping bolts. Sometimes, the manufacturer will not give you the option of using shipping bolts. 

In that situation, you must have a secure transportation system.

Otherwise, the dryer will be damaged due to the poor transportation system. Sometimes, the dryer without shipping bolts might get damaged if you try to move your dryer manually. All the internal components will be seriously destroyed since they can come off their inserted place. 

Are transit bolts and shipping bolts same?

Transit bolts and shipping bolts are not the same. They have some distinct differences that ensure the different uses of these bolts. Mainly, the transit bolts are used to secure the transition of any home appliance.

In contrast, the shipping bolts are used to secure the tub of the dryer and other appliances. They will keep the internal components safe and sound for a long time. If you have installed the dryer and want to change the location, the shipping bolts will save the internal components.

You got the difference between the transit bolts and the shipping bolts. They might appear to perform the same duty, but they have the core differences. The shipping bolts are fixed that come with the appliances, but the transit bolts can be used for everything since it is not fixed.

3 reasons why dryer does have shipping bolts

If you wonder if these shipping bolts are necessary, here are some reasons. I found three major reasons why your dryer should come with shipping bolts. 

Mainly, they are for the safe movement of your dryer, but you cannot only rely on this single reason; you should know the details.


Shipping bolts are constructed so that the drum will remain in a stationary position while being moved. Specific clothes dryers are equipped with automatic shipping bolts on the drum. 

Safe Movement: 

To keep a component of an appliance from moving around while it is being transported, shipping bolts are utilized. Some components that are intended to move but do not have these bolts could bang around during transport and get damaged as a result. 

You will frequently find these bolts on significant home appliances like dryers as a direct consequence of this. 

Machine Protection: 

Most dryers will come equipped with a shipping bolt that will protect the machine’s interior while it is being transported. 

Along the same lines as the drums of washing machines, the drums of dryers are pretty heavy and pose a risk of component damage if they shift around during shipping.

What do the shipping bolts do in a dryer?

Shipping bolts hold machine appliances so that they are not damaged when transported from one place to another. A shipping bolt is a type of bolt used to secure a component of a mechanical appliance while it is being transported. 

Most of the dryers have shipping bolts by default. It serves you with some fantastic purposes. 

If the weighted drum of a dryer were to swing and hit the machine’s electronic components while being transported, it would cause severe damage to those components. 

The dryer’s drum won’t have any problems moving because the shipping bolts can secure it in a specific location, so the washer won’t have any problems moving it.

So, you now clear why the dryers come with the shipping bolts and why you must use them accordingly. If you don’t have any shipping bolts with your dryer, you should use the transit bolts. They will also keep everything safe from getting damaged in transportation.

Can you move front load washer without shipping bolts?

You can move the front load washer without shipping bolts. Before you begin the process, you must first ensure that the front-loading washer has been completely emptied of its contents. 

The shipping bolts can hold the drum, but the furniture blankets are likely to be the most effective additional support if they are not present. 

It is necessary to open the door of the front-loading washer and then place one to three furniture blankets inside the drum. This will cause the interior to become crowded. 

You are tasked with positioning the front-loading washing machine on the hand truck or dolly before transporting the appliance; as a result, you will have minimal difficulty doing so.

But it’s a risky process to move your dryer without using the shipping bolts. You must use the shipping bolts or the transit bolts to securely transport your dryer or install it in the new room.

What happens if you don’t remove shipping bolts from the dryer?

If you do not correctly remove the shipping bolts, you run the risk of causing damage to your washing machine. This damage might be minor in some cases, but it might be significant enough to render your brand-new dryer unusable in others. 

In contrast, if you do not follow the instructions, you risk causing significant damage to your dryer. During the appliance’s installation process, it is necessary to take out the transit bolts. The warranty will be null and void if you fail to remove this.

You need to use the shipping bolts only if you move your dryer. You should not use it all the time since it might void the warranty. Therefore, you need to remove the shipping bolts after you use them. 

It will become clear if you read the local act and guidelines for using your dryer; you may also use your dryer’s manual to get all the required info regarding the rules and guidelines.

Final Thoughts

The dryers have shipping bolts to move the appliance and install it securely. If you don’t have the shipping bolts, you need to use the transit bolts. They will also play a safe role in transporting the dryers. That’s why manufacturers add shipping bolts to move the dryer securely.