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Do Dryers Have Heating Elements? (Quick Answers)

The dryers mainly work on drying the clothes quickly if you buy the only dryer machine. Some washing machines come with the dryer option. You can wash your clothes and get the dried clothes after the washing process.

If you have a separate dryer, you must know its components and the uses of those components thoroughly. It will help you understand the dryer and get the optimum service from the machine. We will share some essential components and ideas about your dryer.

Do dryers have heating elements? 

Dryers have heating components to heat the air and dry the clothes after deep cleaning. If your dryer doesn’t have any heating elements, how will it work and dry the clothes? You will not find a single dryer that doesn’t have these elements. You can check your manual to get the location.

You might find the heating elements inside the dryer, and they were installed when manufacturers made the dryer. It’s not like any magic that you will insert the heating elements after buying the dryer. Here, the dryer’s motor is also a part of the heating elements. 

You cannot dream of buying a dryer without the engine.

So, it’s obvious to get the heating element along with the dryer. You will get them after opening the front or back part of the dryer. If your dryer is front-loaded, you will find them in front. If it’s a backloaded dryer, you will find heating elements at the back.

Gas dryer: 

The gas dryer also has the heating elements to dry the clothes naturally. If you look at a natural gas dryer, you will find an electric heating component. It produces the heat that comes through the hot air. 

If you look at the working process, you will realize the importance of this heating element.

Specifically, all the natural gas dryers come with heating elements to work efficiently and produce the heated air inside the dryer. It will save the cost and help the dryer work effectively.

Electric dryer: 

Your electric dryer also has heating elements in its dryer drum. If you check this area, you will find different heating elements working to produce the heated air to dry the clothes soon. You cannot except using your electric dryer without heating elements.

So, it’s always crucial to maintain the excellent health of your dryer drum to let the heating elements produce the heated air thoroughly. If they get damaged or destroyed, your dryer will fail to produce the heat ideally. 

Consequently, you will face different challenges in drying the clothes.

Do LG dryers have heating elements?

The LG dryer also has heating elements inside the motor and the dryer drum. If you look at the construction model of the LG dryers, you will find all the heating elements from one particular space. 

You can also look at the design of this dryer to get the perfect location of the heating elements.

LG dryers are not thoroughly different from the other regular dryers. You will find pretty much all the dryer characteristics in an LG dryer. It also has the heating elements to produce the heated air and give you the best drying experience. 

If you have an LG dryer, you must know the location of those heating elements.

It will help you repair the elements if they get lousy; otherwise, you need to hire a dryer engineer to sort out the simple problem. You will also get the courage to replace the elements using your knowledge with some experience. 

Are dryer heating elements universal?

Dryer heating elements are not universal. The heating elements heat the air contained in the dryer drum. No producer makes their heating elements the same for all the dryer machines. If you research the heating elements, the results will show that they are diverse in shape or size. 

You cannot interchange it with another dryer. Some may be usable for other dryers only if they are from the same brand. There is no chance a different brand’s heating elements could be installed on another brand’s dryer.

You need first to consider knowing your dryer and get the name and model of the heating elements. Then, you can search online or go to a hardware shop to get those model heating elements. Only then can you install them in your dryer.

But the same brand dryer will come with the same model heating elements. If you buy the LG dryer, you can use any LG dryer heating components and interchange them. But you cannot do that with other brands’ heating components.

How many heating elements do dryers have?

You will mostly find four heating elements of a dryer. They will all be inserted near the motor to produce the heated airflow. When you place your clothes in your dryer to dry them soon, you will get heated air. That air comes from these elements.

If you look at the design of your dryer, you will notice that the four to five heating elements are there. The Manufacturer might explain all these elements in their manual. 

You will get the idea of how these elements work simultaneously to produce the heated air and give you the best service.

If any of these heating elements go lousy or damaged, you must replace them immediately. Otherwise, they will create difficulties in producing the heated airflow. 

Sometimes, you might need to replace all the elements to repair the dryer, especially if they stop producing the heated air.

How do you know if the heating element is out in your dryer?

You will know if the heating element is out in your dryer by following simple tips and processes. 

Air Flow: 

Quite frequently, the problem is not with the heating element but rather the lack of air circulation within the machine, which prevents the clothes from drying properly. Always check the lint screen in the dryer to know if the heating element is out in your dryer. 

If it is complete, the dryer will not be able to heat up correctly.

Power Test: 

Verify that the power source is correctly plugged in and receiving power by inspecting it. This is usually a 240-volt outlet; to determine whether or not it is operational, you will need to test it using a voltmeter. 

After repeatedly turning the dryer’s circuit breaker on and off, check if the appliance is heating up appropriately. 

Thermal Fuse: 

Check the rear of the dryer for any hidden compartments or compartments. A thermal fuse is typically attached to the exhaust duct of numerous types. It will be located inside the panel on the back of the lid. Examine it to determine if the fuse has already blown. 

If it occurs, the heating element is out in your dryer.


Even if the primary electrical connection to the dryer burns, the dryer will still spin, but it won’t heat up. The heating element is out in your dryer, and you will need to replace both the wire attached to the terminal block within the dryer and the power cable.

Where is the heating element in a dryer?

You can find the heating element either behind the dryer drum inside the dryer cabinet or behind a panel on the back. Both locations are hidden from view when the dryer is in use. There isn’t a single manufacturer whose clothes dryers are all the same. 

If the back of your dryer appears to have a separate panel that extends away from the cabinet by a few inches, you can most likely access the heating element by working your way around.

How much is a heating element for a dryer?

A heating element for a dryer is around $50. The price of the elements will vary from dryer to dryer; so does the price. If you have big elements and several heating elements in your dryer, you must change them accordingly. 

They will cost around 100 bucks to replace and repair the heating elements.

Also, you can only spend 10 dollars to buy a small part of the heating element if you know what it needs to change. Besides, the labor cost will be different, and you need to consider if you hire a professional to install that heating element. 

You can use your knowledge and follow the instructions to change the element.

If you don’t understand the process and don’t want to take any risk, I’d suggest you go to the nearest dryer showroom and ask them to repair or install the heating element in your dryer. It will ensure the safety of your dryer, although you need to pay for the service.

Final Thoughts

Dryers must have the heating elements to produce the heated air through them. If they don’t work or can’t produce the heated air, you cannot use the dryer anymore. So, it’s crucial to maintain the heating elements and change them if they get damaged or destroyed for long term use.