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Do Dryers Need Water? (All You Need to Know)

Dryers can make your life a bit easy as it washes and dries your clothes in no time. Dryers can save your precious time and also you will not need to do the hard work when it comes to washing and drying loads of clothes by hand.

That is why the dryer has become one of the customer’s favorite appliances in the market. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to answer one of the important questions about dryers, which is whether dryers need water or not. Stick to the last word of this article in order to get your answer.

Do dryers need water?

Dryers come in different models and only one of them needs water. The only model that needs water is the steam dryer. As the steam dryer needs water in order to produce steam which dries the clothes. Apart from the steam dryer, the tumble, condenser and the electric dryer don’t need water.

Basically, dryers need water when they want to produce the steam that dries the clothes off. However, the steam producing method is different in different dryer models. Some models turn the hot water into moisture and use it to dry the clothes.

Some dryers dry the clothes off by using hot air. Also, there are some dryers that dry by using the hot air and also it cools off by the coils that contain liquid coolant. Therefore, not every dryer needs water to dry off the clothes except the steam dryer.

Below we have named some of the dryers and discussed whether do they need water or not:

Steam dryers:

Steam dryers do need water in order to produce the steam which dries off the clothes. Without a water source, it won’t be able to convert the water into steam and won’t be able to perform its steam function.

Tumble dryers:

Well, there are different models of tumble dryers, however, vented tumble dryers do not need water.

As the vented tumble dryer attracts all the cold air from the outside to its inside chamber and then heats the air with its heating coils. Then the hot air circulates in the drum and dries off the clothes.

Condenser dryers:

Condenser dryers are one of the models of tumble dryers. The condenser tumble dryers do not need water from outer sources rather they produce their own water.

As the water evaporates from the clothes the condenser dryer captures the steam and turns back the steam into liquid form. The water then goes back to the container that is placed over the dryer.

Electric dryers:

Electric dryers doesn’t need water as the hot is being produced in electric dryers by using the electricity. The hot air comes from the heating coil of the dryer and dries off your clothes completely.

Do I need to connect the water line to my dryer?

If you have a steam dryer in your home then you will certainly need to connect the water line to your dryer. Otherwise, all other electric or tumble dryers don’t need a water line as they don’t need water.

As the steam dryer will need to produce steam in order to dry off the clothes, therefore, you will need to hook up the water line to your dryer.

In order to connect the water line to your steam dryer, you will need to find the Y-connector. For connecting the waterline, you will need other materials such as clamps, tubes, hoses etc.

Then you have to take the measurement from the dryer to the water connection so that you can connect the waterline perfectly.

For all the other models of the dryer, you just need to turn on the dryer and let it do its work. But for the condenser tumble dryers, you will need to set up a box so that the dryer captures all steam in that box.

Does the dryer need a water inlet?

Not all models of dryer need a water inlet. However, the steam dryer will require a water inlet. As the steam dryers use steam to clean your clothing correctly.

The steam created by the steam dryer enters the garments and eliminates any bacteria or other germs.

Furthermore, the steam eliminates the foul odour that arises from your old clothes, which is why you may wear the garments without even cleaning them if you use the steam dryer.

The steam produced by steam dryers softens the material of your garments, blankets, and sheets. As a result, after using steam to dry your garments or comforters, you will feel cosier and much more comfier.

Therefore, in order to produce the steam, you will definitely need a cold water inlet. As by using the cold water the steam dryer produces the required steam and dries off your clothes.

Why do dryers need cold water?

There are a lot of reasons why dryers need cold water. Most reasons are based on steam production and also some dryers convert the cold water into hot air in order to dry off the clothes. The reasons why do dryers need cold water are given below:

Steam production:

As we have discussed earlier that the steam dryer will need a cold water inlet in order to produce the hot steam. The hot steam then dries off the clothes perfectly and removes the wrinkles in the clothes very easily.

Hot air production:

Some dryers will need a cold water inlet in order to produce hot air. As the dryer will need water and then convert the water into hot air with the help of the coil.

However, most modern dryers can produce heat with the help of electricity, therefore, the use of cold water in dryers has been decreasing.

Removes the wrinkles of clothes:

The steam that is produced from the cold is very effective in removing the wrinkles of the clothes. The hot steam that is produced from cold water can also soften the fabric of the clothes.

Therefore, cold water is being used in dryers for removing the wrinkles of the clothes.

Where does the water go from my dryer?

In most cases the water from your dryer goes up to the box that is set up on top of your dryer.

As you have seen that most dryers have a chamber or box set up on top of the dryer, this chamber is used to store the remaining water that comes from the dryer.

However, in the case of the condenser dryer, the water vapour is turned into liquid form and then passed to the chamber or box that is situated on top of the dryer.

The water that comes from the condenser dryer is a converted liquid form of water vapour that is being cooled down by the coils.

Some of the dryers have a vent or hose that is connected from the dryer to the outside of the home. This vent is being connected in order to take the water that comes from the dryer to the outside.

How do you hook up a water line to a dryer?

If you have a steam dryer in your then you might need to hook up a water line to your steam dryer. Connecting a water connection to a steam dryer is not a difficult operation. You will want certain things to assist you to fasten the line to the steam drier. Furthermore, in order to correctly connect the water line, you will need to follow additional measures. The procedures are as follows:

Collect all of the tools:

First and foremost, acquire all of the supplies required to fasten the line to the steam drier. A waterline, a Y-connector, and a socket wrench are the pieces of equipment.

Unplug the cold water intake:

You must unplug the steam dryer’s cold water input. Slowly remove the inlet with the aid of a wrench.

Install the waterline:

Take the water line that will be connected to the steam dryer immediately. Attach one end of the waterline to a cold water supply. The opposite end of the waterline will be connected to the Y-connector.


Now link the Y-connector to the cold water intake. The cold water input line must then be correctly connected to the dryer.

Check that the bolts on the Y-connector, water line, and cold water intake are completely fastened with a screwdriver. You may change the height of your dryer using a balancing scale and the screws located beneath the dryer.

You will be able to correctly connect a water line if you implement this procedure properly.

Final Thoughts

There are different brands of steam dryers available on the market and not all of them need water. Those dryers that need to produce hot steam in order to dry off the clothes, surely need a water connection. Electric dryers or tumble do not need water as they can dry the clothes by using hot air.