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Do Dryer Balls Get Rid of Wrinkles? (Read This First!)

You must use the dryer balls to help your dryer safely dry the clothes. If you use the wool-made dryer balls, you will get the optimum service. But other balls like fabric balls or the plastic dryer ball can be used.

You need to choose the suitable dryer balls for your manual or automated dryer. Maybe the manufacturer gives you the best advice on which ball you should use to get the best drying service from your dryer. 

Do dryer balls get rid of wrinkles? 

Dryer balls get rid of wrinkles for different reasons. When you turn on the dryer, it produces heated air inside. Consequently, the heated air goes through the dryer balls and removes the wrinkles. The exact process is followed to get rid of the clothing’s wrinkles and the fabrics.

Mainly, the dryer ball keeps the fabric detached from each other and lets the heated air go through them. It keeps the clothes apart and does not allow them to stick to each other. If you don’t use any dryer balls, your clothes will get wrinkles, and you will not love them to wear.

When your dryer does the job, it also gets the heated air. For that reason, the dryer balls fail to get wrinkles for a long time. Whenever they get wrinkles on them or the fabric, they try to get warmed and detach the fabric parts. It helps them to get rid of wrinkles.

Wool dryer balls:

The wool dryer balls also get rid of wrinkles because of the heated air. But it will get some wrinkles if you use it for a long time. 

Especially when you have only wool dryer balls and dry too many clothes using a single ball, it will get some wrinkles and static cling. It’s not a significant concern.

It will ideally save your clothes from getting rid of wrinkles. When you use the wool dryer balls, they can softly detach the clothes and tumble around the dryer until the hot air goes through the dress. So, it’s a long process to get rid of wrinkles.

Plastic dryer balls:

The plastic dryer balls also reduce the wrinkles from your clothes. Plastic surfaces will not get wrinkles after several uses. When you use the same ball for a long time, you might get a few wrinkles on plastic dryer balls.

Another vital clue would be the tumbling efficiency. You will mostly get the best tumbling from the plastic dryer balls. 

It will reduce the risk of damaging the dryer and the fabric quality, although some fabrics won’t allow you to use plastic dryer balls in your dryer.

Do dryer balls prevent wrinkles?

The dryer balls prevent wrinkles through tumbling. When you turn on the dryer and use the dryer balls inside, it will keep tumbling towards the clothes to allow the heated air to go through. 

That’s the main point of how your dryer balls prevent or get rid of the wrinkles. You will find out more reasons in the following section.

However, the dryer balls typically detach the clothes from each other and allow the heated air to go through the fabric to dry it soon. If you use the dryer balls, you can easily skip any wrinkle on your clothes and make it an excellent clothes savior. 

It thus prevents the wrinkles on your clothes.

When you insert both the dryer and clothes, it will get the heated air after you turn it on. When the heated air goes through the fabric and dryer balls, it removes the wrinkles to a great extent. You cannot expect more from a dryer ball if it gets wrinkled.

How many dryer balls per load helps with wrinkles?

The number of dryer balls per load will depend on the load size. Typically, 4-6 dryer balls per load help with wrinkles, and they can quickly get rid of the wrinkles and get through the heated air. You can use only two dryer balls per load if you have a small load.

Sometimes, 5-6 dryer balls are required to get rid of the wrinkles if your load is medium or large. On the other hand, you can use only four dryer loads to remove the wrinkles from a low-medium load. The number of dryer balls per load depends entirely on the load size.

You can use a minimum of two dryer balls if you have a small load size. They will be enough to get rid of the wrinkles from themselves and the clothes. You cannot ignore the number when you want to clean a large load. You must consider their capacity. 

3″ reasons why dryer balls get rid of wrinkles

You will find three reasons why dryer balls get rid of wrinkles. They are: 

Auto Steam:

The ball employs a technology known as auto-steam, which removes wrinkles from your clothing. It moves around in your dryer in a tumbling motion to lift and separate the clothes, allowing the steam to circulate. 

If you declutter the dryer, your clothes will dry more quickly, gently, and with a significantly reduced amount of wrinkles. 

The Wrinkle Removing Dryer Balls are great for saving energy in your home, even though they do not consume any additional electricity during the drying process.

Steam Absorption:

The steaming system will begin operating after the dryer has reached the appropriate temperature. 

Your garments will absorb bits of steam, which will help soften the fabric and rid of wrinkles as the steam is gently released through the nodules on the balls. 

Even larger articles of clothing, such as a bedsheet, will emerge touchably smooth and supple.

Dryer Balls Movement:

The rubbing action of the dryer balls against the garments can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate static cling, and soften the fabric. 

They tumble between layers of laundry, which helps separate the fabric and prevents the laundry from clumping together while drying. This action allows for better circulation of warm air, which can even help reduce the time needed for drying.

Wool vs plastic dryer balls – Which one is more effective in getting wrinkles out?

Wool dryer balls are more effective than plastic dryer balls in getting wrinkles out. It is better to switch to a dryer ball than dryer sheets. 

The decision can be confusing between wool and plastic dryer balls. Both have their characteristics: plastic may be better at low cost while wool may be better at less time-consuming. 

Where our focus is on getting wrinkles out, the wool dryer ball is the winner here. The wool dryer ball works much more quickly, saving electricity too. Wool dryer balls are a bit heavier than plastic balls. It can break the laundry much better. 

Wool has an absorbing nature to suck the moisture from the laundry better than the plastic ball. 

This can help the dryer consume less time and make your clothes softer. All of this will also help get your wrinkles out of your laundry. The plastic dryer ball may be cheap, but it is not as heavy or absorbing as the wool dryer ball. 

So it’s better to go for a wool dryer ball if your concern is about getting wrinkles out of your laundry.

How to get rid of wrinkles in dryer with dryer balls?

You can get rid of the wrinkles by the following steps. 


The first thing you need to do is place your dryer balls in the dryer and your wet laundry. Because dryer balls require space to move freely and circulate air, you should avoid packing the machine to its maximum capacity.


The second step is to close the dryer door and begin the drying cycle. Place your damp clothes inside, add three or four extra-large dryer balls, and turn on your dryer.


Keep a close eye on the laundry because the drying time will be significantly less than what you are accustomed to.


After your clothes have finished drying, remove them from the dryer and place the balls in a dry location so they won’t become wet or smell bad.

Add Essential Oils:

If you want your clothes to have a clean scent, we recommend that you need to add essential oils so that they can naturally fragrance your laundry. 

When the laundry is dried, return the dryer balls to the drum, add three to four drops of essential oil to each ball, and run the dryer on the cool air fluff setting for another ten minutes.

Final Thoughts

The dryer balls get rid of wrinkles if you use them according to the load size. If you have a large load, you should use 5-6 dryer balls. When you have a small load, you can use two dryer balls to remove the wrinkles and get the optimum service from your dryer. So, the dryer balls can remove it.