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Can You Put Squishmallows in the Washer? (Answered)

Squishmallows are soft like a pillow. Though they are not a pillow, they can be used roughly and who does not love them.

Meanwhile, it gets dirtier as well. Now, cleaning the squishmallows can be a bit tricky as regular cleaning methods might not be applicable to the squishmallow.

Following the below tips and information regarding the squishmallow and if you can clean them in the washer or not would help you to remove dirt from them.

Putting squishmallows in the washer

Squishmallows are suitable for cleaning in the washer. Though it requires some proper cautiousness, you can get a good outcome after cleaning the squishmallows in the washer. Moreover, you can also try cleaning them with a damp towel or soap water but by following the proper steps.

Squishmallows are quite popular, especially among children. They can play with the squishmallows, toss them around, cuddle with them and even sleep with them. Pillow does the same.

Yet, squishmallows are softer and come with variety. The characters the squishmallows come with are indeed kids favorite.

As a result, they can play all day long with the squishmallows. Well, there is no harm in playing with the cute squishmallows. Who can ignore those cute little characters.

But playing continuously would also make them dirty and it would occur quickly. After a few days, you may find the white-colored squishmallows got dirt on them.

The color now is looking a bit gloomy. Moreover, the kids have a tendency to put paint on whatever they find.

They would draw on the squishmallow and can also use colored pans. Though they start drawing as fun but cleaning the squishmallows is not fun at all.

After becoming covered with all the stains, marks, and colors, the squishmallows would not look happy anymore.

But cleaning it would definitely help. You can put the squishmallows directly in the washing machine. Most squishmallows are machine washable. Still, you should go through the instructions for cleaning them.

If they have any special requirements while cleaning, the instructions would mention them.

After that, you can use the washer. Put the washer in the slow cycles and only put cold water in it. Cold water is good for cleaning the squishmallows rather than using hot water.

You should cover the squishmallow with a towel or clothes or put them in a bag before throwing them inside the washing machine.

You can easily clean the squishmallows this way. You can also use damp clothes or towels to clean the squishmallows.

Wiping the surface of the squishmallows with damp clothes would also clean the squishmallows.

But do not soak them fully in the waster. The water should not go inside the squishmallows. Even though you are using water to clean them, only use cold water.

Apart from that, you can also try a stain remover to remove any marks or stains from the surface of the squishmallows.

But do not rub the chemicals on them. Instead, put the chemicals and leave them for a certain time. After that, wipe off with a damp towel or clothes. It would work to clean squishmallows.

Are Squishmallows washing machine friendly?

Yes, squishmallows are washing machine friendly. You can definitely clean them by putting them in the washing machine.

Well, while cleaning the squishmallows, you might have a lot of concerns. If it can be washed properly or if the stains would be removed or not. What if the inner materials get damaged.

Even cleaning the squishmallows by hand would be tough and time-consuming. To solve all these problems in one go, you can put the squishmallows in the washing machine.

As long as the inner fillings are protected and are not damaged, the washing machine would do a good cleaning.

Squishmallows being machine friendly does not mean you can just throw the squishmallows and turn on the machine. Instead, you have to set the mode and do some proper steps before putting the squishmallow in the washing machine.

Factors that you need to know before putting squishmallows in the washer

Even though you are cleaning the squishmallows in the washer, you need to be aware of certain things.

If you don’t handle the squishmallows properly, they would get flattened out and would never come back to their previous form. After cleaning in the washer, the squishmallows can get flat.

Instead of panicking, dry them in the air. After that, hug the plushies as you would do, with time they would come back to their form.

Moreover, hot water should never be used on the squishmallows. They are filled with polyester fibers and can get damaged due to the hot water.

Though hand washing is tough, you should still try it. Unless it is necessary, it is better not to put the squishmallows in the washer to clean.

How to wash squishmallows in washer?

Squishmallow is allowed to be washed in the washer. Squishmallows are squishy and kids would always keep them and cuddle with the plushies.

Even though you do not want to, still the plushies would get dirt on them and the result would be visible. You can clean the plushies in the washer by following below.

Put the plushies in the washer:

Squishmallows are soft and can be cleaned with the waster. But only the surface of the squishmallow should be cleaned.

Inside the Squishmallows, there are polyester fibers. You should not let the water get through it. While putting the squishmallows in the washer, cover them.

You can use a pillow case or cover them with a cloth. You can use some towels and bed sheets and put them on the washer with the squishmallows.

As a result, the machine would be crowded and only the surface of the squishmallows would get wet and cleaned.

Set the washer:

You have to set the washer correctly to put the squishmallow in the washer. Set the machine to the gentle cycle.

The spinning can be reduced. Less spinning would keep the squishmallows fluffier. Otherwise, the squishmallow would flat out when you remove them from the washer.

Moreover, use only cold water to clean the squishmallows. Hot water would melt the squishmallows inside. Also, use fewer detergents and chemicals on it.

Lastly, do not rub the squishmallows, especially where there are stains. It would make the stains worse. You can also use a stain remover to clean the stains.

Well, try cleaning squishmallows with other stuff such as pillow covers, bed sheets, or towels. It would also toss the squishmallow less and it would not become torn.

After setting the washer, you can put the squishmallows in the washer and start it. After cleaning, dry them with natural light and air.

3 other ways to clean squishmallows

There are plenty of ways to clean the squishmallows. You do not need to go with machine washing if you do not want to.

Well, many manufacturers do not recommend washing the squishmallows in the washer. You can follow below to clean the squishmallows without the help of a washing machine.

Damp towel:

The easiest way to clean the squishmallows is to use a damp towel. A damp towel does not mean you have to soak the towel completely in water where the water is dripping from the towel.

Rather wrench the towel and make it free of water after soaking. Now wipe over the squishmallows several times. Do not rub.

Soap water:

Using soap and water to clean the squishmallows is indeed a good option. Soap water is suitable to clean stains. As you should not rub the stains on the squishmallows, rather put the soap water on them.

After that, wipe it off. Well, you can use a towel to soak the soap water and apply it to the squishmallows.

Cleaning agents:

Detergents and stain removers are good to remove stains and marks. You can also use them on the squishmallows.

But in a smaller amount. After applying, let them dry a bit, and lastly wipe them away. In the case of detergents, you can mix the detergent with water and clean the squishmallows with it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the washer can be used to clean the squishmallows. Still, you cannot throw the squishmallows in the washer ignorantly. You have set the washing machine under suitable conditions to clean the squishmallows. Otherwise, the squishmallows would get ruined and would not be cleaned.