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Maytag Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset?

Maytag ice maker is one of the most favorite mini-refrigerator to get ice cubes regularly. It mainly produces the work by following a simple process of getting water from the water inlet valve and reducing the temperature to zero degrees.

If it faces any problem in the process, it will fail to produce the ice. Some other reasons are behind it. We will talk about them and show you the proper solution for them.

Maytag ice maker not working

When your ice maker faces a problem in the water inlet valve or fails to work with the water pump, the Maytag ice maker will not work. You can reset the ice maker by unplugging & re-plug the Maytag ice maker. There are also some other problems & solutions in this ice maker that should be considered.

You may find some common problems in Maytag ice makers, including the water pump, water inlet valve, & overusing or ice-making issues. These all play a crucial role in stopping this ice maker, so the first thing should always be to find the right reasons and solve them accordingly.

Identifying the exact reasons for your ice maker is always challenging for everyone. You should have some experience working with a refrigerator or ice maker motor. You cannot detach everything and roam around the water inlet valve or into the motor to get the damaged part.

Below are some basic reasons why your Maytag ice maker is not working. You will find any of the below reasons and the need to solve it.

Water inlet Valve:

The first problem is the water inlet valve since it’s the most precious part that controls everything.

If it has any clog or gets damaged due to external damages, you will never get any ice in your refrigerator or your ice-maker. So, it’s better you regularly check your water inlet valve and change or repair the damaged one.

Clogged Water Filter:

Sometimes, the clogged water filter also stops working on your ice maker.

If your ice maker is old and you forgot to change the water filter in the last six months, it might be a severe concern and clogged. So, you must change your clogged water filter if it is already six months old.

Blocked Water Dispenser:

Often, the water dispenser gets blocked due to overused and overproduction.

Also, the garbage might block the water dispenser and don’t allow it to work correctly in that situation. So, you must check the water dispenser if your ice maker doesn’t work and stops suddenly.

Low Temperature:

If your ice maker’s temperature is too low, it might stop working and fail to produce any ice cubes.

Maintain an even temperature in your Maytag ice maker and allow it to create ice cubes for a long time. Also, don’t forget to reset your ice maker once a week and let it be fresh again.

Is Maytag ice maker problem common?

The Maytag ice maker problem is most common, but you will get some uncommon problems in different Maytag models. Since nine popular Maytag models are available in the market, you must consider them separately.

Maytag side by side:

The common problem of Maytag side by side is the too high temperature & defective door switch. Most users face these two common problems in Maytag side by side ice makers & refrigerators.

If you buy this model ice maker, you must consider them and sort them out accordingly. The problems are common, and so are their solutions.

Maytag bottom freezer:

Jammed ice cubes & clogged water inlet valve are the two most common problems of Maytag bottom freezer ice maker.

When you buy this model ice maker, you should be careful about the ice cubes’ jam and clean it regularly to avoid such problems. You may check the entire supply line if you don’t understand the problem.

Maytag mfx2570aen4:

The Maytag mfx2570aen4 has some common problems, including front door reset issues & water pump issues. Sometimes, the water pump gets blocked, and the reset button doesn’t work if you use it frequently or unnecessarily.

Maytag mfi2269vem10:

The Maytag mfi2269vem10 is another most common and widely used refrigerator and ice maker.

The most common problem is that the ice maker doesn’t make any ice due to some inside motor problem and the temperature. If you make any mistake in checking this ice maker regularly, it might get clogged in the water inlet-valve

Maytag mfi2569yem0:

Freezer thermostat and water inlet valve are the most common problems you will face in your Maytag mfi2569yem0 ice maker. Once you face the thermostat problems, you should check the entire cooling system and other issues.

Maytag mfi2568aew:

Noisy and leaking are the best common problems of the Maytag mfi2568aew. You will find these problems frequently if you use the regular Maytag or this model.

Maybe your leakings are there in your Maytag supply line and water pump. So, you must take care of these parts & solve the problem.

Maytag mft2574dem01:

Leaking & faulty light of your Maytag mft2574dem01 are the most common problems.

You must consider them before purchasing the Maytag refrigerator or the ice maker. However, if you regularly use this ice maker, you must check the leaks and faulty lights.

Maytag mff2558vem10:

The water pump & the supply line are the most common problems you will find in your Maytag mff2558vem10. So, if your Maytag ice maker doesn’t work or stops working, you must check the supply line or repair it accordingly.

Maytag mfi2568aes:

The common problem of Maytag mfi2568aes is the resetting issues & water inlet valve.

If your Maytag ice maker doesn’t produce the ice as expected, you must check these two parts of your ice maker and solve them accordingly. So, if you have this ice maker, you must be able to solve these problems.

How do I fix my Maytag ice dispenser? What to do?

If you want to fix your Maytag Ice Dispenser, you should do the following things. These are the standard solutions to fix your Maytag ice maker.

Sometimes, they will not work; in that case, you must consider hiring a professional or going to a service center because the below things are mainly for DIY skills.

Ice Dispenser Actuator:

If the auger motor and the dispenser door are not getting power, you will need to check the actuator and the switch.

Take off the cover of the control panel and check to see if the actuator makes correct contact with the dispenser switch. When operating close to electrical circuits, it is imperative that you turn off the power to the device.

Micro Switch:

When the dispenser micro switch is activated, it will supply power to the auger motor and the solenoid that controls the dispenser door.

This switch is a momentary contact switch. The switch is located beneath the pad or lever that must be pressed to release ice from the dispenser.

How do I reset my Maytag ice maker?

You can reset your Maytag Ice Maker by going through the procedures below:

Feeler Arm:

When the ice tray is complete, the ice maker is turned off by the feeler arm, which performs a function similar to that of the float in a toilet.

It has a spring that should cause it to fall when you empty the ice tray, but it’s possible to get caught due to ice or a lack of lubrication. If this arm is stuck, push it down, and you should hear the sound of water running into the reservoir of the ice maker.

Use On/ Off Switch:

Remove the ice tray and the cover plate from the front of the ice maker. This should be possible by simply pulling the cover plate away from the front of the ice maker.

After turning off the switch, unplug the refrigerator and allow it to sit without power for at least five minutes. As soon as you plug the refrigerator in again, the ice maker should start producing ice if you remember to turn the switch back on.

Unplug Refrigerator:

Reconnect the power after unplugging the refrigerator for a minute and a half. Within the first minute after the power has been restored, you must quickly press the feeler arm three times in rapid succession.

This should compel the ice maker to begin the cycle of producing ice by running water into the reservoir and starting the process.

Final Thoughts

If your Maytag ice maker is not working, you must reset it. Maybe the water inlet valve and the water pump are damaged. Or the ice maker fails to work with the water pump. These are the most common reasons your Maytag ice maker is not working. You can manually reset the ice maker.