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Can You Plug a Mini Fridge Into an Extension Cord?

Are you worried about the mini-fridge that is located far away from the power cord? This issue is quite common as the sockets are mostly fixed and it is not possible to place every appliance near sockets. Luckily, most of the answers can be found by digging a little deep into it.

Can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord?

A mini-fridge can be plugged into an extension cord as long as the cord has a low gauge rating.  Due to its size, it doesn’t draw much power. The extension cord rating is between 2 to 15 amps while the mini-fridge barely draws 12 amps per hour. However, some might require powerful extension cords.

The lower the gauge rating, the thicker the extension cord. It’ll have a high capacity to carry enough power for the mini-fridge.

The level of energy loss through the cord is also influenced by the cord thickness. Hence, choosing the extension cord with the right gauge rating, amperage rating and length will cater to its power requirements.

However, some mini fridges might require a heavy-duty extension cord.

Can you plug a mini fridge into a heavy-duty extension cord?

A mini-fridge can be certainly plugged into a heavy-duty extension cord as it can carry 10 to 15 amps of power. Some heavy-duty extension cord has a rating of 14 gauge and it is suitable for mini-fridges when they require 10 to 13 amps.

Heavy-duty extension cords can be considered a necessity as they can cater well to their power requirements without having any risks.

Using an underpowered extension cord for a power-hungry mini fridge can prove to be quite dangerous as it’s going to carry more power than it can.

Is it safe to use an extension cord with a mini-fridge?

Whether the extension cord is safe or dangerous, will mostly depend on the type of extension cord. If the wire of the cord is thick enough and capable of carrying at least 13 amps, then it is safe to use an extension cord with a mini-fridge.

The next thing that determines its safety levels is the power requirements. If it is very powerful, requires more than 15 amps, and operates in more than a 300-volt circuit, it is not safe to use an extension cord with it.

Using a weak extension cord can lead to certain unfortunate events, especially when it is being used for a long time.

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Why should you plug a mini-fridge into an extension cord?

There are certain reasons why it is better to plug into an extension cord rather than wall outlets. The reasons include:


It allows some distance between the walls and the mini-fridge.

Mini fridges placed close to the wall can prove to be dangerous as it doesn’t let the compressor dissipate properly.

Extension cord, if long, capable, and thick enough, can be quite safe.

The extension cord can provide electricity to many appliances at once:

While it is connected to the mini-fridge, other appliances can be connected to the same extension cord as it provides additional outlets.

Plugging the mini-fridge into the wall outlets might leave no room for plugging in the other appliances.

What happens when you plug a fridge into an extension cord?

When a fridge is plugged into an extension cord, it will most likely cause damage. It is because fridges draw an amount of power that the extension cord cannot carry

Tripped Breaker:

When the fridge detects flaws in the flow of current, its circuit breaker trip.

As a result, it shuts off itself and the fridge stops operating. The food inside the fridge will get spoiled, especially when no one notices it and leaves it turned off.

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Wear and Tear:

When the extension cord’s being used for a long time, it deteriorates their components, which eventually lead to wear and tear of the fridge.

Finally, when it’ll be unable to carry such a load, it will heat up to a fire.

It may not make the fridge cold:

As the extension cord is incapable of supplying a sufficient amount of power, the fridge will not receive enough power to meet the set temperature.

It might only make it cool but not cold.

It might stop functioning:

It might stop receiving power at all when it experiences power supply issues.

As a result, it might stop operating and spoil food.

Will an extension cord damage a mini-fridge?

An extension cord will not damage a mini-fridge as long as it is capable of holding enough voltage. If the mini-fridge pulls 10 to 12 amps, an extension cord with a 15 amps rating will not damage the mini-fridge.

Hence, an extension cord with a high amp rating will not cause any damage. As it is supplying current within its capabilities, it will not overheat to cause fire or disrupt operations.

However, a low amp rating extension cord may cause damage to the mini-fridge when it is being used for a long time; the cord deteriorates with time carrying huge amounts of voltage.

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How long can you use an extension cord on a mini-fridge?

It does not have a definite answer as it mostly depends on the amp rating of the extension cord. 16 to 18 gauge extension cords can be used for a long time, as most mini-fridges draw less than that amount of power.

It can be used for a long time especially when it is protected by other safety devices. Most extension cords are protected by a fuse. It melts and breaks an electric circuit when the extension cord carries excess levels of current, hence extending its lifespan.

What gauge extension cord for a mini-fridge?

The gauge indicates the thickness of the extension cord but the lower the gauge rating, the thicker the extension cord. Hence, a low gauge extension cord is required for a mini-fridge.

A 14 gauge extension cord will most likely be enough for a mini-fridge. If the mini-fridge is more powerful than other mini-fridges, then it might require a 12or 10 gauge extension cord.

High gauge rating extension cords, if used for a long time, can cause overheating and damage. This is why a 10 gauge extension cord is considered to be the safest for mini-fridges.

Does a mini-fridge need a special outlet?

A mini-fridge does not need a special outlet as it does not draw as much power as regular refrigerators.

Most mini fridges have a three-prong plug, which allows them to be plugged into a standard wall plug outlet. According to the mini fridge’s power requirements, the standard or regular wall outlet can easily supply 55 to 100 watts to the mini-fridge.

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What kind of outlet plug does a mini fridge require?

A mini-fridge requires a standard or regular wall plug outlet as they have regular or normal-sized electrical cords with a three-prong plug. The regular outlet can also be called a three-prong outlet, making it easy to identify and match its type with the mini fridge’s plug.

However, the regular outlet must provide the required voltage. Hence, it is wise to check the mini-fridge manufacturer’s manuals to match its outlet requirements and purchase a wall outlet that matches it.

Does a mini-fridge need its own circuit?

Mini-fridges do not need their own circuit, especially when it isn’t recommended by their manufacturer. It will not malfunction if it is given its own circuit, but it is also not required.

It is because it isn’t power-hungry like most refrigerators. It draws only small amounts of power and wattage per hour.

In fact, it can share the circuit with other appliances as it pulls a small proportion of the power supplied. It is insensitive when it is sharing, it does not malfunction or stop working.

Can you plug a mini-fridge into a power surge?

It is not wise to plug a mini-fridge into a power surge as it might trip and break the circuit. It is mostly true when there are loose connections.

In most cases, it will not destroy the whole mini fridge but it will damage many of its components, causing it to stop working. It might also destroy the fuses that might be attached to its circuit board for protecting the mini-fridge.

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Should a mini-fridge be plugged into a power strip?

A mini-fridge can be plugged into a power strip. It is likely to be supplied with huge amounts of wattage and amps but it will still not stop working or trip break circuit, given that there are no loose connections.

Most power strips are now protected by breakers and switches to make them safe. However, it is necessary to check how many amps the mini-fridge draws and the supply of amps by the power strip. If the difference is too high, it might not ensure a long lifespan of the mini-fridge.

Extension cords with a high amp rating and low gauge are overall a good device, even for mini-fridges. But it is not a long-term solution for using appliances like mini-fridges as they tend to deteriorate over time. It will prove to be harmful to the people around it and itself.

Hence, it is recommended to use a wall power socket to ensure high safety levels and better performance of the mini-fridges.

Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your mini fridge and cannot fix them, you can contact your mini fridge brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Mini Fridge BrandSupport Page For Repair & ServiceContact Number
FrigidaireSupport Page1-800-374-4432
Haier Support Page1-877-337-3639
Danby Support Page1-602-777-7061
Black and Decker Support PageN/A
Magic Chef Support Page1-888-775-0202
Kenmore Support Page1-844-553-6667
Whirlpool Support Page1-866-698-2538
IglooSupport Page1-800-273-7024
RCASupport Page1-800-968-9853
Avanti Support Page1-800-220-5570
Galanz Support Page1-800-562-0738

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