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Why Does Water Come Out from a Pressure Cooker? (Explained)

Water coming out from your pressure cooker might be quite concerning. It also ends up making your whole cooking procedure much messier. You should find out the underlying causes so that you can have a functional and efficient pressure cooker that will last a long time. 

Why does water come out from the pressure cooker?

It is usual for a little amount of steam to leave your pressure cooker. However, excess steam or water typically indicates that there is a leak in your pressure cooker. There can also be problems with the rim as well as the seal of your pressure cooker which allows water to leak through it.

If too much steam or water is leaking from your pressure cooker then you should be concerned and check for any underlying issues. Wear and tear and using your pressure cooker can be a common issue for which you should consider getting it checked first. 

Why is my pressure cooker leaking water from the sides?

The most common reason for pressure cookers leaking on the side is due to a problem with the gasket.

Damaged side rims:

After a long usage your pressure cooker ought to get some wear and tear. One of them can be your side rims or more commonly known as the gasket getting worn out.

This can halt any form of pressure buildup in your cooker and as a result, the steam or water starts leaking out from the sides of your pressure cooker. 

Misplaced side rims:

If you are ordering your pressure cooker online there are chances that you will have to assemble the parts on your own. Even if it seems easy, there are some clear instructions you have to follow.

Misplacing the side rims is quite a common mistake as you might end up putting it inside of your pressure cooker instead of the outside. This can cause steam and water to leak out the sides of your pressure cooker as it will not tightly hold the pressure in. 

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Flawed side rims:

Oftentimes there is a chance that you have been given a faulty side rim. If you notice any kind of bumps, clumps or holes then make sure to check with the place you bought the pressure cooker from immediately. 

Why does water come out from the pressure cooker whistle?

The whistle is the focal point from where all the steam is released. It is very common to see a whole lot of steam coming out from here and sometimes the steam can condense and trickle down like water. However, too much water coming out of here might be quite concerning.

Issues with the gasket:

If you have placed your gasket improperly or you have a damaged gasket then there are chances that alongside the water leaking from the sides, you will face water leaking from the whistle as well. 

Dirty side rims:

If you are not deep cleaning your gasket once in a while then you will see that there is a buildup on the gasket. This will not allow the pressure to be held in properly and you will see that excessive steam is leaking from your pressure cooker’s whistle.

Alongside that, you might also see some amounts of water leaking. 

Issues with the venting pipe:

A waste buildup on the vent pipe is a common cause of excessive steam release. If you do not clean it out regularly then you will have the issue of too much steam or water oozing out of your pressure cooker.

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Bent lid:

If you have been using your pressure cooker for a while then the lid may be worn out. Or if you have accidentally dropped it there are chances of dents forming on your lid. If the pressure cooker is not closed properly due to a dented lid then water may leak out from it.

Besides that, you should also check your rims to make sure it is not damaged as if it is then it can contribute to your pressure cooker not getting sealed properly. This can also result in water leaking out. 

Why is pressure cooker water coming out of the safety valve?

A little steam or water coming out of the safety valve is normal. There is nothing to be concerned about. However, if there is too much water leakage then you should look out for certain issues. 

Not closed properly:

If the lid of your pressure cooker is a dent or simply not securely closed then it can result in water leakage. If your safety valve is not closed either then it can leak excessive steam and water. 

Too much heat:

If your heat is way too high then your pressure cooker might end up releasing steam or water from the safety valves to warn you about the temperature. Ensure to lower the temperature if you notice that it is too high. 

Bad quality or worn out cooker:

If you are using a low-quality pressure cooker or you have been using your one for a while it can get worn out. These two can contribute as to why water is leaking out from the safety valve as the cooker parts are not that efficient anymore. 

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How do you stop a pressure cooker from leaking?

There are a few tips in handling your pressure cooker to avoid excessive steam or water from leaking. 

Checking your side rims:

You must make sure that your side rims are intact and placed properly. Any damage on the side rims can end up in water leakage.

Replacing the side rims:

If you have flawed side rims then you must change it out with a good quality one. This will avoid any water leakage and keep your pressure cooker efficient for a long time. 

Checking the side rims for dirt:

Often time dirt can end up accumulating on the side rims. If it has waste particles on it then you must clean it out or replace it with a new one. If it is stretched then keeping it in the refrigerator should do the trick so that it fits better. 

Dent on the lid:

Using a pressure cooker for a long time can cause damage to the lid. This means that the lid will not be placed securely and if that is the issue then you should buy a new one or buy a brand new pressure cooker.  

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Check the venting pipes:

If there is any waste in the vent pipe then clean it out immediately as if it is clogged it can cause water leakage. 

Proper maintenance:

The most important step to prevent any water leakage from happening is cleaning your pressure cooker well. Every time you are done cooking with it, remove the side rims and clean them properly.

The gasket is the first thing that tends to get damaged so use it with care and check for any bumps or tears. 

Can you put too much water in a pressure cooker?

You should not put too much water in a pressure cooker. This will end up accumulating way too much pressure in the cooker. As a result, it will end up ruining the texture of your food. It will also result in your food not having much flavor.

Not only that, too much water has a risk of blocking the valve and the accumulated pressure might be way too high. This can also result in excessive production of steam or worse, leakage. 

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How to avoid the pressure cooker overflowing?

You have to follow the manual that comes with your pressure cooker to avoid any overflowing. You must also look out for any signs of excess steam or water coming out of the safety valve. This can mean that the temperature inside your pressure cooker is too high.

Way too high pressure or temperature can end up causing your food to overflow in case the safety valve is not working properly. In that case, lower the heat and open the lid of your pressure cooker to relieve all the pressure inside. 

What happens if my pressure cooker is leaking steam?

It is very normal for a pressure cooker to release some steam or a whole lot of steam. If the amount of steam release is excessive then the first thing you should do is check if the lid is secured properly. An unstable lid can release too much steam.

Another reason can be due to your gasket being flawed in some way which can end up releasing steam from the side or the whistle. 

How does the pressure cooker safety valve work?

This is a safety feature that all pressure cookers have. If for some reason, the pressure inside the pressure cooker is way too high, and if it is not being able to release properly then the safety valve comes into action.

It is designed in a way to force itself open during such a circumstance to release all the built-up pressure inside and to prevent any kind of accident such as a blow off. 

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Final Thought:

Steam coming out from the pressure cooker is a fairly normal occurrence. If too much water is leaking then the underlying condition may be present in the gasket or lid. If checking and fixing those does not work out for you then it will be in your best interest to buy a new pressure cooker.

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