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Why Does Pressure Cooker Smell Bad? How to Get Rid of It?

Pressure cookers are convenient for cooking in a short time. They save our time and effort while cooking. Moreover, you can also use them where the temperature of the atmosphere is not in the boiling range. So, pressure cookers are pretty helpful in many ways.

But if you use a pressure cooker regularly, might have experience smelling from it. Well, many kitchen appliances can cause smelling for different reasons. So, let’s see why your pressure cooker is smelling bad and what you can do to fix it.

Why does pressure cooker smell bad?

The pressure cooker might smell bad from the food element stuck in it. Sometimes, the pressure cooker might not be cleaned well. So, a bad odor might come from it. Moreover, the steam can stick in the gasket. This steam of cooked food can cause a bad odor coming out from the pressure cooker.

The reasons for smells coming out from a pressure cooker might be different for different situations. You have to know the reasons if you want to solve the smelling problems. So, let’s see why your pressure cooker smells bad.

Dirt and grease:

Sometimes, the pressure cooker is not cleaned well. Dirt and grease are stuck on it. So, a bad smell spreads from the pressure cooker. Grease can stick to the cooker if you don’t rub the cooker well or your dishwashing element is not of good quality.

Food element:

Sometimes, the food elements are stuck on the pressure cooker. If the elements are stuck on the cooker for a long time, it will spread a bad smell. The smell will increase gradually day by day.

Trapped steam:

Generally, pressure cookers release excess steam while cooking. But sometimes, the steam might get trapped in the gasket. This steam creates from the food. So, the steam will spread a bad odor of food if it is trapped for a long time.

Burnt food:

If the food inside the pressure cooker burns, the smell of the burnt food will stay a long time. Even if you clean properly, the smell can still be there.

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How to get rid of smell in pressure cooker?

The smell from the pressure cooker is pretty irritating. Even if you want to cook again in a pressure cooker, the smell might discourage you to cook in it. So, you have to remove the smell from it. Let’s see how you can get rid of the smell in the pressure cooker.

Keep the lid upside down:

When you keep the lid of the pressure cooker sealed always, it can trap air and cause a smell. So, keep the lid upside down after washing and while storing.

Keep in the freezer sometimes:

Sometimes, keeping the pressure cooker in the freezer can help to reduce the smell from it. The cold weather in the pressure cooker can reduce the chance of bacterial and bad odors.

Use vinegar:

You can boil vinegar with lemon in the pressure cooker for some time. You have to mix one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and chopped lemon and boil them in the pressure cooker for two minutes. The steam produced from it will remove the bad smell from the pressure cooker.

Clean the gasket:

Clean the gasket well after every use. Release the trapped steam in the gasket and clean it well with dishwashing liquid. After washing, dry the gasket well before the next use.

Dry in the sun:

Sometimes, a bad odor can come out of the pressure cooker even though you clean it well. The problem might be with the bacteria or not drying the cooker well. So, dry the pressure cooker in the sun to get rid of the bacteria and make it odorless.

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How do you get the smell out of a pressure cooker gasket?

If you notice a smell coming out of a pressure cooker, it might be from the gasket. So, you have to clean or repair the gasket to get rid of the smell. Let’s see how you can do it.

Clean the gasket:

Sometimes, food elements are stuck on the gasket that can cause a bad smell. So, clean the gasket well after every cooking. Dry it well before the next use. Cleaning the gasket regularly is one of the best solutions to get rid of the smell.

Steam with vinegar:

You can also use vinegar and lemon to steam the gasket. You have to fit the gasket with the pressure cooker and pour the mixture of vinegar, water, and lemon into the pressure cooker. Make steam from the solution. It will remove the bad odor from the gasket seals.

Soak in vinegar:

Sometimes, soaking in vinegar can help to reduce the smell from the pressure cooker gasket. You can mix vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio and soak the gasket in the solution for a while. It will remove the bad smell from the vinegar.

Why does my pressure cooker smell like burning plastic?

Your pressure cooker can smell like burning plastic if the protective layer is slightly burnt after the first use. The protective layer might not be burnt completely. So, you need to worry if the smell goes away after some time.

Generally, the slightly burnt protective layer will spread the smell for some time and go away.

But if you can get the smell, you have to check the plastic cable, and other plastic components related to the pressure cooker. Sometimes, burning of the plastic cable, power cords, inside vessels, etc., can cause the burnt plastic smell.

How to clean pressure cooker?

Cleaning the pressure cooker properly is a must. Otherwise, the pressure cooker can spread a bad odor. Moreover, the bacteria can cause even worst situations. So, you have to know how to clean the pressure cooker effectively.

Sometimes, only cleaning the inside of the pressure cooker pot is not necessary. You have to clean the other accessories supplied with the pressure cooker. So, let’s see how you can clean different parts of the pressure cooker.

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Pressure cooker lid:

You have to wash the pressure cooker lid after every cooking. You can wash the lid with dishwashing liquid. But if you still feel the lid greasy and smelly, you can use vinegar and lemon mixture to wash the lid.

Moreover, after every wash and while storing, keep the lid upside down. It will prevent causing a bad smell.

Pressure cooker whistle:

Pressure cooker whistle can also get dirty and spread smell. So, if you want to clean the whistle, you have to remove it. You can remove the whistle by removing the screw in it. After that, you can soak the whistle in the hot water for some time.

Then you can clean the whistle using a toothpick. Dry the whistle well before using it again.

Pressure cooker gasket:

Cleaning the pressure cooker gasket regularly is essential. You can clean the gasket as normal way as you clean the cooker. But you can also steam the gasket using vinegar and lemon mixture with water to clean it.

Moreover, you can soak the gasket in the vinegar and water mixture for some time. After that, dry the gasket in the sunlight to remove the smell and bacteria.

Pressure cooker base:

You can clean the pressure cooker base like other kitchen appliances. You have to wash the base with dishwashing liquid regularly. Sometimes, grease and sticky foods are stubborn to remove.

Then you can use vinegar and lemon in the base of a pressure cooker. The combination of vinegar and lemon will remove the stubborn stain and smell from it. Moreover, dry the pressure cooker base well after every wash.

How do you clean a pressure cooker with vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the best solutions for cleaning a pressure cooker. You can add vinegar with water or lemon juice to make a cleaning element. For example, you can make a mixture by adding one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and some drops of lemon.

Then you can turn on the pressure cooker for two minutes and make steam from the solution. The steam will remove all the greasiness and bad smell from the pressure cooker.

You can also soak the pressure cooker in the water and vinegar solution for some time to clean it. Moreover, you can fill the pressure cooker with water and one cup of vinegar. Then keep the solution overnight. After that, clean the pressure cooker and you will see the cooker fully clean.

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Are pressure cookers toxic?

Generally, cooking in pressure cookers is pretty safe. The food-making process is healthy and safe for everyone.

Pressure cookers are made of metals that are generally used for other cooking dishes. Conventional pressure cookers are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Cooking for a long time in these metals might be toxic for foods.

Some pressure cookers might be made of good quality materials that might be less toxic. But knowing the details is not possible always. So, you need to change the pressure cooker after using it for a long time.

Final Thoughts:

Pressure cookers are convenient cookers that make food in a short time in a healthy way. But sometimes, the trapped steam, food elements, dirt, grease, etc., can spread a bad smell from the pressure cooker. But if you clean the pressure cooker regularly, it will not cause any bad odor.

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