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Why Does My Amp Keep Cutting Out? (Quick Answers)

Cutting out an amplifier is pretty disturbing. Generally, we use an amp in stereo either in our home or in the car to enjoy the perfect sound. But sometimes we experience the amp keep cutting out. There must be some troubleshooting problem with the amp.

So, you must be confused about the reasons why your amp keeps cutting out. Well, the causes of this problem can be different for each amp. So, you have to know the details about the possible reasons for cutting out your amplifier. Let’s see what could be the reasons.

Why does my amp keep cutting out?

Generally, the amp keeps cutting out for some troubleshooting problems. For example, if the speakers are shorted, the amp can cut out. Besides, heat problems and inadequate power can also cause amp keeping cut out. Moreover, low impedance, wiring problems, etc., can be reasons.

So, you might have known the problem names already. But you might don’t know the details about the reasons. If you want to solve the problem, you must know the reason properly. So, let’s see what the reasons why your amp keeps cutting out are.

Wiring problems:

When the amp has a wiring problem, it will go into the protection mode and cut out suddenly.

For example, when you turn on the amp, if the amp’s turn-on wire isn’t connected to its remote amp wire, it will cut out when you will change the input from radio to anything else.

Besides, a bad fuse or loose connection can cause the amp to cut out. Moreover, if the vehicle is old and has modern head units and amp, it can cause cutting out problems.

Shorted speakers:

Sometimes, the speakers are shorted or blown to the chassis of the vehicles. But the amplifier will provide power to the speakers.

That’s why the speakers get more heat and eventually cause cutting out the amp. If the problem is not solved, the amp might shut down permanently.

Heat problems and inadequate power:

If any parts of the amplifier get overheated, it can cut out. Moreover, sometimes, the amplifier doesn’t get enough power. Small power cables also cause cutting out the amplifier.

Other problems:

Some other problems might also be responsible for cutting out your amp. For example, low impedance from the amp required can cause cutting out the amp. Moreover, gain and bass boost cause troubleshooting problems.

Why does my car/guitar amp keep cut out when I turn the volume up?

You might have experienced that your car amp keeps cutting out when you turn the volume up. The same goes for the guitar. Generally, the amplifier will cut out if it gets high power. Sometimes, the speakers of the amp are not designed for high power.

Amplifiers have a protection mode. Whenever the amplifier goes through a problem that might cause damage to it, the protection mode gets on and the amp cuts out. One of the common reasons for turning on the protection mode is overheating of the amp.

Moreover, if the installation of the amp is not proper, it can be cut out. Besides, if the wires of the amp get loose, it can cause the amp to cut out.

Why does my Sub amp keep cutting out when the bass hits?

Generally, when the Sub amp gets too much electricity from the car’s internal system, the amp cuts out. Especially, it happens when the bass hits. Amplifiers are designed to have the limited amount of electricity that they require.

But if the amp is getting too much electricity and power, it will overheat. So, the Sub amp will keep cutting out when the bass hits. Moreover, problems with voltage, capacitors, clipping, gain, grounding, etc., can also be responsible for cutting out the amp when the bass hits.

Can a cut-off amp be fixed?

Yes, a cut-off amp can be fixed. But it depends on how much the amp is damaged. If the amp is damaged permanently, it can’t be fixed. But some cut-off amp can be fixed with some replacements of parts.

Especially, if the amp has gone into protection mode, it can be repaired.

For example, loose or improper grounding wire can be fixed to fix a cut-off amp. Moreover, if the damage is from the speaker, you might have to replace the speakers. So, it depends on the condition of the cut-off amp to decide whether it can be fixed or not.

How do I fix my amp in protection mode?

Amplifier goes in the protection mode for avoiding damage to the amp. So, it’s pretty beneficial. But sometimes, this can lead to frequent cutting out of the amp. If your amp is in the protection mode, you might want to fix it. So, let’s see how you can fix it.

Checking the amp:

First, you have to check that whether the amp is warm or not. Lack of airflow and load mismatch are the two common reasons for the amp getting too hot.

You have to replace the amp with a place where it can get airflow. Moreover, you can add a fan to the amp to cool it down.

Check cables and fuses:

Check out the cables, fuses, and terminals of the amp. Look for whether any connection is loose or not. Clean them from dust, debris, and oxidation. If you find any loose connection, you have to fix that.

Check voltage:

Next, you have to check the voltage on your amp’s power cables. Check voltage with a multimeter. If you see that the reading is less than 11V, then the problem is with internal wiring. You will have to seek professionals.

Check the grounding:

The problem might be from bad grounding. First, touch the black end of the multimeter to an inert metal, then touch the red end to the amp’s ground terminal. If you get a reading of more than 0.1V, then this will indicate a bad grounding.

To solve this problem, you can clean the grounding wires. Besides, you can also tighten the grounding wires.

Detach the speakers:

Unplug the amp from the speaker and turn the amp on. If you see that the amp is no longer in protection mode, then the problem might be with the speakers. You have to change the speakers.

Detach the amp from the head unit:

Now, detach all the connections, cables, and radio, CD player, etc., from the system and turn it on. If it runs well, then the problem is with the head unit. If all the above steps don’t work, you have to seek professional help.

Will an amp still turn on with a blown fuse?

No, an amp will not turn on with a blown fuse. Generally, when a blown fuse is present, the circuit that provides the main voltage is not closed. You might know that an open circuit will not pass current.

So, if a blown fuse will not pass current through the amp. That’s why an amp will not work with a blown or absent fuse.

How do I know if my amp is blown?

Blowing the amp is a pretty dangerous incident. First of all, the amp will not work if an amp is blown. So, when you turn on the amplifier, it will not work. But it will make some sounds that will indicate that there are some problems.

For example, when you turn on the amp, the sound will be distorted. Sometimes, there will be no sound at all even after turning on the audio system. Moreover, sometimes the amp will make bizarre sounds. So, from these signs, you will get to know that your amp is blown.

What do I do if my amp won’t turn on?

You have to check for the problem why your amp is not turning on. First of all, you have to check whether the protection mode is on or not. If the protection mode is on, you have to solve the problems first.

Next, you have to check whether both remote turn-on and power wires both are working. If the wire connection is not right, correct the connection. Moreover, make sure that all the wires and connections are plugged in and tight.

But finally, if the fuse is blown, the amp will not start unless you fix it or change it.

Final Thoughts

Like other electronic devices, amplifiers can also have problems that make them cut out. Sometimes, the problem might be from overheating and low impedance. Moreover, if the connections are not wired properly, the amp can cut out. Besides, the shorted speaker can also be a reason.