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How Much Weight Can a Ceiling Fan Hold? (Explained)

Nowadays, every home has a ceiling fan installed in most of the rooms. Ceiling fans come in different sizes, styles and often come with lights. They are used to circulate air and are often used for decorative purposes to make the room appear modern.

How much weight can a ceiling fan hold?

A ceiling fan box can hold up to 50 lbs. The weight that a ceiling fan can hold depends on the weight the ceiling fan box can hold. An ordinary ceiling fan weighs about 50 lbs. when fully assembled and, so conventional ceiling fan boxes do not carry more than 50-60 lbs.

Traditional and modern ceiling fans weigh about 50 lbs., or approximately 23 kg when fully assembled. For this reason, ceiling fan boxes are made such that they can hold about 50-60 lbs. (23-27 kg).

Not all ceiling fan boxes are designed to carry the same weight, so different ceiling fan boxes can have different ratings.

The weight that a ceiling fan can hold depends on what the ceiling fan box can handle. If the weight is more than it can bear, it will fall.

It is advised not to hang something from ceiling fans or light fixtures that may be too heavy for the ceiling fan box as these are not designed to hold additional weight.

If some sort of decorations is to be added, it is suggested to add those to the ceiling directly rather than the ceiling fan. A mistletoe, or other lightweight decorations, can be added without worries.

Heavy decorations or objects should not be hung from the ceiling fan itself as this might create issues in the future.

When the fan is still, the weight of the ceiling fan is only due to the mass of the ceiling fan. But while it is operational, the vibration and movement of the ceiling fans exert a downward force on the ceiling fan box. As a result, ceiling fan boxes can handle that additional force or weight.

How much does a ceiling fan weigh?

Different variants of ceiling fans available in the marketplace have different weights. Some common variants and how much they weigh are given below:

42 inches ceiling fan:

Among the other available variants, 42 inches ceiling fans are the smallest variant. These fans are considered to have standard-sized blades. Usually, 42 inches ceiling fans weigh about 7 lbs., including the packaging. Excluding the packaging, these weigh only about 5 lbs.

When it is assembled and ready to install, it weighs about 15 lbs. altogether. 42 inches ceiling fans consisting of 4 or 5 blades will weigh more due to the additional weight of the blades.

52 inches ceiling fan:

The 52 inches ceiling fans are commonly installed in rooms with a larger square foot than bedrooms. These fans provide airflow over a larger area than the 42 inches ceiling fans and also push more air downwards.

52 inches ceiling fans weigh about 23 to 24 lbs. and may weigh more depending on customizations and numbers of the blade. Since these push a lot of air down, they also cause more downwards pressure than the 42 inches ceiling fans.

72 inches ceiling fans:

The largest among the three variants are the 72 inches ceiling fans. These fans are installed in enormous rooms and can often be seen in halls. Consisting of about 10 blades or more, these fans can push huge volumes of air.

Standard 72 inches ceiling fans weigh about 49 to 50 lbs. The weight may vary depending on the blade’s size and the number of blades installed on the fan.

How much weight can a ceiling fan bracket and ceiling fan box hold?

Ceiling fan brackets and ceiling fan boxes can hold 50 lbs. Since fans do not usually weigh more than 50 lbs. when still, ceiling fan brackets do not require to handle more than 50 lbs. of weight. So, ceiling fan brackets and ceiling fan boxes are usually made in a way that they can hold 50 lbs.

When ceiling fans are operational, they exert a downward force on the ceiling fan brackets and the box. This requires the brackets and box to be able to withstand the force and handle the additional forces along with 50 lbs. of weight.

It can be said, ceiling fan brackets and ceiling fan boxes can hold about 50 to 51 lbs.

How to tell if an existing junction box will support a ceiling fan?

There are certain ways by which it can be made sure that an existing junction box supports a ceiling fan. Firstly, manufacturers mark outlet box systems to indicate that the outlet box system is enough for ceiling fan installations.

However, if this is not the case, it must be replaced with one that is acceptable.

Secondly, outlet boxes designed specifically for ceiling fans have braces that extend to contact adjacent ceiling joists. If they are absent or the brace-joist was not installed properly, then the junction box probably will not support the ceiling fan.

Last but not least, if the box can be observed to be mounted on only one side, then the junction box will not support the ceiling fan that is to be installed. In such a case, it should not be used as-is.

Do ceiling fans need a special box?

All buildings have building codes, most of which require special fan-rated boxes where the ceiling fan is to be mounted.

These boxes are made of metal and have deep-threaded holes used to screw the box into the frame member. Instead of a frame member, the box can also be screwed onto a fan-rated brace.

There are two types of ceiling fan boxes. One type is the ½ inch deep pancake version and the other is the 2 1/8-inch-deep boxes. These boxes are usually round but may also come as octagonal boxes.

Ceiling fans require proper anchoring to a junction box. The junction box should be designed in such a way that it can hold the ceiling fan or a heavy fixture. It should not only hold the ceiling fan but should also hold the wirings.

How do I make sure my ceiling fan is secure?

Following the steps below will help determine if the ceiling fan is secure enough.

The fan has quality support:

If the fan is held in place with fan-rated brackets and a strong junction box and is installed correctly, the fan can be considered secure enough to not come off while operating.


No wobbling observed while the fan is operational means that the fan is firmly installed and should not be worried about.

Enough clearance:

There should be a clearance of about 18 inches from the walls or anything surrounding the fan and about 7 to 9 feet from the floor.

Expert electrician:

If the fan is installed by an expert electrician, the fan is not expected to fall as it will be installed firmly enough.

How much weight can I hang from my ceiling?

Home ceilings have varying holding capacities. Usually, drywall ceilings can hold 1.6 lbs. per sq ft., but drywall ceilings that are thicker can hold about 2 lbs. per sq ft. So, using the correct techniques, even a 100 lbs. can be hung from the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Ceiling fans should not hold any additional heavy objects, and the weight that a ceiling fan can bear depends on the weight the ceiling fan box and brackets can hold. Using appropriate ceiling fan boxes and supports for the corresponding fan size is required to avoid any risks.