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Whirlpool Washer Sensing Light Flashing: How to Fix?

Sensing light has a big responsibility to ensure each successful laundry in your washing machine. It senses the present quality of different components in a washing machine.

As sensing plays a big utility in the washer, it may cause some serious headaches when it does not let the operation start. Malfunctioning in the sensors are a big issue for many washing machine models.

However, it is very unlikely that you may need to fix this sensor every now and then. Still, if you think that your washing machine has broken and want to know why it is happening and how to get it fixed, we are here for you.

Let’s explore why it is happening to your washing machine and how you can get it fixed.

Whirlpool washer sensing light flashing

Whirlpool washer sensing light keeps flashing on the occasion of the washer, not working. This happens when any problem occurs in either of the main control board, water inlet valve or drive motor. A problem at any of these components pauses operation. Otherwise, it may flash only for 2-3 minutes. 

These four reasons for Whirlpool washer machine sensing light flashing are explained in brief

Excessive wash load:

One of the most common reasons for the flashing sensing light of any washing machine is the malfunction of that particular appliance. 

Like other washer machines, the Whirlpool washer sensing light may keep flashing if the washer does not function properly. There are many reasons behind the not functioning of the washer machine. 

Among all other reasons, the overloaded machine might be a reason for the Whirlpool washer malfunctioning. If you put clothes beyond the capacity of your machine, it will not be able to bear the load and wash the clothes.

As a result, the machine will not function properly and start flashing the sensor light.


To avoid this malfunctioning circumstance, keep in mind the capacity of your machine for loading clothes. To stop the flashing of sensing lights, make sure that your machine is not overloaded. 

Do not input clothes beyond the capacity, rather always maintain the capacity of your machine. If you mistakenly overload the machine and notice a flashing light, immediately remove excess clothes. Then it will stop flashing sensing lights.

Problems with the main control board:

Another reason for flashing lights may be the issues with the control board of the washer machine. 

If your Whirlpool washer machine flashes sensor lights and it is not overloaded, then you should check the control board of your machine. You may notice some problems.


to solve control board problems, you can reset your washing machine. To reset, follow the procedures given below.

First, cut off the power of your machine for a few minutes and reconnect it to power. Check if it is working well. If not then you need to try the following measures.

Cancel the running wash and select the correct settings following the manual. The correct setting is essential as incorrect settings create problems very often and correct ones make the wash successful. 

So, resetting the appliance or switching to the correct settings will help you to stop the flashing of the sensing light of your Whirlpool washer machine.

Water inlet valve:

Another important reason is the clogged water inlet valve. If there are any repairs to the main water line or the water line is polluted by sands or other staff with a potential of clogging lines, then the water inlet valve may get clogged. 

A clogged valve will cause flashing of sensing light. So, if your Whirlpool washer machine starts flashing sensing light, check the water inlet valve whether it is clogged or not.


If you find the water inlet valve clogged, the first thing you need to do is to turn the water supply off. Then remove the sand or other staff that are stuck in the valve. The flashing will be stopped.

Besides, you need to check the main water supply. If it is not completely open, the water supply will not be sufficient and your washer will not work properly. So, keep it open.

Drive motor:

Drive motor is another crucial part that generates electricity to power and spins the washer drum to wash clothes. If it does not work properly, you will notice significant malfunctions in your washer.

However, in the case of flushing lights, if there is any problem with the drive motor, it will not be able to turn the drum and start the wash cycle. So it will be stuck in the sensing stage and start flushing sensing lights. 

Power damage or any ordinary wear and tear may result in such circumstances. It can also lead to a short circuit or power surge and damage the motor’s components.


You cannot repair the drive motor. So, you need to replace it. But unfortunately, the drive motor is expensive, hence you need to inspect it very wisely before taking a decision of getting a new drive motor.

How do I know if my Whirlpool washing machine sensor is bad?

Washing machine sensors send signals by flashing its lights. However these signals are not supposed to flash for more than two or three minutes if everything is working fine. 

However, in case of fault at any of the valves, drive motor or control board, the lights will flash longer to inform that something is wrong.

So, the sensor is supposed to tell you whether the machine is working properly or there is any problem in any component. If the machine doesn’t turn on after a longer signal, you may look for the roots of the problems.

On the contrary, if your washing machine sensor sends a signal, but the machine works properly, or the washing machine sensor does not flashlight but the machine does not run; you can consider that your washing machine sensor is bad.

How do I get my Whirlpool washer out of sensing mode?

In the new models of whirlpool washers, you will find a sensing mode. When you load your machine and press the start button, the washing cycle starts by sensing the given load inside. It will spin slowly and take 2-3 minutes before the washer is filled with water. 

The washer gets filled with the required water immediately after understanding the load. It may take several turns to actually estimate the required amount. So, sensing mode is essential to realize the load and accordingly function. 

However, often sensing mode gets stuck and stops the following functions. In such cases, you can reset your Whirlpool washer to get out of sensing mode. Try the following procedures –

Cut off the electric line:

Firstly, remove the plug from the power supply. Cutting off power lines will stop the wash cycle and sensing mode immediately.

Keep the appliance aside for a while:

Keep your washer inactive for 2-3 minutes, thus it will be in a stable situation.

Turn it on:

After stabilizing your washer, turn it on to use again.

This procedure might be helpful to get rid of the malfunctioning sensing mode.

How do I reset my Whirlpool auto load sensing washer?

Washing machine auto load sensing getting bad is a common phenomenon in many Whirlpool washer models. However, they are not as serious as it sounds. A few cautious steps will be enough to reset our Whirlpool auto load sensing washer.

Before trying some critical steps, first unplug your washing machine from the power source and plug it after three minutes. Many machines start after this. However, if it doesn’t work, you have to follow other processes.

For different types of washing machine, different instructions are given below

For Dial based machine:

For dial based washing machine follow these steps-

Turn off the machine:

At first turn off the system. Now rotate the dial counterclockwise one time, clockwise three times, counterclockwise one time and clockwise one time subsequently. Now pressing the start button, it will illuminate the central control board.

Turn off again:

Turn the machine off again, and unplug from power for 20 seconds. Now you can plug the machine and enjoy your laundry.

For button based machine:

Here you have to follow two steps

Pause two times:

Find the pause button, if you cannot find that, look for the cancel button. Press either pause or cancel button for two times.

Power one time:

After this you simply press the power button for once, and it will do all the magic. If you try to pause and it doesn’t work, try the cancel button. Same instruction would be applicable in vice-versa situations.

Final Thoughts

Sensing period for a Whirlpool washing machine is about 2-3 minutes. Any duration longer than that may suggest something bad has happened to any of the major components of the machine. However, checking the problem and taking actions upon that would get the machine out of sensing mode.