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GE Dryer Not Spinning? (Reasons and Solutions)

No one wants a heap of wet, filthy clothes piling up in the laundry bags. It looks frustrating! Even worse when the GE dryer stops spinning. As worrying as it sounds, knowing the reason behind it can really solve the problem.

GE dryer not spinning

The reasons behind a GE dryer not working can be uncountable. Ranging from broken drive belts, worn-out drum bearings, and faulty motors to power switch errors, anything can cause you this pain. Some have easy solutions, whereas some need professional hands to fix them.

It’s also necessary to know each type of GE dryer to identify their problem. As each of the dryers are unique on its own, their problems are also exceptional and need special care while fixations.

Hence, a detailed outline would help users to fix their GE dryers themselves.

GE gas dryer

Dryer Door Switch Issue:

Many a time, a simple dryer door is enough to stop the dryer from spinning. Slamming the door is not the solution. Rather than, shutting the door and holding it tightly before pressing the button seems a viable option.

However, the main problem is when the door switch ends up being damaged and faulty to determine the inner and outer closures.


If this is the suspecting problem, opening both sides of the dryer is what users need to do. After that, the examination becomes a lot more user-friendly.

If you find any damages, without delay replace the switch. It may save the users a hefty amount of dollars.

Idler Pulley Not Working:

Idler pulley problems are one of the very common problems that you will face in the GE gas dryer. Due to withstanding excessive pressure, the idler pulley burns out and turns out as good for nothing.

Identifying the idler pulley problem is pretty easy and quick. Menacing sound from the dryer as soon as you place the cloth is the final cue to replace it.


First thing first, a brief examination is required to confirm idler pulley problems. The users often need to disassemble the dryer and note if the pulley is spinning properly. If not, then changing it is mandatory.

Also, you may need to look for the other parts as those also might get affected by the faulty idler pulley.

Broker Driver Belt:

Most of the dryer-related problems are due to the driver belt. It is not limited to the GE gas dryers, instead, it is a widespread problem.

When clothes need a longer time to clean up the same clothes than before, without any second thought, it is the driver belt that is damaged. And it is quite normal as it is been wrapped around two devices.


Replacing is the sanest idea. But before doing anything, check your drummer by turning with your hand. If it moves faster, sadly, you need a repair.

GE electric dryer

Circuit Breaker Problem:

Sometimes, the GE dryer stops spinning because of minor problems. And one of them is the issue with the circuit breaker.


Often, circuit breakers switched off themselves when detecting an extra power supply. Therefore, it should be the primary duty to check it as soon as one experiences spinning problems.

Nonetheless, if this isn’t the problem, you can also reset the circuit breaker. This, too, solves the problem magically.

Thermal Fuse Tripped:

Thermal fuses are specially designed to save any device from large heating effects. Normally, when a device gets hot, the thermal fuse trips and breaks the circuit as a risk prevention measure.


When thermal fuses fall off, they instantly shut all the functions of the dryer including the spinning. Thus, keeping an eye on these fuses is also necessary.

Apart from that, the users are also recommended to find the underlying problem behind this. Who knows, it may be an indication of some serious uncanny danger.

Motor Drive Defect:

The motor drive is the main component. You can’t even do the tiniest work – like drying your cloth – without it!

The defect of the motor means no turning or spinning of the drums. Therefore, if you see the lights turning on and off, but the drums are motionless, it is an inevitable sign of a motor drive defect.


Repairing the motor drive is not cost-effective and worth your time. That’s why many professionals suggest replacing the drive motor. To last your GE dryer lifetime, this has no alternative.

GE stackable dryer

Damaged Drum Rollers:

Drum rollers not spinning properly is the heart of all the troubles. And you need to face it!

Mainly, to identify the problem you can do two things. First of all, open the door and look at the dryer wall. Do you see any gap? If you do, the doubt is correct.

Otherwise, to double-check, you can also separate the dryer parts and try turning the roller. For any issue with the drum rollers, spinning would be hampered.


The solution is at hand – get rid of the roller. No one needs to be an expert to finish the work in a go.

Roller Shaft Not Working:

Roller shaft problems are also one of the prominent reasons for the user’s headache. You can inspect it by turning it manually. Its reluctance to move indicates its expiration.


This is the moment of action time. The roller shaft needs instant replacement. Wait no more!

Broken Drum Bearing:

Drum bearing problems are no joke. They can leave the users with tension and sleepless nights. Consequently, when the dryer stops spinning, one must check immediately the drum bearings.


The squeaky sounds are the meaning of the broken drum bearings. Unfortunately, you can’t repair it. The only option is to change them and buy a new one.

Can you still use a dryer if it doesn’t spin?

Dryers often do not work properly without spinning. However, as the heat is continuously flowing, the clothes are warmed rather than getting dried. This results in the damping of cloth.

Besides, there can be several reasons for spinning problems. If the issue is related to the motor, the chances are low that you can use the dryer without replacing it.

On the other hand, if the rollers do not work properly, the dryer will never spin. Yes, that’s the reality. Whatever its power is, it is only able to remove the moisture but not dry them.

For this reason, changing the parts and fixing the minor issues enables the users to use the dryer as long as they want. As maintenance is the key to longevity one must not neglect these practices.

How do you check the belt on a GE dryer?

GE dryers primarily stop working due to the damaged belt. To act accordingly, the users need to identify the actual problems as soon as possible. For this reason, a simple guide is always appreciated.

Press power button:

This is the general and most straightforward task. Switching on the dryer would reveal if there is any problem or not. When the belt is broken, typically the dryer does not even start.

Even so, not turning on directly doesn’t always mean broken belts. Instead, it can be a power supply error. Thus, relying on this step only is no less than a bad idea.

Dryer not spinning:

It’s no new news how much a broken belt affects the spinning power of the dryer. Does the dryer stops spinning after running sometimes? No wonder it is the ominous sign of a broken belt.

Plus, users could dismantle the GE dryer and check it before moving to the following steps. Surely, this would pay off.

Hear the noises:

Depending on the severity of the issue, people hear different kinds of sounds. From humming to the drumming of the motors and dryer, you can expect any sound with a broken belt.

Also, the sound may be caused by the malfunction of the motor. Hence, careful observation is required.

See motor performance:

Though all these previously stated steps indicate major defects of the dryer belt, no one can’t disagree these problems can also be triggered by the motors.

Commonly, you will see the motor stops as the dryer stops spinning. But this case is totally unlikely.

In these cases, people hear the sound of the motor and can determine their performance. When everything works fine except the dryer, the belt is the real culprit.

Final thoughts

GE dryers can be a mood bumper, but they are not something to overthink. Whatever the underlying problem is – broken dryer belt, motor defect, circuit breaker problem, or damaged drum bearing- with some innovative solutions you will too ace it. No more worries about dirty clothes.