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Whirlpool Washer Flashing F5 E3: How to Fix?

Every washer has its own error code for its owner to know, what happened with the washer. There are a few washers error code, that is flashed on the front display to be fixed by the owner.

Here we will try to know the solution and the cause for flashing the f5 e3 on the display of the washer.

Whirlpool washer flashing f5 e3

This error code is shown when there is some problem with the lid lock. This error appears so that the owner can fix the lid lock before something bad happens to the lid. When the display is showing such a thing, just avoid forcing your lid to open or lock. Or it will damage your lid permanently.

There can many reasons for the code. Let’s get to know them.

The lid may be obstructed:

The lid needs to be closed properly. Or the water inside of the washer will go out and ruin the places. And if the lid cannot close, it shows the error sign spontaneously. Don’t get panicked by seeing this error code on display.

Basically, this error code is displayed so that you or any owner can have a good look at their washer’s door and fix it before it is too late.


The proper solution, for this reason, is to see if the lid is obstructed by anything or not. Because the lid is covered with a rubber seal and if the rubber seal is somehow torn apart, it needs to be fixed first, then you can use the washer.

Mainly, this problem occurs when you use the top load of the washer.

You should clean the lid lock properly, you may find dirt and cotton from the clothes, and you may stick your shirts, and socks there. You should have proper attention while you are closing the lid.

The lid latch may be damaged or misaligned:

As you know, the first thing for the washer is that the water will never drain through the main door. If it happens, it will create a great mass for you. But, sometimes the latch, that holds the door misalign or damages.

At that time, the washing machine door will not close properly. Or it may not close at all when the latch is misaligned. However, if you try to close the lid forcefully then both the door and door latch will be unusable afterward.


This type of problem occurs when the door is forcefully closed. At that time, it might ruin the latch assembly and it might clog the path. If the lid latch is misaligned somehow, you can still fix it.

If the lid latch is damaged severely, then you have to replace a new latch. To fix this problem, you need to remove the outer shell that protects the door seal.

After removing it, you can pull the seal away, and then you can change the latch. You need to be very careful about wiring connectors inside of the washer.

Too many laundries for the washer:

There are certain limits for the washer. If you push too many laundries inside of the washer, it will end up pushing the lid. Which will trigger the F5 E3 error code, and your washer will not work.

Even you should not provide too less laundry inside of the washer, and too many laundries are bad as well. You should maintain a ½ full procedure every time you are washing your clothes.

Though it does not apply to all the washers, as there are different load capacities for different washers.


You can handle this problem easily. Just don’t push more than enough clothes at once. Remember, you need to add water, and washing powder, and the clothes need to be spun so that they can get clean.

If there is no room for doing any of this, you will end up making great mass.

There is some malfunction in the circuit board:

Sometimes the error code is displayed just because the circuit board or the motherboard of the washer has malfunctioned.


Though it is not a usual case, it can be fixed by changing the board or fixing the wiring. Sometimes when the electricity pressure is high, this type of issue occurs.

If this problem appears frequently, then you might need to change the motherboard or the circuit board. But it is quite costlier to change this sensitive machine part. That’s why, it is better to purchase a new washer, rather than to fix the old one.

Though don’t rush to change the washer, first you should restart your washer. If it does this regularly, then you can decide to change your washer replacing with a new one.

What does f3 E3 mean on a Whirlpool washer?

This error code is displayed when the washer’s water temperature is not proper. This problem occurs sometimes. But when this error abrupts your washing activity, if the power cable is near to you then you can fix it easily.

Just try resetting the machine by just unplugging it and then re-plugging the power cable with the power outlet. This is how you can restart the cycle and do your regular work.

This error code is generally for the top load washer, and this error is also known as a water temperature sensor error. Generally, this type of error is shown when the washer is filled with laundry and the uneven distribution of laundry causes this problem as well.

You will get to see this type of error during the spin cycle. If you do not want to see this sort of problem in your washer, just wash a large load of laundry separately, rearrange the clothes and then restart the cycle.

If this problem persists and this error is displayed regularly, then you should call for service. You can take direct service from whirlpool, just visit their website and ask for help.

E3 code on whirlpool washer: Is it common?

This error code is common if you do not understand this code and push more than enough clothes inside of the washer. When you push a large stake of clothes inside of your washer, and the washer cannot continue its spin cycle at all, then the E3 error code is displayed.

This is not unusual that you forget about the washer capacity. Then if you do it frequently, you will have a frequent E3 error code on the display. So, if you are wise enough to avoid this, you may not do it again and again.

When you are providing enough clothes in the washer, but it still shows you the error code, then unplug the washer. Then see if the drain hose is placed too high or not. If it is higher than usual, then fix it.

How do I reset my Whirlpool washing machine?

Resetiing might slve the code issues on your washing machine. Let’s get to know how you can reset it.

Unplug the Washing Machine from the Outlet:

Sometimes there is no need to call for a service, just unplug your washing machine from the outlet and wait three minutes after unplugging the machine and then put re-plug the washing machine. It will work.

You can reset the Circuit Breaker:

This is another method you can follow when the power cord is not easily accessible to you. This method is also highly effective. First, you need to turn your washing machine off by using the control panel.

Then you should know where your control panel in your home is, lift the circuit from the control panel. By that, you will disconnect the power to your washer. Then wait for three minutes and again restore the circuit and the power to the washer.

Wait another thirty seconds before you turn your washer on. This is another way to reset your whirlpool washer.

Press a Couple of Buttons Together:

Few models require pressing a few buttons for resetting the whirlpool washer. Here you may need to know the buttons on your washer properly. You can take help from the manual.

You will need two buttons, first the pause and cancel button and the power button. Press the pause/ cancel button twice and then press the power button. Also, you can press the power and program buttons.

This procedure is a little complicated. You must keep the washer on while pressing the program button down at the same time you must press the water level button twice.

Press all the buttons once except the power button, then open the lid for once, and close it if you hear any beep sound. It will begin the reset cycle.

Final Thoughts

An error such as F5 E3 is displayed so that the owner can be cautious. If such an error is displayed, don’t panic. Just know that something is stuck with the lid. Or your washer is jam-packed with clothes and pushes the lid upward. Don’t push your lid. Resetting your washer will fix the issue.