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Whirlpool Washer Flashing 5d: How to Fix?

Whirlpool is a popular and reliable manufacturing company among the various washing machine manufacturers. Besides washing machines, they make refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and different parts and appliances. 

People who own Whirlpool washing machines sometimes face the error code 5d, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Whirlpool washer flashing 5d

The error code “5d” in a Whirlpool washing machine means the washer has detected too much foam from soap and water. If you add too much washing powder or use low-efficiency detergent, you will see the error code “5d”. However, it can also appear due to a defective drain pump or clogged drain line.

Whirlpool washing machines have a feature to let the user know what is wrong by showing different error codes for various issues. 

The Whirlpool Cabrio washers have this feature, and you can see a list of all the error codes and what they refer to in the guidebook that comes with the appliance. If you do not have the manual, you can get it online.

Although most users think they see “5d” or “5ud”, the error codes are actually “Sd” and “Sud”. The guidebook does not list “5d” or “5ud” error codes. Most users will find this surprising after having used the Whirlpool washing machines multiple times for a long time.

There are various causes why you may observe the “5d” or “Sd” error on the display of a Whirlpool washer. Here are the reasons and how you can fix them to remove the error code.

Excess detergent:

While using the washing machine, refer to the guidebook provided by the manufacturer to determine the amount of detergent you should use. Do not use more as that will be excess for the machine and give the error code “5d” or “Sd”.


Use the recommended amount of detergent mentioned in the manual. If the error code remains, use less amount.

Washing powder type:

This may surprise some people, but the kind of washing powder matters for a washing machine. Whirlpool Cabrio high-efficiency washing machines require high-efficiency detergents. 

Using detergents that do not have the “HE” label may cause the “5d” or “Sd” error.


Purchase and use washing powders with the “HE” label. “HE” washing powders are highly efficient. Such detergents produce insignificant soap suds and do a better job of removing stains from clothes. 

Moreover, avoid using “no splash” or “easy pour” liquid chlorine bleach because those produce excess suds. You can use regular liquid bleach products instead if you need to.

Defective drain pump:

The drain pump is a crucial part of the washing machine. If the drain pump is somehow damaged, the washer will not be able to drain the dirty water from the drum. 

As a result, you will; either find the drum filled with water, or you may see water seeping out of your appliance. A defective drain pump often causes the machine to produce the error code “5d” or “Sd”. 

So, it is worth checking if the drain pump is experiencing any issues.


Usually, you will find the drain pump close to the drain line. You will have to disassemble some parts of the washing machine. Then, you will have access to the drain pump. 

After gaining access, you can check the surroundings and see if there are any signs of a problem. If you do not wish to check the drain pump by yourself, you can call a professional to help you out. If required, you can ask for a drain pump change.

Clogged drain line:

The error code “5d” or “Sd” means that there is too much foam. If the machine detects excessive suds, it will try to rid it through the drain. However, if the washer cannot do it, you will see the error code “5d” or “Sd”.


The solution to this problem is a little complicated, and it may be better that you call for help from a professional. To solve this issue, you will need to unclog the drain line. If the drain pipe is visible, you can check it for blockage. 

Blockage can be the result of excessive detergent residue buildup. If you see the washer is not draining properly, call for professional help.

These are common reasons you see the “5d” or “Sd” error code.

What does flashing 5d mean on whirlpool washer?

Whirlpool washing machines have a display that lets the user know about the various settings and error codes in case of a problem. If the washer detects an issue, you will see a flashing sign. The flashing “5d” or “Sd” sign is an error code.

If you see the flashing “5d” or “Sd” sign, it could mean one of the following problems. One problem could be the machine detecting too much washing powder

You must use the recommended amount of detergent mentioned in the guidebook, or you may choose to use a smaller amount.

Another issue meant by the flashing “5d” or “Sd” sign is the formation of excess soap foam. If you use a detergent that is not high efficiency or does not have the label “HE”, it will produce too many soap suds, and the machine will detect it as a problem. 

Therefore, use a high-efficiency washing powder to avoid this flashing error message.

A clogged drain line or a faulty drain pump can also be why you see the flashing “5d” or “Sd” error. When the machine detects too many suds, it will automatically try to flush the excessive foam through the drain line. 

If the washer cannot do it because of blockages in the drain line or a defective drain pump, it will send the error message “5d” or “Sd”.

How do I clear the error code on my Whirlpool washer?

If you are facing the error message “5d” or “Sd” you can follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue yourself.

Recognize what problem is causing the error code to appear:

The error code can be for several reasons. Find out what is causing the error and fix that problem.

Generally, the error code appears because the machine detects too much foam. So, you should check the detergent you use and how much you put in the washer. Moreover, the issue may arise because of a blocked drain line or a faulty drain pump.

Rarely, you will see the error code because of a faulty main control board.  It may have a glitch that mistakenly triggers the machine to display the error message.

Try resolving the issue:

Firstly, inspect the washing machine drum. If you see too much foam it means you have either used too much detergent or put in a low-efficiency washing powder. So, use the recommended amount of high-efficiency detergent.

Secondly, check the drain pump and drain line. Clear out any blockages in the drain line and if the drain pump is faulty, call a professional to get it changed. Additionally, check the drain filter.

In case the main control board is causing the problem, contact a local technician to resolve the issue. You shouldn’t try doing it yourself as it is dangerous.

Restart the machine:

After you have figured out and solved the problem, restart the washing machine. You can turn on and off the circuit breaker if there is no switch on the power outlet for the washer. The restart will reset the device and help fix the issue causing the error message.

By following the steps, you can clear the error code on your Whirlpool washing machine. If needed, do not hesitate to call for professional help as some tasks may be dangerous and will require caution.

What are the most common problems on a Whirlpool washing machine?

Whirlpool washing machines have a few common problems as reported by some of the consumers. Some of them are:

Unusual noises:

After starting the machine, you may hear a loud thumping, clanging, or whining noise. The loud thumping noise means the load is unbalanced or the machine is overloaded and the clanging noise means the washer is not level with the ground. 

The high-pitched sound can be the result of worn-out bearings or a loose nut holding the pulley.

Rust spots on the lid:

Rust spots are a major problem if not treated immediately. The spots will enlarge over time and may transfer to the clothes inside. You can use baking soda and distilled white vinegar to remove the rust stain. 

Doing it several times will loosen the rust. Then you can apply some appliance paint.

These are some of the most common problems you might face on a Whirlpool washing machine.

Final Thoughts

The “5d” or “Sd” error code primarily means that the machine has detected too much foam or soap suds. To avoid this problem in the future, you should use the recommended amount of a high-efficiency detergent and use regular liquid bleach if you consider it to be necessary.