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Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset?

If you have a whirlpool ice maker, you must follow some guidelines. Typically, the whirlpool ice maker is a reliable brand that can give you long service, but it also faces some problems if you fail to take care of it or clean it.

You can avail yourself of the whirlpool ice maker customer service or claim the warranty. Sometimes, you can solve the problem with your DIY skills or follow some common strategies. I will give you the process for solving everything.

Whirlpool ice maker not working

If your whirlpool ice maker is not working, your supply line becomes clogged and fails to provide enough temperature. So, you will not get the perfect environment for getting ice. Frozen water in the supply line may create a problem in your Whirlpool ice maker.

You can solve the problems with the following tips and tactics. Before that, you must identify the problem in your ice-making supply line.

First, you must check the supply line of your ice maker to find out the problem. You might get some clog in the supply line that needs to be removed.

Another problem could be the working issues; when you find that your ice maker doesn’t work, but the motor is on. You should check the volume and the entire cooling system. Maybe the cooling system of your ice maker is damaged and fails to lower the temperature.

But the most accessible part would be to get through the perfect model of your whirlpool ice maker. There are different types of whirlpool ice makers that might have different issues.

Some specific ice makers come with a particular problem. Knowing the model name lets you easily sort out the problem.

Let’s get through some common problems with your whirlpool ice-maker and try to solve them in the sections below. However, you will get different options to reset & start working on your ice-maker. Below are the common problems you will face in running your whirlpool ice-maker.

Supply Line Problem:

The supply line is the most common problem of every whirlpool ice-maker.

You should regularly check your supply line & find out if there are leaking problems or sort out the supply line problem. In most cases, you might find the damaged wires or the supply line.

The supply line or the primary cooling system of your ice-maker might have some common issues. After using the supply line for years, you might need to change the wire or supply line from the manufacturers.

Clog Problem:

Sometimes, the supply or cooling lines get clogged for a long time. When you put pressure on your ice-maker to produce the ice across the day, the ice cooling system pipe or line will be clogged.

So, getting some clog in your supply line or other parts of the whirlpool machine is very common.

The clogging problem will be a big concern for the people who regularly use their ice maker. It’s not like a refrigerator where you can control or repair it every month or get reliable service for a long time. You must check the ice-maker clog and repair or reset it.

Stop Working:

The most common problem of using an ice-maker is suddenly stopping working.

Sometimes, the ice-maker fails to get the perfect voltage power from the socket or electric outlet; therefore, the ice-maker will be stopped suddenly and fail to generate the ice inside the machine.

Whenever your ice-maker is not working, you must check the electric line or other parts, including the motor. It will help you to identify the problem and sort it out accordingly. Otherwise, you need to reset or solve it without hiring professionals manually.

Is whirlpool ice maker problem common?

You will find the below common problems in whirlpool ice-maker problems. Let’s see what the problems are with these whirlpool models.

Whirlpool gold refrigerator:

When a Whirlpool gold refrigerator does not cool, the most common ice maker problem for this is that the condenser coils are dirty.

As the refrigerant travels through the condenser coils, heat is released from the system.

When the coils are blocked with dirt and other material, they cannot release heat as effectively as they should.

Whirlpool french door refrigerator:

An improperly functioning door seal is one of the most common reasons why a Whirlpool french door refrigerator will not chill properly.

Your refrigerator won’t produce the desired level of cold air if the door seal is broken or otherwise compromised.

Because of the door seal, the cold air contained within the refrigerator stays within the appliance rather than escaping.

Whirlpool wrx735sdm02:

The most common ice maker problem in Whirlpool wrx735sdm02 is that the thermostat may not function correctly. This thermostat is much like the one in your home that controls the heating and cooling systems.

If it fails, the refrigeration system will not be activated, and it will be necessary to replace it.

Whirlpool wrx735sdm00:

The most common ice maker problem for Whirlpool wrx735sdm00 is that the motor for the condenser fan has failed. Because of this, the air is drawn in over the compressor and the condenser coils.

Whirlpool wrx555sihz00:

The most common ice maker problem of Whirlpool wrx555sihz00 lies within the compressor itself.

This pump moves the refrigerant through the evaporator and coils in the refrigeration system. Because this is a less common problem, the individual providing the service will most likely check other components first.

What to do if my whirlpool ice maker is not working?

You may find some issues if your whirlpool ice maker is not working. I will suggest that you follow my tips and do things accordingly.

Reset the Ice-Maker:

If you don’t find any severe problem in the motor or the cooling system, you first try to reset your ice-maker.

Resetting will be different here and sort out the problems within a minute or a few moments. Resetting the whirlpool ice-maker is easy.

When you press on the reset button, it will start resetting your ice-maker’s function. And the entire system will become neutral as the manufacturer sets everything.

You must treat the reset whirlpool ice-maker as a new appliance; then, you may customize the system to get the optimum service.

Change the Supply Line:

In most cases, you will find problems in your supply line that ultimately work to create the ice cubes.

You must repair the supply line or the damaged part if you find problems. You will find two problems in the supply line; one is clogged issues, and the other one is damaged line problems.

If your supply line creates a problem, you must repair the clog or change the supply line. It will be better to replace the entire supply line and install the new one. You can sort out most of the problems accordingly.

Get The Home Service:

If you buy a new ice-maker, you might have several years of free home service.

Whenever you face any problem operating your ice-maker, you must get the home service from your manufacturers. It will be a cost-free service and give you a perfect solution.

If you have any damaged parts or you ruin the service line of your ice-maker, you will need to pay for the damaged parts. Although you will get the home service, you must pay for those damaged parts unless the guarantee covers them.

How do you reset a whirlpool ice maker?

You can reset a whirlpool ice maker in two different ways. One is an automatic reset button & the other way is to unplug and reset the entire ice-making system. So, let’s get through these ways and reset your whirlpool ice-maker.

Reset by The Button:

Your whirlpool ice-maker will come with a reset button that will be the easiest way to reset your whirlpool ice-maker.

You will find the reset button above or below your ice-maker body. It will be a better solution for your ice-maker, but you need to press for a few seconds on your reset button.

You will get a beep-beep sound from your whirlpool once it starts resetting your ice-maker. You must keep pressing the button until you get that sound from your ice-maker.

Manual Reset:

If you don’t find the reset button on your whirlpool ice-maker, you can manually reset the ice-maker.

Sometimes, the reset button doesn’t work, and you Will fail to reset your ice-maker. However, you must unplug the ice-maker for about 15-30 seconds.

Once you press it for 15-seconds, it will reset your ice-maker manually. So, if you follow this process, you will successfully reset the whirlpool ice-maker.

Final Thoughts

If your whirlpool ice-maker doesn’t work, you should reset the whirlpool ice-maker. You must manually reset the whirlpool if your reset button doesn’t work. Maybe your supply line is clogged, and it stops working. So, you must follow the process to repair or reset the ice-maker perfectly.