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How to Reset Frigidaire Ice Maker? (All You Need to Know)

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An ice maker is vital for every kitchen. If your frigidaire ice maker is not working, you can do some basic troubleshooting all by yourself. Before you plan on contacting a professional, there are a few things you can try to fix your ice maker.

However, if you are wondering how to reset your ice maker, hold your breath and be with us till the end. You will get all your answers.

In most cases, the ice maker tends to make ice as soon as it is reset. If you think of resetting your ice maker, you will find this guide quite helpful.

How to reset frigidaire ice maker?

Resetting your frigidaire ice maker is simple. It’s just a three-step job. Press and hold the on/off switch until the LED turns red. Two; once the LED turns red, you should wait for 15-20 minutes. Three; again, press the on/off switch to turn it on and wait for the LED to turn green. 

If your Frigidaire ice maker is not working, you can follow the have a look at the following guide. 

Countertop ice maker

Let us start with the countertop ice maker. If you own a frigidaire countertop ice maker or any countertop ice maker, you may follow the mentioned steps below to do the basic troubleshooting.  

Unplugging the ice maker:

The first thing that you would need to do is unplug the ice maker from the power outlet and wait for 15 seconds at least. Then drain out the water reservoir. 

Emptying the ice basket:

Once you are done draining the water, open the lid of the ice maker and empty the ice basket. Then clean the metal tubes of the ice maker with a soft piece of cloth. After you are done cleaning the tubes, you can put the lid back on.

Turning the ice maker on:

Now, you would want to plug the ice maker into the power socket and turn it on. Once the ice maker is on, hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.

Resting the ice maker:

After you have followed all the steps mentioned above, wait for at least 2 hours before turning on the ice maker again. After 2-3 hours, turn on the ice maker and check if the issue is solved.     

Gallery ice maker

In the frigidaire gallery ice maker, there is no designated reset button. However, the switch on and off button can be used for resetting. To reset your gallery ice maker, you can follow the given steps.   

Turning the ice maker on and off:

The first thing to do would be to turn the gallery ice maker on and off. Locate the turn on/off button and turn it off. Once it’s turned off, turn it on again.

Keeping it at rest and turning it on turned off: 

After it’s turned on, keep in rest 15-20 minutes. And then turn it on and off. Check if the problem got fixed. 

Portable ice maker

One of the basic reasons behind your portable ice maker not making ice is it is not getting enough water. However, if its a regular issue, you can follow the given steps to troubleshoot your portable ice maker:

Turning the portable ice maker off:

Look for the on/off switch, and the switch may vary depending on the model of the ice maker. Press the switch and wait till the portable ice maker turns red and turns off.

Resting the ice maker:

Rest the ice maker for 15 minutes or so.

Restarting the portable ice maker:

Once the ice maker has rested for 15 minutes, restart it. This should solve the problem.  

French door refrigerator ice maker

If your French door refrigerator ice maker is not making ice, there can be multiple issues behind it.  You can follow the below steps to reset the ice maker.

Removing the ice maker:

The first thing to do would be to remove the ice maker from the refrigerator. Before you remove the refrigerator make sure your refrigerator is on.

Locate the reset button and rest the ice maker:

The reset button should be somewhere around the refrigerator. Locate it, press, and hold it for 10 seconds.

Placing the ice bin back in place:

Place the ice bin back in place and disconnect the power. Leave it like that for 5-6 hours.

Plugin the power cord and turn it on:  

After a minimum of 5 hours, plug in the refrigerator and then turn the machine on again. And check if its works properly.      

Where is the frigidaire ice maker reset button?

Most frigidaire ice makers do not have their reset buttons. However, the power on/off button can be used to reset it.

Some of the frigidaire ice makers tend to have an on/off button on the front of the control panel.

This button can be used to reset the ice maker. Depending on the model of your ice maker, you can perform a hard reset on it just using the control panel.

If you are wondering why your ice maker is producing fewer ice cubes or smaller cubes, try checking the waterline of the ice maker. This can usually be caused when the water line is clogged.  

Why does my frigidaire ice maker not working?

There could be multiple reasons behind your frigidaire ice maker not working.

Here are a few reasons why your frigidaire may stop working:

A clog in the waterline:

The most common problem that will stop your ice maker from working is a frozen clog in the waterline. However, if the water clog is anything rather than translucent, you may want to contact a professional.

To fix the frozen line, you would want to turn off the refrigerator. Removing and replacing the water filter inside the refrigerator can fix things.

Making different sized ice cubes:         

If your ice maker is making ice cubes that are too small or too big, then your ice maker needs adjustments. The good news is there is no clog.

To fix this problem, first, remove the cover of the ice maker. Under the cover, you will find a spring and a screw, with an indicator that denotes plus and minus. It should be easy to remove.

This indicator controls the dosing of water. 

How do I force my Frigidaire ice maker to cycle?

Forcing your frigidaire ice maker is common troubleshooting. If your ice maker is, you can force cycle your ice maker. You may also need to force a cycle if your ice maker has been sitting there for a while doing nothing.

Empty the ice bin:

The first thing you need to do is to remove the ice bin below the ice maker. Make sure the bin is in its position. Empty the ice bin and place it back in its place.

Turning the gear clockwise:

Notice that there is a gear in front of the ice maker. With the help of a flat blade screwdriver, rotate the gear clockwise until you hear a ticking sound.

Fixing the sensor arm:

The next thing to do would be to fix the rectangular wire arm on the side of your ice maker. This sensor arm alerts the ice maker to stop when the ice bin is full. Therefore, when the wire is upright in position, your ice maker will not make ice.   

How to manually start frigidaire ice maker?

If you need to manually start the frigidaire ice maker, try gasping the ejector and rotating upwards.

Or simply use a screwdriver to turn the smaller gear. Once you have turned enough, you will hear a ticking sound, and it will start to run.

The most common types of ice maker problems include water line malfunction, clogged filter, low set thermostat, etc. Other than these, if your ice maker stops working, you may want to check if the water filter is sealed properly.

Remove and reinstall it for reassurance. If the water filter seems to be clogged, you should go for a replacement. 

Final Thoughts

Resetting your frigidaire ice maker is an easy job. Simply press and hold the on/off button of the ice maker until it turns red. Leave it for rest for a few minutes. The resting time may vary depending on the models.  After a few hours, press and hold the switch till it turns green. And it’s done.