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How Many Watts Does a Sharp Microwave Use? (Explained)

Sharp is an electronics and appliance manufacturing company based in Japan. Among the wide range of products they offer, microwave ovens are one of them. Moreover, customers state that Sharp microwave ovens are reliable and worth their money.

How many watts does a sharp microwave use

Different models of Sharp microwave ovens use varying amounts of power. Generally, their microwave ovens use about 900 to 1800 watts of electricity per hour. The cooking option rated at 1000 watts usually uses around 1400 watts in one hour. The power consumption depends on how you use it.

Users do not use microwave ovens all day unless in a restaurant or cafeteria. Therefore, they tend to ignore the power consumption of these appliances. However, microwave ovens have high power requirements and pull in significant current to function.

To estimate how much power a Sharp microwave oven uses, we have described it in detail below. We assume you will use it for an hour in total per day.

Per minute:

Most microwave ovens, including the ones manufactured by Sharp, come with printed labels containing information about power usage. A Sharp microwave uses 1000 watts per hour. In a minute, you can expect it to use around 17 watts. 

The power consumption can be more dependent on which mode is in use.

Per hour:

You will usually find the wattage per hour on the label sticker on the body of the microwave oven. Average Sharp microwaves use approximately 900 to 1500 watts of power per hour. 

If the mode requires more power, it will pull a high current to complete the task.

Per day:

Considering a Sharp microwave oven rated at 1200 watts is run for 1 hour a day, it will consume about 1200 watts of power per day. The power consumption will not be the same as the modes will probably differ.

Per month:

With an average consumption of 1000 watts per day, you can expect a Sharp microwave to use around 30000 watts or 30 kilowatts per month. You can see it will use significant power. The power consumption may differ based on several factors.


Sharp microwave ovens have a power surge like most do. On starting up, the microwave can draw up to 1200 watts of power. However, it will only pull this much power within a millisecond and use the usual amount of electricity.

The power consumption of Sharp microwave ovens depends on the purpose of use and the duration it works. Therefore, you will see variations in wattage if you measure it by yourself. Although these are energy efficient, they require loads of power to function.

How many watts does a sharp carousel microwave have?

Carousel microwave ovens are the ones you can find in homes and break rooms. They are portable and do not require installation using hardwiring. Moreover, these ovens are smaller than kitchen ovens and require less power to function because of their small and compact size.

Most Sharp carousel microwave ovens are rated at 1000 watts per hour. Therefore, you can expect it to use around 900 to 1200 watts in one hour. The power consumption will vary depending on which mode you wish to use and how long you use the microwave.

Additionally, some carousel or countertop microwave ovens have greater capacity and need more electricity to function. You can check the label on the body of the microwave to see the hourly wattage. 

If you do not find it, you can search for it online using the model number on the manufacturer’s website.

How much does it cost to run a sharp microwave?

Several models of Sharp microwave ovens are available for you to purchase from their stores. The cost to run a Sharp microwave depends on the model and how you use it. Therefore, you will find the cost varies if you ask other users.

Generally, the small and compact Sharp microwave ovens cost about 13 to 44 cents per hour. Such microwaves do not require a lot of electrical power, so the cost of running one is low. 

However, if you use one of these for long hours every day for a month and use various modes that cause it to pull significant power, you will have to pay more electrical bills.

On the other hand, medium-sized Sharp microwave ovens will cost you more, around 20 to 60 cents per hour. Microwave ovens with large volumes need more power to heat the food placed inside. 

Therefore, you will observe a significant difference between the costs of running a compact microwave oven and a medium one.

Additionally, some Sharp microwave ovens have different voltage ratings. Few of them have 1000 watts ratings, and some have ratings of more than 1000 watts. High wattage ratings will ensure that the microwave oven pulls in loads of power during operation. 

Therefore, if you are purchasing one for your home, a 1000-watt Sharp microwave will be ideal for you as it will not consume too much electricity and keep costs down.

What factors determine sharp microwave watt usage?

A few factors are responsible for the power consumption of a Sharp microwave oven. We have explained it in detail, so you have no trouble understanding.


The wattage that you may find on a printed label on the body of the microwave oven shows the heat output. It slightly indicates the power consumption or the amount of electricity it uses. 

It hints that the microwave will use around this number of watts. 


The capacity of the microwave oven plays a major role in influencing power consumption. Sharp offers both small and medium size microwave ovens. 

If you are using a medium size microwave oven, you will see the electricity consumption is more than a small one. It requires more power to heat a large volume than a small one. 

As a result, the cost of running a medium microwave is more than that of a small one.

Food item:

Surprisingly, the food item you are cooking or heating also influences how much electricity your microwave oven uses. If the item requires a longer cooking time, you will have to set the timer for a long period. 

Consequently, the microwave oven will run for a long duration, and the power consumption will increase.

Cooking time:

The cooking time determines how long the microwave oven will run until the timer ends. You may use the timer to heat a food item or cook a meal. As the microwave oven keeps running, the power consumption will increase over time. 

So, longer cooking time will equate to greater consumption of electricity.

These are the factors you should know about that influence the power consumption of a microwave oven. You can limit these to control their use of electricity.

How do I check the power consumption of my sharp microwave?

Checking the power consumption of a Sharp microwave oven is simple, and you can do it yourself by following basic procedures. We have listed a few steps for you to follow:

Search for a printed label on the body of the microwave oven:

Look for a printed label containing the necessary information about the microwave oven. It is usually located inside the door or on the serial number plate on the back. Additionally, you may find it in the manual, or you can search for it online.

Obtain the wattage information:

On the printed label, you will find information regarding how much power you can expect the microwave oven to use in watts. Generally, the wattage gives an idea about the range of power consumption of the product. 

For example, if the value is 1000 watts, the microwave oven will use more or less than 1000 watts.

Determine the operational hours of the microwave oven:

The operational hours is the duration the microwave works. You can do it for a day or month and figure out how much electricity it consumes in one month. Doing this will help you better understand the cost of running a microwave oven.

Compute the power consumption:

Finally, you will have to multiply the wattage value you have obtained from the label by the operational hours you have recorded. For instance, you use the oven for 1 hour every day in a month, and the wattage is 1000 watts. 

So, you must multiply them and you will get 30000 watts or 30 kilowatts of electricity usage per month.

By following the steps, you can easily obtain how much power your microwave consumes in a month.

Final Thoughts

Several factors influence how much electricity a Sharp microwave oven uses in a month or day. Generally, most microwaves use 1000 to 1200 watts while running and around 1200 watts during start-up. If you wish, you can see the power consumption of a microwave by yourself.