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Dryer Making Rumbling Noise: How to Fix? (Quick Answers)

Any ideal home has a pair of washer and dryer. Dyers are used to get rid of the moisture from the clothes after they have been washed in the washing machine. 

However, at times your dryer could make unusual noises and vibration. If you have been noticing your dryer making rumbling noises, and wondering why is it happening then hold on tight! 

We are going to have a detailed discussion on why your dryer is making gurgling noises and what you can do to prevent it. Therefore, bear with us till the end to find all your answers. 

Let’s get started shall we? 

Dryer making rumbling noise

Rumbling noises from your dryer indicates that the drum rollers and the axles have worn out. Over time these parts lose their spark, which causes a rumbling noise. All of a sudden you would notice your dryer becoming noisier than it usually is. There could be other reasons too.   

Dryers are a vital part of home. You would need your washer-dryer combo to work properly if you want to maintain your daily life hygiene. You cannot use your clothes if they haven’t dried well. If clothes have locked moisture in them, they are most likely to develop mold. 

Using clothes and other belongings that have mold in them can lead to skin allergies. Therefore, you need to be careful about using damped clothes. 

If you notice your dryer making noises, it could be concerning. There could be various parts of the dryer that can go wrong which causes the machine to make unusual noises. 

Here are a few reasons why your dryer is making unusual noise: 

Axels and drum roller: 

One of the very common reasons for your dryer making unusual rumbling noises can be caused when the axles and drum roller of the dryers have been worn out. 

Apart from that when the axles are damaged it can lead to creating rumbling noises. However, when the rollers are damaged, they will most likely make a squeaky noise.    

And as they completely run out, you will notice a loud thumping noise. Different dyers have their rollers dryers at different places. Some have their roller in the front whereas some have two in the front and two in the back.  

Additionally, while examining the rollers, it should be ensured that they are spinning properly. In case the rollers have been worn out, they will damage the axles and cause it to create unusual noises. 

You would want to notice the kind of sound your rollers and axles are producing. This way, if there is any inconvenience, you will be able to gasp it on time. And act accordingly. 

Bowler wheels: 

Another reason why you might be hearing a rumbling noise could be due to the bowel wheels. Bowler wheels help in removing excess moisture from the clothes.They function to provide air in the dryer drums. 

At times. The bowler wheel can become unbalanced, loose or be blocked with other things. Under such circumstances, you may notice your bowel wheel making a rumbling noise. 

In the current times, most bowler wheels tend to remain in function for quite some time after the dryer has gone off. Therefore, if there is an issue with the bowel wheel, it will make an unusual rumbling noise, after the dryer has gone off. 

Once you are sure it’s the bowler wheel that is creating the noise, you can take the help of a professional or get it replaced. 

Is it safe to use a rumbling tumble dryer?

It is safe to use a rumbling tumbling dryer. Every appliance has its own running functions. Now, if you have just got your dryer or haven’t been using your dryer for a while, it is normal for your dryer to make a rumbling noise as soon as you start it. 

However, there can be other reasons too which can cause the rumbling noises.The noise is most likely to fade away after some time. Anyhow, if the sound continues then you would like to look into the matter. 

Apart from that if you notice, your dryer is making a rumbling sound you would want to check the internal parts of your dryer too. The drum roller and axles, drive belt, bowler wheels etc can cause different noises in the dryer. At times, these can lead to serious issues.  

Therefore, contact a professional if required.  

How do you fix a rumbling dryer?

Before you move on to the fixing part, you would need to figure out where the sound is coming from, and what is making the sound. Here are few steps you can follow to fix a rumbling dryer: 

In case of drum’s support rollers: 

In case there is an issue with the drum’s support roller and the shaft, you will either need to fix the drum roller or replace it. Here are a few steps you can follow if the rumbling sound is caused by the drum’s support rollers. 

Disconnecting the drum roller and removing the drums: 

First things first, you would want to start with disconnecting the dryer from the electrical outlet. Make sure you have disconnected the machine from the outlet properly. Once it is disconnected, you would want to inspect the drum’s support roller. 

Replacing the drums:  

If you have detected the issues with the drums, you would want to contact a professional and get the parts replaced. This should solve the rumbling sound created by the dryer. 

In case of bowel wheels: 

Bowel wheels can be another reason behind your dryer creating unusual rumbling sounds. It is made of plastic and it is normal for them to get worn out after some time. Due to which they can create rumbling noises. 

Here are a few steps you can follow to fix a rumbling dryer if caused due to the bowel wheels: 

Disconnecting the dryer and locating the bowler wheels: 

You would want to start with unplugging the dryer from the outlet. Make sure the dryer has been disconnected from power. Once you have done that successfully you would want to locate the bowler wheels.  

Inspecting the rollers: 

Inspect the rollers and the housing. Check for foreign objects around the rollers. At timed, there could be other objects that could be creating the rumbling sound. However, chances are high that the wheels have been worn out. 

Replacing the bowler wheel: 

In case you have detected that the bowler wheels have been worn out completely and they are creating a disturbing rumbling noise, you would need to replace them.

How much does it cost to replace support rollers wheels? 

The cost to replace support rollers wheels varies upon different brands, some of the most popular ones are given below –


In the case of Samsung dryer support rollers you would need $100-150 to get them replaced. In general these wheels are made of plastic and they have a chance of getting worn out after some time. Therefore, they would need to be replaced. 

The easiest way to figure it out is when you hear unusual rumbling noises coming from your dryer.


Fixing a LG dryer can cost between $50-460. However, in case the drum rollers need to get replaced it can cost up to $150. Bear in mind that LG dryers have four wheels and therefore the repairing can cost a little more than other dryers. 


Most dryers come with two supports from roller wheels. In case your dryer is making unusual rumbling noises, you may want to check the drum rollers. Now, chances are high that you would need to change the roller wheels. The cost for these rollers can start from $50. 


Maytag dryers have two rollers installed in them. In case the roller wheels need to be replaced, there are replacement kits to make the job simpler. These kits are known to cost $2000-3000.  Take the help of a professional in order to replace the roller’s wheels successfully.


For Electrolux dryers replacing wheels can initially cost $53-54 without the shipping cost. Apart from the cost of the rollers, there can be additional cost for installing the wheels. 


Kenmore support rollers would last between 5-10 years. Whereas, if they need to be replaced, there are replacement kits available. These kits come with 2 roller wheels and they would cost almost $1600-1700. 


Most GE dryers would have two roller wheels, however some might have two additional wheels in the front to support the dryer. Replacing the wheels can cost around $118-150.


The Frigidaire support roller wheels can last up to an entire decade. Once it has been worn out, it will create squeaky noises. Therefore, you would want to replace the wheels. It can cost around $40-50 to replace the wheels. 

Final Thoughts 

In general dryers tend to make rumbling noises when the internal parts of a dryer have been worn out. For most dryers, it can be the support rollers or the axles that need to be replaced. Replacing the parts can help in getting rid of noise that the dryer is making.