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Fire Alarm Blinking Red and Green: What to Do? 

The fire alarm is one of the important systems that need to be installed in every household. Fire alarms not only detect fire quickly but also it notifies the fire control department as soon as possible. A fire alarm system can really save your life from any kind of fire hazard. 

Therefore, installing a fire alarm system in every household as well as in offices is mandatory.

However, you should also know about the functioning process of the fire alarm, for instance, the meaning of the blinking lights of the fire alarm. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss what you need to do when the fire alarm is blinking red and green.

The fire alarm blinking red and green

Your smoke alarm may start to blink red whenever the batteries inside the smoke detector become low. In addition, the green light can also indicate that the system has become active to function properly. Accumulation of dust is one of the reasons behind your smoke detector blinking red light.

It is not a big deal if the smoke alarm blinks red after changing the battery. It may indicate that the batteries inserted are low. However, depending on the manufacturer it may also indicate the alarm has started to work perfectly or there is some dust inside the alarm.

There are several reasons for which a smoke alarm could blink red after changing the battery.

Batteries are down:

If we insert old batteries on our smoke alarm, it can start blinking red. So, the batteries need to be further replaced with new ones. Then, the smoke alarm should be tested to make sure it is working fine. 

Besides, if the smoke alarm is too old then the batteries also may drain quickly. If we notice that the batteries are draining more quickly than usual, then we should change the fire alarm and buy a new one.

Dust inside the alarm:

A smoke alarm blinking red after changing the battery could mean there is dust inside it. Many manufacturers add a red warning light with the alarm to let us understand that there is dust inside and it should be cleaned as soon as possible. 

The outside of the smoke alarm should be cleaned with a soft cloth. The detector should be cleaned with a soft brush. We should be careful so that the sensor does not break. We should also remove the chamber and clean it carefully. 

We should remember that regular cleaning of the fire alarm helps it to function and operate smoothly. 

The smoke Alarm is operating well:

The blinking of the red light after changing the battery on a smoke alarm could mean the alarm is getting power and operating perfectly. Though most smoke alarms blink red because of malfunctioning some may blink red due to working perfectly. 

However, it depends on the manufacturer. To know the exact meaning, contact with the manufacturer is suggested. 

Smoke Alarm is too old:

A smoke alarm has a limited life span. It is recommended to change the smoke detector every 11 to 12 years. When a smoke detector gets too old, it can give blinking red lights or unwanted alarms. It is irritating as well as an issue of concern.

A smoke alarm usually starts to show unwanted behavior after it is repaired or damaged by contact with water. So, replacing the old one with a new smoke alarm can solve all the problems.

Is it normal for a smoke detector to flash red and green? 

Yes, it is quite normal for a smoke detector to flash red or green. A smoke detector may flash red or green for a few seconds when it is powered on. It can also flash when it is at the end of its life span or the batteries are down. 

Batteries usually drain much quicker than normal when the smoke detector gets too old i.e. about 9 to 11 years old. So, it is better to replace a smoke detector with a new one if it gets too old and malfunctioning. 

However, the reason behind the blinking depends on the manufacturer and models. Thus, it is suggested to contact the manufacturer if any unwanted behavior of the smoke detector is noticed.

Is fire alarm blinking red and green common? 

Yes, we should not get worried or scared if the fire alarm is blinking red and green. It is common and the reason for the blinking depends on the brands and models. 

Kidde fire alarm: 

Kidde fire alarm is a reliable and affordable alarm that is better than most other fire alarms on the market. In the Kidde fire alarm, the blinking of the green light means the system is getting power. 

On the other hand, the redlight blinks when there is heavy smoke around or when the battery of the system is down or the system’s life span is over. Besides, the red light also blinks after every 45 seconds to indicate the smoke alarm is in operational mode. 

First alert fire alarm: 

First alert fire alarms are usually famous for their longer battery lifespan. So, if the red or green light blinks suddenly, it may indicate the batteries are not functioning well and need to be changed.  

However, in the power indicator, the red or green light blinks every few seconds to show the smoke alarm is getting power.

BRK fire alarm: 

A BRK fire alarm is a good smoke detector and works better than most other brands. It is common to see red blinking light as it indicates the battery power is low or the alarm should be cleaned. 

What to do if the fire alarm blinks red and green? 

If the fire alarm blinks red and green, it is necessary to observe its behavior very closely. If the alarm is making an unwanted or beeping sound along with red and green lights blinking, then there might be some error happening inside or the batteries are down. 

There are several things to do and notice if the smoke detector is blinking red and green:

Replace the Batteries:

It is usual for the fire alarms to blink red and green if it faces any kind of problem. We should not be scared unless it makes any beeping noise. We should replace the batteries with new ones and test the fire alarm. 

Check whether the fire alarm is installed properly:

In many cases, improper installation of fire alarms causes the problem of blinking. The smoke detector must be installed following proper guidelines and methods. Then, we should test our fire alarm. 

Check if there is any dust inside:

If the fire alarm blinks red and green then there is a possibility of dust entering inside the alarm. We should take soft clothes and clean the outside. Then, we should clean the detector and sensor with a soft brush. 

Cleaning the smoke detector will help it to operate smoothly.

Perform Reset:

Testing should be performed if the fire alarm is showing unwanted behavior. In almost all the fire alarms found in the market, there is a button that lets us perform the reset. We should press that button and wait for a few seconds. 

We will hear a loud beeping sound. This ensures that our alarm is working perfectly fine.

Change the fire alarm if it is too old:

If the fire alarm is about 9 to 11 years older and the red and green light is blinking, it is better to replace it with a new one. Every electronic has its limited lifespan and so does a fire alarm. So, buying a new fire alarm will solve all the problems.

Finally it can be said that the fire alarm can blink red and green light for various reasons. However, you should observe the situation carefully and take necessary steps accordingly.

How do you reset the red and green light on a smoke detector?

It is natural for a smoke detector to blink and beep if there is heavy smoke around. But it is a matter of concern if the smoke detector is blinking red and green lights unnecessarily. It is very easy to reset the red and green lights on a smoke detector. 

In almost every smoke detector found on the market, there is a reset button found. When that reset button is pressed for a few seconds, a beeping noise will occur. This noise ensures that our system is operating very well. 

Besides, some smoke detectors have keypads and if we press ’72’ then the red and green light will reset

Final Thoughts:

Based on different models, there can be many reasons behind the smoke detector blinking red and green light. In some models it indicates that it is working perfectly while in some other branded detectors it indicates that the batteries are low or there is accumulation of dust in the smoke detector.