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Dryer Making Squeaking or Screeching Noise: How to Fix?

If you are one of them who’s losing sleep because of a noisy, squeaking, or screeching dryer, you’d want to read on.

We get it. There is no way you can ignore a dryer making loud, screeching noises. To fix a noisy dryer, you would first need to identify what is making such screeching and squeaking noises.

Dryer making squeaking or screeching noise

If your dryer is making screeching or squeaking noises, it simply means that one or more components of the dryer are worn out or damaged and need replacement. Rusty or worn-out drum roller wheels and bearings, faulty motor, damaged pulleys, and cracked drive belts can also cause such noises.

There are multiple factors that work for the noise of the dryer. Let’s get to know that.

Idler pully:

While a drive belt that has been damaged or worn out would make the most clucking noises you could think of, a similar tensioning system, the idler pulley, in the dryer makes screeching or squeaking sounds when it gets frayed.

As the name suggests, the function of the idler pulley is to reduce strain on other components of the appliance, namely the driver belt itself. You can expect to hear similar noises when the dryer is running if the idler pully is what is causing it.

Likewise, if the idler pulley is not cleaned regularly, the dyer would make similar annoying sounds. The problem with a worn-out idler pulley is that this continues to damage other parts like bearings.


Bafflers are another component that makes sure that dryers are spinning in alignment.

When these lifters are damaged, and the drum spins without correct alignment, you can hear squeaking noises due to friction of the drum surface with other shafts.

Drum bearings:

A dryer would also make a screeching or squeaking noises if there is any issue with the bearing of the appliance. The bearing, along with the shaft, is what supports the drum of the dryer from the back.

You can expect to hear the sounds whenever the dryer is moving which stops when the dryer halts. This could be because the bearings are either depreciated, displaced, dislodged, or simply broken.


Whether it is a direct or belt, electric or gas dryer, a faulty motor can cause the loudest squeaks in a dryer.

When the ball bearing of the dryer is damaged, the screeching or squealing sound can originate from the motor as well. This could lead to a motor failure and eventual shut down of the dryer.

Drum Glides:

Moreover, If the drum glide bearings are compromised, you would notice the squeaking sound along with a rubbing sound. This could also lead to a damaged front seal which would need to be replaced.

Since the interior glides are exposed to heat, over the years of use, the glides may become rusty and misshaped, causing similar bothersome noises once the dryer drum starts to move.

Drum rollers:

The drum rollers can be responsible for the squeaking or screeching sound too but fortunately, fixing it is not a big hole in the pocket. This is because rollers are mostly in need of lubrication and cleaning.

However, if you notice visible damage and depreciation on the rollers, you would need to replace them.

Be wary of the roller wheels at the bottom of the dryer drum, since they can cause similar noises if they become dislodged or loose.

Drive belt:

The drive belt of the dryer, being one of the most important components can create a variety of noises when it becomes cracked or damaged.

It is subjected to high heat and motion, causing faster wear and tear than other parts.

When the cause of the sounds is a worn-out belt, you would be able to identify that the source of the squealing or screeching sound is most likely coming from the top of the appliance.

Is it safe to use a dryer making high-pitched noise?

Fortunately, a squeaking or screeching noise from a dryer does not always have to mean that there is an irreversible problem with your appliance.

It is normally safe to use a squeaky dryer but it would be worth noting that a high pitched squeaking or screeching noise is a sign that a component in the dryer needs immediate replacement.

Whether it’s safe to use the noisy dryer depends on what the problem with the dryer is. You should not be using the dryer repeatedly before any fixes, because too much damage to other components may cause fire risks.

While it may require replacements and repairs, being able to understand the cause of the noise makes it much easier to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

If the noise is coming from the bottom of the drums; you should not continue the use of the appliance. Problems with the motor could cause the dryer to shut off.

How do you fix a squeaking or screeching dryer?

As soon as you hear a squeaking or screeching dryer, try to identify from which side of the dryer the sound is coming from. Usually, it is easier for the ears to point it out. Next, you would need to follow a few steps.

If the sound is coming from the top:

After disconnecting the dryer from the power supply, you would want to remove the lint screen.

Next, you would need to pull out the harness plus before you go on to dismantle the front panel. Do this by using a screwdriver to open the screws.

Now, as you move the front panel out of the way, you want to track the drive belt. Pull the drive belt so that you can replace it with a new one.

Next, making way from the top of the drum, you would need to pave the belt around the motor, as well as the idler pulleys. Once connected, now put the dryer components and panels back in place.

If the sound is coming from the back:

As mentioned, for any side, first you would need to unplug the dryer from its current supply. After you have set the lint trap and screen aside, you would need to take a look at the top panel to open it.

It’s possible to do so using a knife or tool if you’re using a kit. Unscrew the top side of the front and lift off the panel for work.

Take the drive belt away before removing the drum. Now you would have to lubricate the roller wheels and bearings by using 30-weight oil for both. Once done, put the dryer parts to rearrange them in place.

If the sound is coming from the bottom:

The only time you would know that you are in for some dryer trouble is when the sound is coming from the bottom.

While it’s all DIY when the sound comes from elsewhere, you might want to contact a professional in this regard because it means your motor has or is failing.

The replacement costs are huge and you might want to get a new unit to save some.

How much does it cost to fix a squeaky dryer?

The cost of fixing a squeaky dryer depends on the problem. The cost is much higher if the motor is what causes the sound. The range could be anywhere from 50 to 550 dollars. Here are cost estimations for repairing squeaky dryers:


The cost of repairing a squeaky Samsung dryer can be from 150 to 350 dollars, the latter if the motor requires change.


Cost can be from 50 dollars if you simply need to lubricate, and up to 450 dollars if the wear and tear are too much.


The repair cost will be from 100 to 300 dollars. However, if the motor gets damaged and needs replacement it can cost up to 450 dollars.


The repair cost will be from 100 to 500 dollars, the latter for gas dryer repairs.


The range will vary from 100 to 400 dollars to fix a squeaky Electrolux dryer.


Kenmore repair costs for a squeaky dryer is less compared to other companies because of cheaper parts. It can be capped within 200 dollars in total.


The repair cost including service fees, components and kits would all range from 100 to 400 dollars for GE dryers. For electric dryers, the cost is less than for gas dryers.


Frigidaire dryers making squeaky noise would require you to spend 100 to 400 dollars.

Final Thoughts

A dryer can make a screeching or squeaking noises primarily when there is a problem with its ball bearings, drum rollers, drive belts, or even the pulleys. It is safe to use a squeaking dryer for some time unless the sound is coming from the bottom. In that case, it would mean the motor is failing.