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Dryer Making Thump Noise: How to Fix? (Answered)

Dryers are one of the home gadgets that make our life easy. Thanks to them, you don’t have to wait for a sunny day to do your laundry. But what if your dryer starts to make scary, unusual, thumping noise?

Thump noises are an alarming sign before the dryer breaks down. But what could be the possible cause? And how do you fix it? Dive deeper into the article for your answers!

Dryer making thump noise

One of the most common causes behind a thumping dryer is worn-out body parts. Especially if the dryer rollers wear out or don’t align properly, they will make a loud banging noise. Also, the presence of foreign particles inside the dryer or a damaged fan can be the source of the noise.

A squeaky, thumping dryer is the last thing you want at home. It needs your immediate attention and repair. You don’t want to wait until your dryer breaks down, do you? Or worse, it can even cause accidents like fire!

If you have a noisy dryer, stop using it this instant. There may be a couple of reasons why it is acting this way. Try to find out the possible cause so that you can fix it.

The dryer is not on the ground level:

If the dryer is not on the floor level, it can not rotate properly. And it can lead to causing irritating sound when you turn it on. It mainly happens when you place the device on a carpeted floor.

Foreign objects in the dryer:

The presence of foreign objects in the dryer can cause unwanted noise. It can be a simple ring or coin that was probably left in your dress pocket during washing. If that falls on the drum, it will give a thrilling metallic sound.

Worn-out support rollers:

The most common reason behind a dryer’s thump noise is its worn-out drum rollers.

With years of use, the rollers may wear out. Their rotating axels may become damaged. It leads to the incapability to turn the drums. And hence, you may hear loud thumping noises.

Damaged drive belt:

The drive belt circles the drum and connects it to the idler pulley. It supports the drum when it turns. If you find little broken parts of the belt inside the dryer, it is time you replace it. Further use of it will only lead to a louder banging sound.

Faulty idler pulley:

The idler pulley is one of the main parts of the whole dryer’s pulley system. It mainly keeps a firm tension on the belt. By doing that, it prevents the drum from slipping when it is loaded.

However, due to the high spinning rate, friction or years of use may cause the dryer pulley to wear out. In that case, it can start producing thumping noises.

Loose or broken blower wheel:

The blower wheel is one of the crucial parts of a dryer. It rotates in the drum to draw air inside. It is also responsible for removing moisture through the dryer’s exhaust vent.

The blower wheel becomes loose with frequent use. It can also get blocked with lint and other materials. In worst cases, you may also find them broken into pieces inside the dryer. If that happens, it will produce horrifying noise.

Damaged drum seals:

Drum seals are like a door guard preventing excessive airflow into the dryer. If they are damaged or broken, uncontrolled airflow in the dryer can cause unwanted sounds.

Clothes can also get stuck in the gap of the torn seal, making a thumping sound when the drum turns.

Issues in the drive motor:

The Drive motor is the main machine that keeps the dryer running. It rotates the blower wheel and also turns the drum.

If you have been using your dryer for a few years now, the motor’s bearings, nuts, and other parts may become loose or have issues. Damage in motor parts can make a loud thumping sound in the dryer.

Why is the dryer making a thumping noise when off?

A dryer making a thumping noise when running is pretty alarming. But what if it makes a sound even when it is turned off? What could that possibly mean?

Any sound from a switched-off dryer can indicate internal damage. One of the most common causes for such a scenario is a broken backdraft damper in the ventilation system.

Backdraft dampers are responsible for maintaining one-way airflow in the vent. If they are broken, external air can enter through the vent into the dryer, even when it is off. This can cause a whooshing sound to occur.

On the other hand, a similar type of situation may arise if the vent flapper is open or stuck. Air can easily enter through the flapper and make a loud noise.

How do you fix a thumping dryer?

If you hear a thumping sound from your dryer, it is high time you stop using it. Your dryer may have some serious issues you need to fix before using it again.

Disconnect the dryer:

The first thing you need to do is, unplug your dryer. If possible, turn the gas chamber off too to avoid any accident.

Open the dryer:

Open the screws connecting the front part of the dryer to the back. Now, separate the electrical cords and disconnect the whole system.

Take out the drum by removing the drive belt from the idler pulley. Now you have access to the internal parts of the dryer.

Find the problem:

After opening up, look for the possible cause of the thumping sound. Check the support rollers, drive belt, idler pulley, blower wheel, drive motor, and all the screws and bearings. Look if you can find a damaged or broken part.

Replace the parts:

Once you detect the damaged part, let the rollers and take it out. Replace both the rollers with a new pair.

Similarly, if any other part is damaged, replace it. For replacing, you should follow the same procedure you used to take off that part. Do not lose any screws or other parts, even tiny ones.

Reassemble the dryer:

After replacing the damaged part, reassemble the dryer as you opened it earlier. Remember to connect the cords to connect the dryer to the system.

Plug in and check:

Finally, plug in, switch on the dryer and check whether it is still making the noise or not.

How much does it cost to replace dryer rollers?

Drum rollers play a considerable role in keeping the drum in place and rotating them. They are subjected to wear and tear with years of use. But you can easily replace them. It won’t cost you much, probably around $50 to $100 depending on the model.


Samsung devices are pretty comfortable to use until they break down. However, don’t worry if your Samsung dryer rollers are damaged. You can easily replace them.

Depending on the model, the Samsung drum roller may vary from $15-$50. It is better to replace both rollers at once.


LG is one of the dependable home appliances brands. Their dryers can provide service without any problem for years. But yes, you may need to replace the rollers every few years.

LG has a wide variety of dryer models. Their range for support rollers starts from $10.


Despite being a renowned brand, whirlpool dryer accessories are in quite a reasonable price range.

Even though the price of the dryer roller varies according to price, within $50, you will get decent rollers for your dryer.


When you buy dryer rollers to replace the old ones, be sure to buy the exact model compatible with your device. According to their model, a Maytag roller set of two may cost somewhere between $10-$50.


Drum rollers are small wheels of the dryer that you can replace easily. They don’t even cost that much. If you have an Electrolux dryer, you can get spare rollers for $15-$50, depending on your model type.


Kenmore dryers are in high demand nowadays. And that’s why the demand for their spare parts has also increased. Their range for support rollers starts from $12 and maybe more in the case of advanced models.


GE rollers are comparatively a bit more expensive than the rollers of other popular brands. However, they are pretty long-lasting. Usually, you will find a compatible GE roller within $60.


With their wide range of dryer models, they have variable roller sets. And their price also varies according to the model, material used, etc. Rollers ranging from $20 to $70 can be pretty reliable for regular dryers.

Final thoughts

A dryer can make a thumping noise for faulty or damaged body parts. If you are using your dryer for a few years, the internal parts will likely wear off. When vital parts like rollers, blower wheels, and belts are damaged, they make loud noises. It is an indication they need replacement.