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Can You Use the Bissell Crosswave as Just a Vacuum?

Bissell Crosswave is an excellent cleaning tool. You can easily clean your hard floor with your Bissell Crosswave. It is also a budget-friendly home appliance. But the question arises when you want to use it like a vacuum cleaner.

Today, we will clear out everything. We have found the solution. Therefore, we are going to give you a guideline and a perfect solution in this regard.

Are the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro and Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max vacuum cleaners?

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro and Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max are vacuum cleaners. You can use them for both wet and dry-cleaning purposes. They are specially designed for all-surface deep cleaning.

Moreover, Bissell is a famous brand for its quality products. This brand works for home appliances; particularly, they made cleaning tools. That makes people’s lives easier.

Both of the Bissell products can be used as vacuum cleaners. When needed, you can wet clean your hard floors as well. You won’t regret buying these products in any sense.

Can you use the Bissell Crosswave as just a vacuum?

You can use the Bissell Crosswave as just a vacuum. Bissell Crosswave works both as a hard floor cleaner and a vacuum as well. And the manufacturer makes this cleaner so that you can vacuum your carpet and clean the dry dust properly. If needed, you can use it just like a vacuum.

You can sure use bissell crosswave as vacuum. But can all variations of bissell crosswave be used as vacuum cleaner. Lets get to know that.

Using Bissell Crosswave Max as just a vacuum:

You can use the Bissell Crosswave Max as just a vacuum. It is an excellent cleaner. It is designed for both hard surfaces that require deep cleaning and the vacuum of the carpet.

You can clean your dry dust with the vacuum features easily. It will not require any adjustment or previous experience. Anyone can use it as just a vacuum cleaner.

Using Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro as just a vacuum:

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is a multi-surface cleaner. You can clean your entire house with the help of it. It will not cause any issues for you.

Besides, you can use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro just as a vacuum. You can clean all the dust from your carpet and floors. It’s easy to use.

How to use Bissell Crosswave as just a vacuum?

Here comes the essential part that is how to use a Bissell Crosswave as a vacuum. Bissell Crosswave has two operating systems. It can do both wet and dry vacuums at the same time.

Now we will give you a step by step guideline to use a Bissell crossbow as a vacuum.

  • First, you need to plug-in your cleaner into an electric outlet to start.
  • Then, try to attach the brush roll perfectly.
  • After that, don’t pour any water or soap into the tank.
  • Now, you need to hold the handle conveniently.
  • You will find an option to press the switch for carpet cleaning; go ahead.
  • Finally, you need to turn off the switch after vacuuming the carpet or floor.

Can Bissell Crosswave be used without water?

Bissell Crosswave can be used without water. If you want to use this cleaner to clean your carpet, you don’t need water. But it has options to use water on hard surfaces like wood and tiles.

However, the Bissell Crosswave comes with two tanks. One is for holding water, soap and other mixtures, whereas the other is for storing the garbage, dust and pet hair. You can do both mopping and dry cleaning simultaneously.

If you want, you can use it for dry vacuum only. In that case, you don’t need to use any water. Instead, switch on your cleaner and start vacuuming on carpet or floors.

Does Bissell Crosswave work on these surfaces?

Bissell Crosswave works on pretty much every surface. It is made and specially designed so that it can perfectly clean your entire home. You don’t need to use a mop, vacuum, or other cleaners; Bissell Crosswave can do all the job alone.


You can effectively use Bissell Crosswave on your carpet. It has two switches on the handle. One is for floor and wet cleaning and the other one for dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning.

To clean your carpet, you need to switch on the carpet cleaning option. Then you’re good to go. It will vacuum your carpet properly, and you will get rid of all the dust. Thus, it’s a good cleaner for the carpet.

Area rugs:

You can clean your area rugs with a Bissell Crosswave. It will perfectly clean the rugs, just like the carpet. Your rugs might have specks of dirt and stains.

But the cleaner will mop and vacuum the rugs at a time. That’s how you will get the fresh area rugs within a while. It’s not a big deal for Bissell. Instead, a Bissell Crosswave is a good cleaner for rugs.

Wood floors:

Wood floors are the recommended surface where you can use your Bissell Crosswave. It can give your wood floors a brand new look. It is good for the wood surface.

It can deep clean the wood surface and sort out the stains issues as well. You will find this cleaner as a blessing.

Hardwood floors:

Bissell Crosswave cleaner can clean your hardwood floors efficiently. Even if your floors have hard stains, it can clean that too. But to do so, you need to use strong soap or chemicals.

It is 100% safe to use Bissell Crosswave on hardwood floors. It will not damage your floors. Instead, it will deep clean the hardwood floors. It is good for the hardwood surface too.

Laminate floors:

Laminate floors are made with multiple synthetic layers. Therefore, you cannot use a so-called cleaner here. But a Bissell Crosswave can do the job perfectly.

As the Bissell Crosswave cleaner is made for all surfaces, you can surely use it on your laminate floors. It will clean the floors perfectly because it is good for laminate surfaces.

Tile floors:

Tile floors get lots of stains and dust. It would help if you used something that can mop and dry clean the floors at a time. In that case, Bissell Crosswave could be an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, it is a good cleaner for the surface, like tile floors. Your floors will get rid of stains and dust easily.

Vinyl plank floors:

You need to vacuum your vinyl plank floors. So a vacuum cleaner is a must to clean this type of floor properly. Here comes the Bissell Crosswave.

You can use the vacuum cleaning option on the vinyl plank floors. It is good to use this surface as well. Nothing to worry about.

Does Bissell Crosswave shampoo carpet?

Bissell Crosswave shampoo carpet. You can use any detergent or even any liquid shampoo to clean your carpet. It will be an excellent idea to make your carpet shine and bright.

To shampoo your carpet, you need to mix the water with the required liquid. It could be any detergent or the shampoo you like. Then mix properly and make it ready for use.

After that, hold the handle and switch on the wet cleaning option. Bissell Crosswave will spray the shampoo mixed water onto your carpet and mop it properly.

Does Bissell Crosswave use steam?

No, Bissell Crosswave doesn’t use steam. Rather, it uses a normal water mixture and cleans the floors or surface. Also, it has a brush roll that can deep clean the floor.

Steaming is not an ideal choice to clean all the surfaces.

Maybe it is a recommended cleaning method for a particular surface. In general, you cannot steam on every surface. Furthermore, Bissell Crosswave only uses water and detergent mixture to deep clean every surface.

Also, it provides a vacuum cleaning option as well. So you can use any of the cleaning methods. Where needed, you can use both at a time. It gives much better results than steam cleaning.

Which Bissell Crosswave is self-cleaning?

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is self-cleaning. Bissell makes the products considering self-cleaning features. You will find a button in front of the machine. You need to press it.

Then it will run for 40 seconds and clean the entire floor properly. Within the running time, if the empty tank gets all the dirty water and dust and is full, you need to stop it and empty it for further use.

In that way, you can make your Bissell Crosswave pet pro a self-cleaning machine. It’s an excellent feature. It will save your time and effort as well.

Final Thoughts

Bissell Crosswave provides both dry and wet cleaning options. You can use it just as a vacuum too. It has all the features to be your best cleaning partner. The manufacturer gives all the features to vacuum the carpet and clean all the hard floors. Thus, it becomes an ideal cleaner for all surfaces.