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Can You Put a Crockpot Bowl on the Stove? (Explained)

The crockpot has become a hot trend in recent years. Easy use and nutritious cooking of food are possible through a crockpot. That’s the reason why most people are getting attracted to using it.

By following our tips, you can get a vivid idea of using a crockpot and start your journey.

Can you put a crockpot bowl on the stove?

Using a crockpot bowl on the stove is highly forbidden as the bowl cannot withstand high temperatures. Crockpots are not designed in order to stand high heat. The high temperature would break the crockpot, and it may lose its durability over time. Use on the stove only when the manufacturer allows.

Crockpot bowls are mostly made of porcelain or ceramic. Crockpots are not designed in a manner to withstand high heat. Instead, it creates high pressure inside and cooks food. A crockpot cannot stand direct heat.

Direct heat on the crockpot causes a crack on the lower portion of the pot. The pot may break apart at any time. In the worst scenario, the crockpot may blow off.

Sometimes the stove also gets damaged. High heat also lessens the durability of the crockpot.

Other than that, when a crockpot comes in contact with high heat, the materials inside release toxic components. The components may add toxicity to the food. No one wants to eat toxic components as a meal.

Some crockpots are designed to use on the stove. Even though the manufacturer may allow it, it is better to be safe. That’s why do not use a crockpot bowl on the stove.

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What happens when you put a crockpot bowl on the stove?

A crockpot bowl is not suitable to put on the stove. It can cause harm to the surrounding people. In addition to that, damage to the property. We are listing some after-effects of putting a crockpot bowl on the stove.


Most of the crockpots are not heat resistant. Metallic crockpots expand and create pressure inside. As a result, the lid may come off. High heat expands the crockpot, which causes crack on it.

Lessens durability:

Crockpots are known for their durable features. But if one puts a crockpot on the stove, the crockpot may create a crack. Low temperature may not create cracks; instead would make the material weak.

Break apart:

It is the last stage that a heated crockpot can go through. A small crack may lead to the breakdown of the crockpot. In high heat, a crockpot may cause a blow up.

Release toxic components:

Putting a crockpot on the stove affects the food inside it. There is also a coating placed inside a crockpot. The coatings are usually of metals. When the pot comes in contact with heat, the coating begins to melt.

At one point, it releases toxic components. The toxic components get absorbed by the food inside it. Having this food is harmful to one’s health. Later can lead to ill health.

Can you boil water in a crockpot on the stove?

Putting a crockpot on the stove to boil water is not suggested. A crockpot is unable to stand the high heat of the stove.

As we know, water is boiled to make it free from bacteria and other poisonous components. Different bacteria require a certain temperature to get destroyed.

One needs to boil the water at its boiling point. The boiling point is a stable temperature that can terminate the existing bacteria and poisonous components in water to make it drinkable. At the same time, boiling for a long time also impures water.

Well, you should not put the crockpot on the stove. As a crockpot is not designed for putting it on the stove unless the product description suggests it.

Without using a stove, a crockpot can still boil water at a low temperature but for a long time. Even though you set the temperature, the water would take a long time to reach the boiling point.

As a result, you might have to wait for almost 2 to 3 hours to get the boiled water.

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Can you put a ceramic crockpot on the stove?

The ceramic crockpot is designed in a way that it can be put on the stove but at a lower temperature.

Normally, crockpots are forbidden to use on the top of the stove. The lid may break out in that case. At the same time, it can damage the crockpot.

But for the ceramic crockpot, it is reliable to put on the stove. The ceramic doesn’t get damaged in contact with a certain amount of heat. Ceramic acts as a heat-resistant material up to a certain temperature.

If the heat is higher, do not put the crockpot on the stove. It may get damaged and release toxicity on the food.

Other than that, in the worst case, the crockpot may blow off or crack. Better use a lower temperature if you are putting the ceramic crockpot on the stove.

Overall, using the ceramic crock pot on the stove at a low temperature will not cause harm. But will lessen the durability of the crockpot. Highly recommended not to use it at high temperatures.

Can you put a crockpot on an electric stove?

Putting a crockpot on an electric stove is not recommended at all. If you want to put the crockpot on the electric stove without turning the stove on, that’s another case.

A crockpot cannot stand high heat. High heat would make it fall apart. More precisely to say, the crockpot will crack and break. In the worst scenario, a blow off may occur. Or else, the high temperature may melt the pot.

The crockpot already has a temperature feature. You do not need to put in a high-temperature elective stove to break the crockpot.

Instead, you can only use the crockpot on the electric stove without turning it on only if you want to put the crockpot in a stable place.

How to take care of a ceramic crockpot?

After using it a couple of times, the crockpot may become greasy. One can clean the pot frequently to make it usable. So, cleaning it properly is the ideal way to take care of it.

To clean a ceramic crockpot, one needs hot water, vinegar, and baking soda.

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Putting hot water:

First, put hot water on the crockpot. Fill the crockpot completely.

Adding vinegar and baking soda:

Then gradually put 2 cups of vinegar in it. Following that, put baking soda slowly as it will cause a reaction.

If you do not have vinegar, you can skip the vinegar part. Instead, use 4 cups of baking soda and place it for hours. It will work the same as using vinegar.

Put it overnight:

Put the lid on and leave it for 4 to 8 hours. Keeping it for a night will give better rinsing of grease.

Rinse the crockpot:

Rinse the chemicals with cold water properly with a soft towel. Do not rub the crockpot. Instead, move the towel gently and wipe off greases. Clean the outer part by pouring cold water while wiping with a soft piece of cloth.

How hot do crockpots get?

Different crockpots have different temperature limitations. Most of the crockpots can cook at low temperatures of 150 to 190 F.

In the case of high temperature, the temperature may vary from 200-300 F. There is no specific temperature for a crockpot. As it totally depends on the manufacturer.

In most cases, these are the temperature limits given in the crockpot manual. You will know more once you use it.

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How to use a crockpot on the stove?

Putting a crockpot on the stove is highly not supported by us. Alternatively, some brands may provide a feature of stovetop cook crockpot. In that case, you can use a crockpot on the stove.

Still, use the crockpot at a low temperature to ensure your safety. Not putting the lid on would also be okay. Do not use high temperatures in any way.

Final remarks

As a whole, we can say crockpots are not suitable for a stove. The after-effects of putting a crockpot on the stove at high temperature may be dangerous unless it is allowed by the manufacturer. Even low temperatures may cause a little harm to the pot. Do not use the stove to prevent future damage.