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Does a Gas Dryer Have a Pilot Light? (All You Need to Know)

A pilot light is just a small flame that ignites the gas in any gas-fired appliance. This ignition causes fire very easily in your appliances and you won’t even need to turn off the pilot light as using the pilot light all the time is completely safe.

However not every gas-fired appliance has a pilot light which is why in this article we are going to find whether a gas dryer has a pilot light or not.

Does a gas dryer have a pilot light?

Yes, gas dryers do have a pilot light and it is actually mounted at the bottom of the inside of the dryer. However, nowadays, manufacturers use different kinds of technologies like electronic ignition systems instead of igniting manually through pilot light.

Basically, the pilot light mechanism is kind of an old mechanism but still many homes have it in their old gas-fired appliances. The pilot light is mounted under the bottom of the appliance or even to the left or right side of the appliance.

Do all gas dryers have a pilot light?

Let’s walk through the following gas dryers to find out whether they have a pilot light or not –


Whirlpool gas dryers do have a pilot light and it is actually mounted under the bottom of the inside of the dryer.

However, the position of the pilot light varies in different models but if you can locate the pulley then the pilot light will be on the opposite side of the pulley.


Yes, Maytag gas dryers do have a pilot light but nowadays not all the models use it. Rather they use the electronic ignition mechanism which is quite time-saving and efficient.

However, as for example, in a Maytag De808 model dryer, you will see that the gas regulator accompanying the pilot light mechanism, as well as a typically red button, is visible whenever you try to open the lower access panels.


Some of the old models of Kenmore gas dryers do have a pilot light. But the modern gas dryers do not have a pilot light; rather they use the electrical ignition mechanism.


Like the other models, some of the models of LG do have a pilot light however they belong to the old model. You will find the pilot light under the bottom of the inside part of the dryer.


Like all other gas dryers Samsung gas dryers do have a pilot light. However, modern gas dryers have a different kind of ignition mechanism therefore, you might not get pilot light in all Samsung gas dryers.


All GE gas dryers have a pilot light in them. You will find the pilot either on the bottom or left or right inside the GE gas dryer.

What does a gas pilot light look like?

A suitable pilot flame must be bluish having a yellowish point as well as powerful enough so that it can reach approximately half an inch of a thermocouple end.

If somehow the flame is excessively powerful as well as inadequately controlled, it’ll be bluish yet could be loud and rip over the thermocouple, allowing your burner to operate incorrectly.

Why does the gas dryer have a pilot light?

Pilot light plays an important part in all gas-fired appliances. However, pilot light is considered an old mechanism on gas appliances but people do still look for the appliances which use the pilot light for heating up.

The importance of pilot light on the gas dryer is immense, therefore; we have noted all the reasons why the gas dryer has a pilot light:

Provides the flame:

A pilot light is mainly a small flame which in contact with gas heats up the gas dryer. Without a pilot light, a gas dryer will not start its heat cycle. As a result, the gas dryer will not serve the purpose that you want from it.

The wonder of thermocouple:

Have you ever thought about how the gas valve senses if the pilot light is on or off without electricity? Well, the answer to this question is simple. Thermocouples are used in those dryers to generate electricity from heat.

The thermocouple makes use of the electric phenomenon which emerges when two metals meet near a joint.

A  thermocouple’s connections sit inside the pilot light’s flame. The generated energy powers a tiny electromagnetic gate, which keeps it open. Whenever somehow the pilot lights turn off, the thermocouple starts to cool very fast.

The valve shuts as the generator finishes producing power. For restarting the pilot light, one must press a key that mechanically unlocks the valve. After that, simply start the pilot light and await approximately Thirty seconds allowing the thermocouple to get warm enough.

When it gets heated, the thermocouple generates the current required to keep the valve accessible. Eventually, you can relax your grip on the button.

Pilot light is completely safe to use:

Yes, using a pilot light all the time is completely safe. “Using the pilot light all the time” actually means you can keep the pilot light on all the time. Also, the gas dryer will be continuously heated up without any problem.

Pilot light makes your life easy:

The pilot light will actually make your life easy as if you keep it turned on all the time the gas will flow continuously and the heat will never run out. Also turning on the pilot light all the time will prevent moisture build-up in the valve pipes.

The excess moisture can cause corrosion inside the pipes which is why keeping the pilot lights on constantly will increase the life expectancy of the gas dryer.

How do I know if my gas dryer has a pilot light? How to find one?

If you have one of those gas dryers with manual pilot light then you can follow our steps in order to find the pilot light:

Locate the gas valve:

If you want to find the pilot light then you have to first locate the gas valve. The simplest way to do that is to follow the gas line from the shut-off line to the bottom of the gas dryer.

Both the propane valve and the gas lines shall be on identical sides of the gas dryer. For most situations, you’ll need to remove a flap of the rear side of the dryer to get it there.

Remove the panel:

Then you have to unscrew all the screws of the panel and remove it carefully. Make sure that you have removed all screws because the panel might get stuck and break if it is attached to any of the screws.

Locate the pilot light:

After removing the panel you will notice that there are signs that indicate the direction of the pilot light. If you follow the direction you will be able to locate the pilot light.

Sometimes the pilot light can be on the left or right side of the appliance rather than the bottom. The position of the pilot light might vary depending on the type of the brand.

What color should my pilot light be?

The pilot light must appear blue since it indicates that simply natural gas has been entering the pilot light via the gas main, and no additional vapors are present. Methane is the most common biochemical molecule present in natural gas, so it ignites blue.

Natural gas is blue-burning because it is mostly composed of the chemical component methane. You may observe little red or yellowish on the top of the fire, and it is totally natural.

Can you manually light a gas dryer?

Yes, you can. But In reality, manufacturers have discontinued producing manual pilot lights long ago. The final gas dryer with a manual pilot light was built in 1994. Since then, an electrical igniting mechanism has been utilized in gas dryers as an alternate option.

But you may still find those manual gas dryers.

How do you light a pilot on a gas dryer?

At the rear side of your gas valve, look for the gas regulator, which is generally a huge red button.

Before changing anything further, switch the button to “off.” Once the timer has expired, set the knob towards “pilot” and keep it there whilst holding a box of matches or lighter to the pilot aperture.

Once the pilot light comes on, turn the heat down however leave the knob pushed for around twenty seconds to allow the thermocouple to warm up. Set the button into the “on” mode and reinstall the rear panel of the dryer.

Final Thoughts

Well, the old brands of the gas dryer do have a pilot light because since 1994 the manufacturers have replaced this mechanism with an electronic ignition system. However, if you have one of those old gas dryers you can find the pilot light just at the bottom of the inside of the gas dryer.