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Can Pyrex Go in Dishwasher? (All You Need to Know)

Since the last century, the Pyrex brand has been a part of many lives’ most memorable moments. From professionals to beginners, everyone uses Pyrex in their everyday lives.

Pyrex provides a long-term value to its users, but are these glasses safe for dishwasher use? Scroll down to know more!

Can Pyrex go in the dishwasher?

Pyrex products can go in the dishwasher. Pyrex has a variety of product lines such as glass bowls, dishes, baking trays, metal cookware made of aluminum, drinkware, canisters, all of which are dishwasher safe. However, there are some Pyrex products that are not dishwasher safe.

Pyrex has become synonymous with the words durable, affordable, and consistent in the households of the United States. Not only are they used in preparing food, but the same kitchenware can also be used in the oven and dishwasher.

Pyrex products are durable and made of tempered glass. Since most of their products are oven-safe, you can say that they can endure a good amount of heat. So, this automatically makes them dishwasher safe.

The products do not react dramatically to the detergent in dishwashers. So, only a tiny number of pyrex products are not recommended to use in the dishwasher, while most of them are dishwasher safe.

Vintage Pyrex:

Vintage Pyres should not be inserted into the dishwasher. They are fragile and susceptible to hot water and harsh detergents.

Vintage Pyrex is a piece of art that gets passed down to the family. Do not use it in the dishwasher if you want your vintage Pyrex to be free of any scratches or dullness.

Pyrex lids/Pyrex plastic lids:

Pyrex lids or Pyrex plastic lids are dishwasher safe. But it would be best if you only put them in the top rack because they are too fragile to be in the bottom rack of your dishwasher.

Pyrex glass bowls:

Pyrex glass bowls or mixing bowls set are safe to use in a dishwasher. You can keep it on both the top rack and the bottom rack.

Pyrex dishes:

Pyrex dishes are dishwasher safe like the Pyrex glass bowls. You can keep it on any rack of your dishwasher. However, the lids of Pyrex dishes should only go in the top rack only.

Pyrex measuring cups:

Pyrex measuring cups are made of high-quality tempered glass, which is dishwasher safe. It is commonly put in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Pyrex baking trays:

Pyrex baking trays made of glasses and nonstick metals are dishwasher safe. They are usually put in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. 

Pyrex ceramic:

Pyrex ceramics are dishwasher safe. Ceramic kitchenware is considered dishwasher safe for its enduring heat capacity.

Are all pyrex dishwashers safe?

No, all Pyrex products are not dishwasher safe. Pyrex has a range of kitchenware made of glasses, ceramics, stainless steel, and plastics. Even though most are oven-safe, you should not put all of them in the dishwasher.

Vintage Pyrex products are always recommended to wash by hand. Since dishwashers use high heat and abrasive detergent, the vintage bowls or cookware will get damaged upon contact. To maintain their integrity, keep them away from the dishwasher.

Even though Pyrex stainless steel products come with a dishwasher tag, users have different opinions. The stainless-steel cookware loses its brightness and color upon regular cleaning in the dishwasher. So, it is not recommended for dishwasher use.

Pyrex cup pans, round pans, and knives are not dishwasher safe as well. Other than these products, almost all glass products, turners, and spatulas are dishwasher safe. You should always contact the manufacturer if in doubt.

Can Pyrex go on the bottom rack of the dishwasher?

Yes, Pyrex can go on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. However, you should not put all Pyrex products on the dishwasher’s bottom rack.

This is because the bottom rack of the dishwasher is always hotter than the top rack. So, kitchenware that is fragile and susceptible to heat should not be kept on the bottom rack.

Heavy cookware such as plates, large dishes, stainless steel pans, ceramics, mixing bowls, trays goes in the bottom rack. Pyrex has a range of products that cover all these categories. So, these Pyrex products should go on the dishwasher’s bottom rack.

Other than the items mentioned above, silverware could be put in the bottom rack, where the silverware basket is.

Pyrex makes durable products that can endure the heat. The utensils also come with an oven-safe tag so you can be extra sure that these won’t break in the heat of the bottom rack of your dishwasher.

Three reasons you can put Pyrex in the dishwasher

From professionals to households, Pyrex makes products for people of every sphere. So, as reliable and safe as their products are, it is easy to understand why Pyrex can be put in the dishwasher.

Their high-quality builds easily surpass industry standards by miles. Thus, it should be obvious that such a high value can be put in the dishwasher with no hesitance.

Here are three reasons why you can put Pyrex in the dishwasher.


The materials used in making Pyrex are dishwasher friendly. They do not use any materials like bronze or wood that are not recommended for dishwasher use. Their glasses and stainless-steel products are durable.

Glass dishes, trays, and bowls are made of high-quality tempered glass. So, you can safely put them in the dishwasher.

The quality and texture are made to perfection, so it does not absorb food odors or flavors. Pyrex resists stains, so it makes them perfect for dishwasher use.

Easy wash:

Dishwasher has saved our time by many folds. All you have to do is load up the dishwasher appropriately and let the dishwasher do all your work.

It is true that you cannot clean all the products in the dishwasher. However, most Pyrex can be washed in the dishwasher, thus making your life way easier.


As said before, Pyrex, for its quality, has become synonymous with reliability and consistency. You will not see any changes in their products over lots of years. So, it makes them safe for dishwashers.

How to load Pyrex in the dishwasher?

There are some stances where people can never agree upon, and the proper way of loading the dishwasher is one of them. You will see that many people will have conflicting views of what the best way is.

Even if conflicting opinions are present, you can follow some basic rules. Pre-rinsing your dishes will make the detergent ineffective and cause clouds to form on your utensils.

It would be best not to put all your plates on the bottom rack in the same direction. Place them such as they all face the middle. Doing this will make sure it gets more access to soap and water.

And finally, do not overfill your dishwasher, making cleaning less effective. If you find yourself lost in all the thoughts, follow the steps below. 

Top rack:

The top rack should contain glasses, bowls, lids, plastic lids, and silverware. Never put your cup on the bottom rack. Always keep the items facing downwards, so they get full access to water and soap.

The top rack receives gentler wash, so you should not keep fragile objects on the bottom rack.

Bottom rack:

Keep the dishes and the trays facing the center. Pots, baking trays, plates, and pans always go on the bottom. Keep the large trays and dishes on the side. Make sure the water hand is not obstructed.

How to clean Pyrex glassware in the dishwasher?

Cleaning Pyrex glassware in the dishwasher is no challenging task. Pyrex glassware contains a lot of utensils under its category. There are baking trays, mixing bowls, baking dishes, measuring cups, containers, and drinkware.

The general rule is to keep glasses always on the top rack. Glasses, measuring cups, canisters, small bowls, and glass lids should be kept on the top rack.

So, Pyrex glassware such as small round dishes, bowls, and drinkware should be kept on the top rack.

Keep the bowls and glasses facing downwards and the lids facing the center.

Large dishes, trays, mixing bowls, deep dishes, baking trays should go on the dishwasher’s bottom rack. The large utensils should be kept in the corners, so other utensils are not denied of soap and water.

Keep the trays facing towards the center, so they get a good wash.

Final Thoughts 

Pyrex makes products both for lab and household uses. Their glass utensils are some of the top products still made in the country. Most Pyrex can go in the dishwasher with few exceptions in some products. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer before using the dishwasher.