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What Does Generator Locked Out Mean? (Explained)

Generators are a device that generates electricity and maintains the flow of electricity. But their functionality is not always the same.

Due to various reasons, your generator may stop functioning, disrupting work. If you are in a similar situation, then this web page is what you are looking for.  

What does generator locked out mean?

Generator Locked out means the sudden shut down of the generator, and it cannot be started for functioning. The generator locked out may occur for two reasons: over-voltage cause and the under-voltage cause. It generally happens when the voltage goes up or down of the normal range of the generator.

The power goes out when there is a differential of the voltages, and thus the generator gets locked out by shutting down.

Generators locked out may also occur for some other factors. If the motor does not receive enough air from its surroundings, it will automatically turn off.

The air filter traps dirt and supplies the generator with clean air. However, a dirty air filter will prevent the correct amount of air from passing through the. Lower oil levels trigger the generators to shut down.

The generator still starts at low oil levels. The newer models have a “low oil shutdown sensor” that automatically shuts down the engine if the oil level is too low.

Operating with little or no oil can cause severe wear or damage to certain engine parts. To correct the low oil level, check the oil level with a dipstick. Add more oil if the oil looks good, but the level is low. If the oil level is dirty or low, you need to change the oil.

The generator may display a low oil pressure warning if the pressure is okay. This may indicate that the oil pressure sensor is defective and needs to be replaced.

Why does the generator get locked out?

Generator lockout may occur for the following causes. These are explained below:

Over and under voltage Cause:

Generator lockdown may occur when the voltage goes up or down the tolerance level.

Low oil level:

The generator can shut down for low oil levels. Thus, the oil level needs to be checked frequently.

Low water level:

The temperature rises dramatically when the water level is not at the proper level, thus shutting down the generator.

Dirty pipes and fuel tank:

Over the lifetime of a generator, the pipes and fuel tanks can get dirty easily. So, this may also act as a trigger for generator lockdown.

Dirty Carburetor:

Suppose the fuel in the carburetor is inadequate. In that case, the volatile components of the fuel can evaporate from the gas stored in the carburetor, and the rich air-fuel mixture can adhere to the carburetor and cause fuel confusion.

Battery Issues:

Battery problems usually start with a battery charger. The charger may be defective, the installer may have connected the charger to the same circuit as the block heater (which triggers the circuit breaker), or the battery may be defective.

How to reset the generator locked out?

Resetting a locked-out generator is no impossible task. Follow these steps to reset your generator.

Unplug devices to reduce load:

It would eliminate the possibility of circuit breaker malfunctions and short circuits.

Just assume that an overload has occurred. For this reason, the first thing to do is to reduce the load on the circuit and breaker by turning off most devices and unplugging them first.

Power off the generator:

This is the actual reset part. Remember that you need to find a reset switch for the generator after turning off the generator. In some cases, it may not be visible through cables or pumps, or it may be too small to be easily seen.

The reset switch should look like a regular switch. Please turn off the switch and again turn it on to reset the generator. Otherwise, it may not have been appropriately reset.

Some generators may not make this step, so all you need to do is make sure the switch is fully pressed to the specified conditions.

Restart the generator:

Once every step is completed, restart the generator. The generator should start again with no issues.

Do these generators get locked out?

Generator lockout is a safety mechanism to save the backup generator from getting severely damaged. So, the backup generator’s connection is cut, and the generator becomes isolated. Almost every modern generator has a lockout feature.

Let’s see if the following generators lockout or not.

Generac generator:

The Generac generator will get locked out to save its critical components from getting damaged.

Powerlink Generator:

Powerlink generators too lockout if it is triggered. Common triggers are voltage and battery issues.

Penyebab generator:

Penyebab generator consists of a generator and a driver, namely a diesel engine. So, in times of crisis, a generator lockout is imminent to save the vital parts from getting affected.

Mengatasi generator:

Mengatasi generators’ use and application are different from conventional generators, adjusting to the needs of individuals and the group itself. However, this generator also gets locked out.

Final thoughts

Generator lockout is an essential feature that every generator possesses. This lockout system saves you and your generator from a vast number of damages. Generators are costly to replace. Learning to reset your generator takes minimal effort. Resetting your generator in time saves potential costs.