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Amana Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset?

Ice makers are nothing new but they are the new hype when it comes to household appliances. But before getting on for yourself, you should definitely do enough research so it does not get inconvenient for you.

Amana ice maker not working

If you notice your Amana ice maker not working, inspect the machine from various points. Make sure the settings are set to “water” or “ice”. If the water supply is empty then it will not work. Also, the ice storage could be an issue as well when the machine is not running properly.

Ice makers are the newest hype when it comes to household appliances. And most of the home owners are eager to get an ice maker as a new addition to their kitchen utensils.

It is a very useful appliance and is very easy to use as well. Which is why the home owners are in love with the ice maker.

And just like any other household appliance, there might be some issues from time to time with the ice maker. The problems may or may not be frequent. But it is important to know about the reason of the issue to solve it properly.

The Amana ice maker has very little issues. And the problem you might have to face while using the machine will not be frequent. There are a few reasons to why the Amana ice maker might stop working for a while. They are given below so you can fix the issue quickly-

Issues with setting button:

The first issue might with the setting of the buttons. If you do not have the water or the ice buttons pressed, then it will be a reason for the machine to not work.

Without the right buttons pressed, the machine will not know what to do and will not start.

Water supply:

The water supply could also be a reason for the machine to not work properly.

Check to see if the water supply is properly connected to the cold water line. While you are at it, also check for the water shut off valve. The water shut off valve should be fully opened for the machine to work.

Ice storage displacement:

Another reason why the ice maker might not work is if the ice storage bin is not placed properly. When this happens pull out the ice storage bin out and place it tightly this time.

Jammed ice:

One very common reason for the machine to not work is if there is ice jammed in the ejector arm.

Most times this will happen. Make sure you start by checking the ejector arm first when you notice the machine not working. The ejector arm does not take long to fix or clear up.

Defective module:

A very serious issue might be the ice maker module being defective. This can make the ice maker from dispensing ice.

If nothing else works then you should ask for professional help to see if the module is working. The module can be fixed or even changed if needed.

The Amana ice maker has now become a must have for the home owners. It is handy and useful. Though there might be some issues with the ice maker from time to time, the problems are easily fixable and will not be a bother if you know the reason.

Is amana ice maker problem common?

The Amana ice makers are a new addition to the household. And for the good reasons, the appliance is here to stay.

But a common complaint for this common appliance is that the machine sometimes stops working. This is a common trouble for the various versions of the Amana ice maker-

Amana asd2575brw01:

One of the earlier versions of the Amana ice maker was very popular for a long time. And it was common for this version to have some issues while running.

Amana afd2535des:

A relatively newer version of the machine ran more smoothly than the previous versions. Even so, there were the occasional bugs and issues with this version as well. The issues were fixable more easily though.

Amana afi2539erm00:

This version of the machine had a lot perks and it was more convenient for the users as well. However, there were still some bugs and issues in the machine that needed to be fixed.

Amana asd2575brb01:

The latest and newest version of the Amana ice maker has almost all of the previous issues fixed.

The machine still stops working occasionally but the problems can be easily detected and fixed, without any professional help or support by checking. 

What to do if my Amana ice maker is not working?

The great new installation for your kitchen and refrigerator is the Amana ice maker. The machine is a good help for the regular use around the household.

Most times, the appliance will be of use every day. And with this much regular use, it is common for the machine to have small issues from time to time.

The most common problem you might face with the machine is that the machine might stop working or the ice will not be dispensing, not frequently but occasionally.

When this happens you might be tempted to take the machine out and get professional help. But sometimes, you can solve it easily, by yourself-

Raise arm:

Raise the arm that is attached separately to the refrigerator. Most times you will notice that the ice maker machine needs to be turned on even though the refrigerator is running. Simply lift the arm added to the fridge and the machine should work well.

Check valve:

Check if the shut off valve is closed or open. For the machine to be running properly, the shut off valve should be completely open. And if the valve is not open then straighten the hose to make sure the valve has a smooth flow for the water.

Turn off:

If nothing else works, try to turn the machine off and allow the valves and modules to defrost. Do not keep the machine running. Let the jammed ice defrost so new ice can generate. This should make the machine work okay after a few hours of waiting.


And if nothing works, you should reset the machine. Or you can try to turn the machine on and off to see if it works.

The Amana ice maker is relatively easy to work with. But still you might notice some complications while working with the machine, which are easily fixable.

How do you reset the ice maker on an Amana refrigerator?

The Amana fridge are a popular choice. And the additional ice maker machine is like the perfect cherry on top for the appliance.

You will not want to miss out on this perfect duo when it comes to choosing the household appliances or machines for your kitchen. The easy to use machine should be in our kitchen.

But there is a common problem with the machine. There will come times when the machine will stop working.

Though this issue is very easily fixable, still this issue can be an inconvenience. There are some solutions and troubleshoots that will help in cases like this. But the most effective way is to reset the machine-

Turn off:

Start by switching off the ice maker machine. You will have to do it manually. There is a separate switch from the fridge that manually shuts off the ice maker machine. You will need to turn it off first.

Wait and turn on:

Wait a few minutes and turn the machine on again. Depending on the type of ice maker you have you can either turn the switch on or you can simply raise the arm of the machine to turn the ice maker on again.

Place towels underneath ice maker:

Now you will need to be prepared with some clothes or towels. Right underneath the ice maker, carefully place some towels or clothes. This is to prevent any water flowing into any of the compartment of the refrigerator.

Locate reset button:

Locate the reset button on the ice maker machine. It is a unique and small sized button, so it might be difficult for you to find the button at one go if you are new to the machine. However, you will find “reset” written above the small button.

Press reset:

Press the button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. The location of the button may vary based the different variations but you will need to hold the button for 5 seconds

This is how you will reset the ice maker machine. The test mode of the machine will start to work automatically, and so will the ice making machine.

Final thoughts

If you have an ice maker machine attached to your Amana refrigerator, then you will notice the machine to not work from time to time. This might happen if the setting of the machine is not right. An empty water supply can also be a valid reason for the machine to not work.