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Maytag Bravos Washer Not Draining or Spinning? (Explained)

Who doesn’t need a washer these days, right? It has become an integral part of our day-to-day life as it helps us to wash clothes in a matter of minutes with minimum effort.

Maytag bravos washer is one of the best washers available on the market. However, your Maytag bravos washer might not drain or spin properly for various reasons.

So, you might want to know why your bravos washer from Maytag is not spinning and draining.

Maytag bravos washer not draining or spinning

The Maytag bravos washer may not spin or drain for various reasons. It does not usually spin when the wash load is unbalanced. This unit will not also drain if the lid switch is defective. In fact, any washer will not drain or spin if the lid is not closed properly and the switch is activated.

There are numerous reasons why a Maytag bravos washer will not spin or drain properly. The reasons can vary from unit to unit. It is very important to know the reasons for which the bravos washing machine is not draining or spinning.

This is because, if you know the exact reasons, you can find the solutions in the shortest period of time.

Let’s take a look at why your Maytag bravos washing machine is not spinning or draining and their solutions.

Not draining

Clogged drain hose:

The used water from the washing machine from the washer drum goes to the drain pipe through the drain hose. If the drain hose is clogged by debris or lint from the clothes, it will get clogged.

So the used water won’t be able to pass through the clog and exit the washer drum through the drain hose.


The best solution for a clogged drain hose is to clean it and clear the clog so that water can drain properly. To remove the clogs from the drain hose, remove the hose clamp and straighten the drain hose very gently.

You should also unclamp the hose to check if there is any blockage inside it. If you can not clear the clog from the hose, you should replace it.

Overloaded Maytag bravos washer:

If your Maytag washer is overloaded with more clothes than it can wash at a time, it will stop draining properly. This is because a heavily packed washer will cause it to be off-balance, affecting the spin cycle and causing the washer to not drain perfectly.


The simplest solution to the Maytag bravos washer not draining due to overload is to not overload the washer with more clothes than its capacity. It will make sure that the washer doesn’t get off balance.

In general, you can prevent overloading the washer by filling it ¾th of its full capacity.

A defective lid switch assembly:

A Maytag bravos washing machine will not drain its used water if the lid switch assembly is defective. If the lid is not properly closed, the washing machine will not drain and spin due to its safety features.


To make the bravos washer manufactured by Maytag drain properly when its lid switch is defective, try pressing the lid switch with your finger.

The switch might need to be changed if nothing happens and testing with a multimeter reveals a lack of continuity.

Clogged drain pump:

The Maytag bravos washer contains a drain pump filter to stop foreign objects from blocking the durian pump. If the drain pump filter gets clogged, the drain pump will get blocked, preventing proper drainage of the used water.


By cleaning the drain pump filter on a regular basis, you can prevent the drain pump from getting clogged. The filter may be easily twisted out of the way and removed for cleaning from behind a front panel on the washing machine’s base.

Not spinning

Unbalanced wash load:

Unbalanced wash load is among one of the most common reasons for which a Maytag bravos washer won’t spin. Larger, heavier items may collect on one side of the washing machine during the wash cycle, throwing the balance off.

Due to the improper balance, the spin cycle of the washer will get affected. If you put too many clothes in the washing machine, it might also create an imbalance that prevents spinning.


You can quite easily maintain proper wash load balance to ensure proper spinning. To do so, run a spin cycle after redistributing certain objects to the other side of the washtub.

You can also remove some items from the washtub and spin them separately so the tub isn’t overly full.

Faulty lid switch:

If the lid of your Maytag washing machine is faulty, it won’t spin or start the wash cycle. It mainly occurs to prevent the washing machine from functioning if the lid is not closed, preventing any type of accident.


If the lid switch is cracked or damaged, the best thing you can do is to replace it. If the plastic lid switch is not damaged, you should press it properly until you hear the clicking sound.

Damaged drive belt:

If there is no other issue in your washing machine that is causing a spinning malfunction, then it might be due to a damaged drive belt. A snapped drive belt will prevent the washing drum from spinning.

Around the washing drum, the belt is normally placed between two pulleys to maintain its weight and enable perfect spinning.

But, the drive belt may eventually get looser on the pulleys or experience damage like tearing. As a result, a Maytag Bravo washing machine might stop spinning.


The best way to fix a damaged drive belt is to replace it. However, if the belt has become loose, you can quite easily reposition it. You will have to remove the washing machine’s back panel to get access to the belt. 

How to manually drain Maytag bravos washer?

Manually draining the Maytag bravos washer is not as complicated as it may seem to you at first. You can do it quite easily and effortlessly in a matter of minutes. However, you will have to do it in the right way to prevent any damage to the unit.

Have a look at how to manually drain Maytag bravos shelter:

Unplug the washer:

The first and foremost thing you should do is unplug the washer. To do it easily, you can pull the Maytag bravos washer away from the wall.

Turn the water connection off:

The next thing you should do is turn off the water connection of the washer. This will prevent additional water flow into the washing machine.

Scoop out the water:

To manually drain the washer, you should scoop out the water into a bucket or a bowl. You can also use clothes or a mop to pull out the water from the washer tub.

Empty the drain hose

Even if you scoop all the water out of the washer tub, there will remain water in the clogged drain hose. You should unhook the drain hose and pour the water into a bucket.

How do I get my Maytag bravos washer to spin?

You can get your Maytag Bravos washer to spin effectively in a matter of minutes by following the right method. To make the washer spin properly, you will have to solve the issues that are preventing the unit from spinning.

Let’s find out how you can get your Maytag Bravos washer to spin.

Turn off the washer:

To prevent any electrical accidents from happening while you fix the issues, you should turn off the washer. You can turn it off easily by pulling it away from the wall.

Maintain load balance in the washer tub:

The Maytag bravos washer can stop spinning if the wash load is unbalanced. By maintaining the proper balance of the load in the washer tub, you can make the unit start spinning again.

To do so, you can simply redistribute the heavy clothes to the other side of the tub.

Close the lid switch properly:

If the lid switch of the washer is not properly closed, it will not spin and the washing machine will not start to function. So, to make the Maytag washer spin, you should close the lid of the unit.

Final Thoughts

The Maytag bravos washer will not durian or spin if the lid switch is not closed or faulty. This washer will also not drain if the drain hose and the drainpipe filter get clogged. You can however fix the issues that prevent the washer from spinning and draining quite simply in a matter of minutes.