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Air Conditioner Error E1: How to Fix? (Explained)

Air conditioners are one of the appliances we are highly dependent on for our comfort. But what do you do when your air conditioner stop working and shows a weird code?

Irritating, isn’t it? But the code will guide you to find the issue and fix the air conditioner. This article will guide you to solve the E1 error issues of your air conditioner.

Air conditioner error E1:

In most cases, a dirty air filter is responsible for the E1 error of the air conditioner. By cleaning the air filter, you can get rid of the issue. Sometimes, resetting the air conditioner will fix the issue. However, complicated issues like connection or control board issues can cause the E1 error.

When there is some issue with an air conditioner, it shows up some codes that indicate a specific set of problems hampering the air conditioner’s functions. In most cases, all type of air conditioner shows similar code for similar issues. But then there are also exceptions.

Some brands of air conditioners may include or exclude some issues for a code. That’s why the user manual is our best guide to finding and fixing problems.

This article will explain what causes E1 error and how you can fix it. Luckily, the E1 code can indicate only 3-4 issues. And by solving them, you can fix the E1 issue.

What does air conditioner error E1 mean?

E1 is one of the several codes that indicate a set of issues with the air conditioner. It shows up when some internal issue blocks the natural flow of the air conditioner.

It can happen for several reasons. The reason can be as simple as overusing the air conditioner to complicated issues like faulty control boards.

Most of the issues of E1 error can be fixed DIY. At least you can try some steps to fix the problems. But sometimes, you must hire a professional to fix the E1 error.

If you have a fair idea about the technology, you can check and try to fix the complicated issues in some cases. But for that, the user manual is essential.

Every air conditioner brand is slightly different, and the manufacturers know the issues better. They include the list of codes and their meaning in the user manual. They should also have possible ways to fix them in more detail. So, a user manual can be convenient in resolving the issue.

However, most people don’t care about the manual and don’t know where they kept it (including me, of course). In this case, you can find the online version of the user manual by searching “(model name) manual.”

Why does error E1 occur in the air conditioner?

There can be several reasons for the E1 error in the air conditioner. When the controlling function can not work correctly, the inverter of the AC will show the E1 code.

How common is the E1 code for the air conditioner? It’s pretty common and can be easily fixed when simple issues cause the error. But sometimes, it can get complicated, and you will need expert help.

Before hiring, you can easily follow some steps that may fix the issue. Check out the reasons for the E1 error in the air conditioner.

Dirty air filter:

Air conditioners have a filter that cleans all the dirt and particles from the air. The filter gets dirty with time. Cleaning the filter is an obvious process of maintaining the air conditioner.

But if you forget to clean the filter for a long time, the dirty filter reduces the air conditioner’s performance. One day it will stop working and show an E1 error code, indicating that you need to clean the air filter.

Communication problem:

It’s the second most common and most complicated issue if you don’t have any electrical knowledge.

Some wires are connected to the air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor parts. If one of the wires gets disconnected from the system, the AC can not work and shows an E1 code.

Overusing without resetting: 

Some air conditioners show E1 errors after 700-800 hours of use. It indicates that you need to clean the filter.

Even if you clean the filter, the air conditioning system does not keep any record of cleaning it. It keeps a record once you restart it after cleaning the filter.

A faulty control panel:

An issue with the air conditioner’s indoor or outdoor control panel can not work correctly and shows an E1 error. You may need to call a professional and change the air conditioner’s control panel.


Some other issues with the air conditioner happen to software and functional errors. Restarting or some other steps can help you get rid of the problems.

How do you fix air conditioner error E1?

There are several methods of fixing E1 errors. The solving steps depend on the specific problem that is causing the issue. But if you don’t know the particular reasons, there is a chance of fixing the air conditioner without knowing anything about it.

If you can find a user manual for your air conditioner, it will be easier to find the problems and ways to solve them. Here we are listing the step-by-step process of checking and fixing the E1 issue of the air conditioner. The most challenging steps will be at the bottom of the list.

Shut down and start again:

You can first shut down the air conditioner panel, wait two minutes, and start the ac. Restarting the air conditioner unit will remove any bugged message from your air conditioner. If it does not work, follow the next steps.

Clean the air filter:

Cleaning the air filter can fix the E1 issue in most cases, especially for the new air conditioners. Remove the air filter from the AC. Use a brush to remove the excess dirt from the air conditioner. Then clean the air conditioner with water and soap.

Make sure to remove all the dirt and grease from the air filter. Dry the filter and then set it in the air conditioner. If the error remains, follow the next step.

Button issue:

If you have an old air conditioner, there is a chance that the buttons are gone wrong. If any AC button gets stuck, it may show an E1 error. Click all the buttons and look for any issues with the buttons. If you find a problem with the buttons, fix it or replace it.

Hard reset:

Sometimes a hard reset can fix the E1 error issue. To hard reset your air conditioner, first, shut down the air conditioner. Press the switch and turn on the electricity while holding the power button.

The ac will start a hard reset cycle. Release the button when you hear a beep button. Now restart the ac and check if the E1 issue is there.

Checking the connection:

Many times, an E1 issue appears when the inside and outside parts of the air conditioner can not communicate properly.

That happens when some wire gets disconnected or broken. You can check that by checking the voltage of the cables. Check both the inside and outside parts of the air conditioner.

If you do not have proper electrical knowledge, it’s better to call a pro to check it. But if you have a volt meter and know some basics, you can probably find out the issue.

What to do if your air conditioner is showing error E1?

As we mentioned, for different brands of air conditioners, the same codes can show up for different issues. Check out what issue generally causes E1 problems in different brands of air conditioners.

Frigidaire air conditioner:

Frigidaire air conditioners are usually prone to filter clogging issues, and it causes E1 errors most of the time.

GE air conditioner:

The air filter and communication issues can cause E1 errors in the GE air conditioners.

LG air conditioner:

Indoor pipe circuit issues can cause E1 error in the LG air conditioner.

Haier air conditioner:

A dirty air filter often causes E1 issue in Haier air conditioners.

Midea air conditioner:

Indoor connector sensor issues can cause communication problems, leading to E1 errors.

Carrier air conditioner:

A dirty air filter is also the leading reason for E1 error for Carrier air conditioners.

Samsung air conditioner:

A defective room thermistor can cause an E1 issue in Samsung air conditioners.

Final thoughts

There can be several reasons for an E1 error issue in your air conditioner, but a clogged filter is the most common and easy to understand and fix. Before doing anything with your air conditioner, disconnect it from electricity. If you don’t feel confident, hire an expert to fix it.