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Air Conditioner Error 88: How to Fix? (With Solutions)

When your air conditioner is having problems, you need to act immediately. Here are the most common causes of air conditioner error 88 and how to fix them. Following these instructions will help you quickly restore your air conditioner to working order.

Air conditioner error 88:

A faulty sensor causes an Air conditioner error 88 when it detects the coil temperature incorrectly. Hold down power freeze and power cool simultaneously for ten seconds to fix Air conditioner error 88. To reset the error code, remove the power cord from the AC and wait for 30 seconds.

You can try a few things to resolve an air conditioner error code such as 88 if you are experiencing this problem. Check to see if any of your filters have been replaced recently. 

Boost the filter tension accordingly if that is the case. Ensure that all ductwork is clean and free of obstructions. These include vents near the AC unit as well as those connecting it to other parts of the house. 

Last but not least, ensure that the thermostat is set correctly. When equipment like air conditioners is set incorrectly, errors can occur.

What does air conditioner error 88 mean?

An air conditioner error 88 indicates that one of the system’s sensors is malfunctioning. It’s important to take action as soon as possible to fix the problem, whether it’s dust buildup or moisture buildup.

Additionally, incorrect thermostat settings can cause air conditioner error 88. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do or if it happens intermittently. Moreover, air conditioner error 88 may also indicate that your AC unit is malfunctioning.

Moreover, air conditioner error 88 indicates a malfunction in the temperature of the discharge pipe. Sometimes, air conditioner error 88 is caused by a problem with the compressor.

You may notice that your air conditioner stops cooling and emits an unpleasant odor as a result of this problem. In many cases may require the replacement of the entire system.

Why does error 88 occur in the air conditioner?

There are a few possible causes of error 88 in air conditioners. The most common reasons are improper AC installation, refrigerant leak, faulty sensors, no air conditioning, door coil temperature sensor uncalibrated, overcharging refrigerant, and blocked or dirty outdoor coils.

Faulty sensors:

Faulty sensors can cause air conditioner error 88. A malfunctioning sensor, like a sensor that fails to detect temperature and humidity, may cause an air conditioner error 88.

Your air conditioning system may perform poorly or even stop cooling if this happens. All sensors in an AC that have failed will need to be replaced to fix the problem.

Compressor malfunction:

An air conditioner error 88 can sometimes be caused by a malfunctioning compressor. This issue happens when the unit’s motor doesn’t produce enough power to run the compressor properly.

If this occurs, your AC’s cooling capacity may be reduced or you may be unable to turn it on at all.

Refrigerant leak:

Leaking refrigerant is another common cause of air conditioner error 88. As air conditioners cool and dehumidify the room, refrigerants can escape into the environment and be harmful to the environment.

There is a good chance that a refrigerant leak is the cause of any greenish or colorless liquid leaking from your AC unit. Repairing an AC with a refrigerant leak requires addressing the leak’s source and replacing any damaged parts.

The door coil temperature sensor is not calibrated:

Door coil temperature sensors are also commonly responsible for air conditioner error 88. Ensures proper cooling performance by measuring the internal temperature of the door coil.

An air conditioner error 88 can result in reduced air conditioning output or even the inability to turn on your air conditioner.

Refrigerant overcharge:

Some ACs with air conditioner error 88 are caused by overcharging them with refrigerant. The compressor overheats and eventually fails when it cannot extract energy from the refrigerant liquid properly.

The outdoor coil is dirty:

A dirty outdoor coil can also cause air conditioner error 88. An inefficient heat transfer component can result in excessive cooling demands or even a shutdown of your AC unit if it’s not functioning properly.

How do you fix air conditioner error 88?

The most common solution to air conditioner error 88 is to hold down power freeze and power cool simultaneously for ten seconds.

A dirty outdoor coil and overcharging are exceptions. The following steps will guide you on how to resolve error 88 with your air conditioner.

Air conditioner reset:

The first thing you should do is unplug the air conditioner from its wall socket and wait 10 minutes. This will restore the system to its default settings and resolve any unwanted issues.

Make sure the sensors are working:

Check to see if any of these sensors are present on the unit and if the error is caused by a faulty sensor. An indoor air quality control device, an air conditioner coil temperature sensor, or an outdoor air conditioner coil temperature sensor.

Coil replacement:

You may want to replace your Outdoor AC Coil if none of the above fixes your AC error 88. You should, however, fix all other possible issues with your air conditioner before replacing the coil if this is the only problem.

Compressor fix:

A malfunctioning compressor may be the cause of your air conditioner error 88, so you’ll need to address the issue with the compressor. Depending on the unit, this may require replacing the motor or blowing out the circuits.

Check for the Refrigerant leak:

If a refrigerant leak is causing your air conditioner error 88, you will need to replace the refrigerant. Your unit may need to have all its valves shut off and your system checked for damage.

Clean the outdoor coil:

You must clean your outdoor coil if Air conditioner error 88 is caused by a dirty coil. You can clean your air conditioner either with an air conditioner cleaning kit or with water and soap. To prevent damage, wait until the system has cooled down before cleaning it.

Check the filter:

You will need to replace your air conditioning filter if your error 88 is caused by a clogged or dirty filter. Alternatively, you can use water and soap to replace the filter. To avoid any damage, wait until the system has cooled down before cleaning it.

What to do if your air conditioner is showing error 88?

Your air conditioner may require service or replacement if it displays error code 88. But before you do anything, hold down the power freeze and power cool buttons simultaneously for ten seconds. Every air conditioner has a different way to fix error 88.

Frigidaire air conditioner:

Replace Frigidaire air conditioners that display error code 88 if they’re still under warranty or troubleshoot the problem if they’re not. The Frigidaire air conditioner just needs to be reset. 

GE air conditioner:

Like a computer memory chip or a DSL modem, an air conditioner control panel can become corrupted over time due to continuous use. Unplug GE and other models, leave them unplugged for one minute, and then reconnect them.

LG air conditioner:

Remove the front panel of your LG air conditioner and check the air filter units for clogs or dirt if error 88 occurs.

You will need to replace these with an air conditioner filter replacement kit if this is the case. Replacing all screws and attaching the panel will complete this process.

Haier air conditioner:

It is most likely that your Haier air conditioner’s refrigerant system is failing if you are experiencing error 88. It is necessary to have a technician come out and replace the Failed Refrigerant System (R-410A) near the HVAC unit to resolve this issue.

Midea air conditioner:

A clogged evaporator coil is the most likely cause of error 88 on your Midea air conditioner.

Make sure no debris or foreign objects are obstructing the flow of refrigerant by removing the front cover. In such a case, you will need to use an Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit to remove them. Reattach the panel after replacing all screws.

Carrier air conditioner:

The most likely cause of error 88 on your Carrier air conditioner is a failed condenser fan. Having a technician come out to replace the Failed Condenser Fan near the HVAC unit will fix the issue.

Samsung air conditioner:

Air conditioners from Samsung that display error 88 are most likely to have faulty sensors. In a simultaneous press of power freeze and power cool, hold both buttons for 10 seconds.

Hopefully, this will get rid of the 88 displays. Until the display is reset, 88 will show on the screen when the power is interrupted.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioner error 88 is a result of faulty sensors, the air conditioner does not turn on, the door coil temperature sensor is not calibrated, and the refrigerant is overcharged. Try pressing power freeze and power cool simultaneously and holding them for 10 seconds to resolve this problem.