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Why Is My LG Ice Maker Leaking Water? (Quick Answers)

LG ice maker is really a great kitchen appliance. It’s very easy to use, makes ice really fast and delivers the ideal size and shape of cubes. But it also requires strict care, maintenance and regular attention. Else, it can be a great inconvenience for you.

Why is my LG ice maker leaking water?

LG ice maker can overflow water if the water pressure in the inlet valve is low or any defect in it. Clumped ice can also block the iceshoot and leak water. Again, if the defrost drain is frozen or clogged or if there’s any damage to the drain pan, the ice maker leaks water. 

LG ice maker might experience water trickle either inside the unit or on the floor, if there is clogged defrost drain or a damaged drain pan. Here are various categories of LG ice makers and the reasons why they leak water:

LG French door ice maker :

Because of the water inlet valve damage and high water pressure thus the ice maker leaks water.

The water inlet valve damage:

The dispenser of an ice maker needs supply of water to create ice out of it. The water inlet valve controls this water supply.

If it is damaged it could leak water. When the ice maker is not filled with water or installed properly it will not flow to the dispenser.

High water pressure:

There could be too much water pressure in the water inlet line or it might fail as a result the water can flow before it gets to the ice maker.

LG side by side refrigerator ice maker:

Reasons why this ice maker leaks water:

Cracked water filter:

The filter that is used might get torn, cracked, or missing, it won’t be able to form a tight fit and keep water in the filter from overflowing. 

Fluctuating temperature:

If the setting temperature of the freezer is too low it might not form ice cubes which can be a reason to be frost-less. LG refrigerator has a control board and if it is not supplying power to the ice maker it will not work.

Inlet valve pressure:

If water inlet valve pressure is too low, the valve may not close fully leading to overflow. As the water hose connecting the valve is kinked, it will restrict the water to flow into the inlet.

LG bottom freezer ice maker:

Because of these reasons this ice maker can leak water: 

Clogged defrost drain:

If the temperature is too high the drainage system may be clogged with ice or sometimes with food debris causing water to overfill.

Blockage in drain tube:

The drain tube is the way that water drains from the appliance if it gets clogged or blocked the drainage will be difficult causing water to leak.

Cracked condenser fan:

The Condenser fan blows warm air to evaporate the water in the drain pan and the circulating air helps to cool the compressor and condenser coil. 

When it is cracked it can’t remove the water from the drain pan and water flows from the bottom of the LG refrigerator.

LG craft ice maker:

Reasons why it can leak water: 

Error in craft ice indicator:

If the craft ice indicator is not turned on or the temperature is not set properly or any error code on the control panel.

Obstructed feeler arm:

If the feeler arm is obstructed or pushed up or can’t move freely the craft ice maker fails to freeze ice.

Leakage in valve:

The valve connecting the water supply is not open or any leakage in the valve. The water inlet valve needs a minimum of 20psi. 

If the water pressure is too low then the valve will not close properly as a result it might  leak water into the ice maker. 

But if you find the water pressure is quite sufficient, then maybe the valve is defective. 

How do I stop my LG ice maker from leaking water? 

Here’s the steps how you can stop water leaking from the LG ice maker:

Check the water inlet lines and tighten connections:

Open the ice maker compartment, there’s a large info panel. 

You can find out the functions of what everything does and you can identify where the water is leaking. Tighten the connections at each point where the water line is connected.

Turn down the pressure valve:

Usually the water pressure valve stays close to the waterline in your LG ice maker. You can turn it down, and keep it down for a while. That might stop the leak completely or less water will come out.

Clear the condensation drains:

If the condensation drains are covered with ice, it won’t be able to drain the fridge. As a result, the drain gets blocked and water leakage happens. 

Inspect the auger motor:

It’s on the side of the fridge door, located in the ice maker. Slide out the ice tray and check if there’s ice build-up on it as it doesn’t let ice come out. Remove the ice gently.

Check if any ice is stuck in the iceshoot:

Open the ice maker, the iceshoot is located underneath the ice bin. Slide it out and there’s a hole underneath. If there’s any ice stuck on the iceshoot, remove it.

Where is the defrost drain on my LG refrigerator? 

Mostly the defrost drain is located at the bottom of the LG freezer, just up from where the floor slopes up to the back. Basically the inner compartment of the freezer drains water and evaporates with the waste heat from the compressor and condenser.

It constantly produces condensation inside the compartment. The liquid that forms comes down through a drain pipe into a pan below where it eventually evaporates.

Drain heaters are another unique feature that modern freezers are equipped with, and refrigerators that have this feature prevent the water in the drain pan from frosting and clog the defrost drain.

Drain straps are another feature that some defrost drains are equipped with, which basically is a small piece of copper or aluminum that attaches to the defrost heater and extends into the defrost drain. 

The transferred heat through this metal melts away any ice that may have accumulated further down in the defrost drain.

How to fix LG refrigerator ice maker water leaking? 

Here are the steps how you can fix your LG ice maker from water leaking:

Check the error code:

There’s a digital control panel in LG fridges that has ice makers. It’s on the above from where the ice comes out and you’ll notice error codes when there’s any problem. 

If you find the error code then you may figure out the solution prescribed by LG. 

Check out the leveling:

If your fridge isn’t exactly on the level, it might cause water to leak. Check if the fridge itself is level and whether the doors are level. You need to locate the fridge where it’s level or adjust the fridge if it’s uneven. 

Check the defrost drain:

To fix the ice maker from leaking water check the defrost drain first. Because if the defrost drain is clogged or blocked, the water will overflow. There should not be anything sitting over the drain.  

Check the drain pan:

Drain pan is the evaporation pan where the water sits for a long time to evaporate. The pan doesn’t need to be emptied and it should be properly aligned under the defrost drain. If the pan is damaged you have to replace it. 

Fix cracks on the water line:

You need to check every water line very closely from where  water is coming out. If the lines are wet or there are drips, there must be damage in the water line. Better to call a technician to find out the crack and repair it.

Change water filter:

Finally you have to remember that Water filter should be changed every few months. If it’s not changed for long, this could be the source of water leakage.

Final Thoughts 

LG ice maker leaks water if there’s any internal damage or cracks in the water lines or condensation drains. Another reason is, when the water pressure in the inlet valve is too low, it can’t hold water and overflows. Clogged defrost drains or damaged drain pan also cause water leakage.