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Why Is My Bosch Dishwasher Blinking Red Light? (Answered)

Dishwashers are a common appliance around the home nowadays. You should know how to handle it properly if you are going to get one. Even if you have an already existing one, you should do your research about it so nothing gets damaged.

A common dishwasher is the Bosch dishwasher. It is very popular and very handy. It has many features that are useful for the user. Make sure you know all the functions of the dishwasher properly so you don’t panic in any case. 

Bosch dishwasher blinking red light

You might notice your bosch dishwashers’ red light blinking, you should immediately close the door. Usually if the door of the dishwasher is open, the red light starts to blink. An infrared beam checks to see if the door is closed. When the beam remains uninterrupted the red light starts blinking.

Bosch dishwashers is a fairly common name around the households. Not only because of how durable and efficient the appliance is, but also because of the other services the appliance has to offer. 

The machine has state of the art technology that makes the overall job easier for the user.

One of the new technologies that the Bosch dishwashers has to offer is that the machine gives notice through blinking red light when there is something wrong. This can help to prevent any damages and also to save electricity. 

The red light blinking is not very uncommon to the users of Bosch dishwashers. It is like a warning sign.

The blinking red light feature is a built in feature for the bosch dishwashers. All the types of bosch dishwashers have this feature. And it is auto functioning. The red light goes off when the door is detected to be open. 

Their setting is done in a manner that whenever the machine detects anything wrong with the door, it starts to blink the red light.

The main reason why your bosch dishwashers will show red blinking lights is if the door of the machine is not properly shut. There might be other reasons as well. Two of the most probable, not to mention, common reasons are listed below so you know what to do in case like this –

The most common reason for the red light of the bosch dishwashers to start blinking is if the machine door is not shut appropriately. The machine uses a beam to detect whether the door is closed or not. 

If the infrared beam is left not interrupted then the red light goes off and it starts to blink. Because the infrared beam detects that the door is open. And that is what makes the red light blink.

An open door:

An open door will not allow the bosch dishwashers to start. This is why the machine gives out the sign by blinking the red lights if the door is open. Sometimes, if the door is not shut down properly it will show the same sign. 

So whenever you find the red light of your bosch dishwashers blinking, make sure to check the door and close it properly.

Power surge:

Another reason why you might notice the red lights go off is if there is a power surge. If you notice that the door is not a problem when it comes to the red light blinking, then it is about the power surge. 

The red blinking light can indicate an issue with the door as well as the power issue. Make sure to check both of the issues mentioned to find the cause of it and prevent any accidents.  

Is Bosch dishwasher blinking red light common?

The blinking red light is a built in feature of the bosch dishwashers. The machine is designed to respond to any adversities by blinking the red light. It happens mostly because of an open door. However, a power surge can also be a reason for it. 

And this happens for all types of bosch dishwashers.

Bosch 800:

When this version of the bosch dishwashers starts to show the red lights blinking it means that there is not enough rinse aid. You might have to refill before you start the machine. 

Bosch 500:

Usually when the machine detects that the door is open, the red lights go off and start to blink. There is an infrared beam that detects the door. 

Bosch 300:

Other than a power surge, an open door, or improperly shut door, will make the red lights of the bosch dishwashers blink. An outage of power could do the same as well.

How to fix Bosch dishwasher blinking red light?

Bosch dishwashers are a very well known appliance around the house. Most people not only use the machine regularly but also admire it for the many services it can provide. A very common feature of the bosch dishwashers is the red blinking light. 

When the machine detects a specific problem, the red light of the machine starts blinking. 

When the door of the bosch dishwashers is not properly closed, the machine will show it by blinking the red lights. It can also be because of a power surge. Once you get to know about the reason for the blinking red light, you can make it stop. 

Given below are some solutions to the problem –

Check the door:

Check to see if the door is shut properly and not loosely. If the door is open, shut it tight. And if the door of the machine is already closed, then open it and close it again properly this time. Make sure it is shut appropriately. 

Once you see the red light not blinking anymore you can be sure that the door is shut properly this time. 

See the connection of the power line:

The red light goes off in case of a power surge as well. Check to see if the power connection of the bosch dishwashers is running okay or not. 

If there is a disconnection in the power line, the machine will not work and will show the red light blinking. And in case of that, all you have to do is connect the power line properly.

Fill the reservoir with rinse aid:

In most bosch dishwashers, once the machine is out of rinse aid it will start blinking the red lights until the reservoir is filled again. 

However, this trick may not work on the earlier versions of the dishwashers as this adaption was recently made.

Try turning the machine off and on:

Try turning the machine off and on again if none of the methods mentioned above works. This usually works immediately. Most dishwashers respond in the same way. 

And for a red light blinking, you can always go with this easy and quick solution.

How do you reset a Bosch dishwasher?

You might need to reset your bosch dishwashers sometimes. Like to stop the red lights from contentiously blinking or just in case it does not work like before. A quick reset of the machine will get the job done.

Resetting the bosch dishwashers can seem like a big deal for a lot of people. That is because the reset button is not very easy to locate initially. But once you know what is where and how to work with it, you will find it very easy to operate. 

And to make things easier, the reset instructions of the bosch dishwashers are given below-

Open the door of the machine:

Carefully open the door of the machine slightly, just enough for you to see the buttons clearly. Make sure the machine is not running and has cooled off. 

Locate the start button and hold it down:

Locate the start button and hold it down. Keep holding down the start button until you see the active light dim out. 

Notice the water drain out:

You will notice the water drain out from the dishwashers machine. That is when you know that the machine has been turned off completely. 

Press the start button once to start the new cycle:

This is when you should start the new cycle. Press the start button once to start the new cycle. One tap on the start button should begin the normal new cycle of the dishwashers.

All you need to do is locate the right buttons and press it. Resetting the bosch dishwashers is not a difficult task and it is important for everyone to know about it.

Final thoughts

The very popular bosch dishwashers have a lot of built in functions that are very convenient and helpful for the user. Like the machine keeps blinking the red lights if the door of the machine is not shut appropriately. Make sure you shut the door of the machine properly  to prevent it.