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What Number Is Simmer on an Electric Stove? (Answered)

Simmer is the temperature or heat indicator of the electric stove. You will find it comes with different numbers. These numbers are sometimes confusing.

You should have clear ideas about these numbers. They indicate low, medium, and high heat. And you need to use them according to your recipes’ needs.

But the question is what number is simmer on an electric stove. To get the answer, you have to keep reading on. We have found practical solutions and answers regarding your queries.

What number is simmer on an electric stove?

There are 1-6 and 1-9 number settings simmers on an electric stove. They indicate different heating and temperature. Here, the number 9 & 6 is the highest heating option. If you need the best heat, go for it. In contrast, if your recipe requires the lowest heat, you can set it to number 1.

On some simmers, you will get 1-6 number settings. Here the 6 is the highest heat produced number, whereas, 1 is the lowest usually. In addition, you will get number settings from 1-9 as well.

Same things happen here. 1 is the lowest heat producer and 9 is the highest heat option. Before purchasing any simmer or electric stove, check the number systems carefully.

Electric stove control knob numbers 1-9:

If you have electric stove control knob numbers 1-9. You can control the heat from the simmer numbers. Number one is the lowest heat indicator whereas, number 9 indicates the highest power.

If you need medium heat, you can make it 5-6. This will ensure the average electric heat. This type of setting on an electric stove is easy to use. You can control the electric range from 1 to 9.

However, the magic chef stove could have some other setting to control the electric heat. Try to read the user manual and adjust the heat according to your needs. If you can use the simmer, you will find the number ranges and follow the same ways to control the heat.

Electric stove control knob numbers 1-6:

Sometimes you will find electric stove control knob setting numbers 1-6. In that case, 6 is the highest heat producing option and 1 is the lowest. This is a common simmer setting on an electric stove.

This electric range is common for most of the simmer. But, if you have a GE electric stovetop, you will get the detailed user manual. Also, it has a built-in knob control system. You can control the heat through the knobs.

What does simmer mean and how to simmer on an electric stove?

Simmer is the temperature controller that is used to boil the water or increase the heat. It works like the heat or temperature controller on the stove. It has different numbers ranging from 1 to 9.

Some electric stoves also come with a knob system that ranges from 1 to 6. In both cases, 1 is the lowest temperature indicator and 6 or 9 is the highest. If you want to use the maximum power of an electric stove you need to use the number 9.

Moreover, simmer on an electric stove will make the controlling job easier and perfect. You can switch the temperature mood from high to normal at any point. It works like a controller.

You need to identify the simmer on the electric stove. It’s very crucial to find it and use it properly. Otherwise, you will burn the food or it will take too much time to boil.

Simmer works like magic, when you change the number, stove will automatically change the heat and temperature. If you are looking to buy an electric stove, be sure it has a good simming control.

What temperature is simmer on an electric stove?

Simmer is the power on and off button on the electric stoves. However, it can work like the controller of temperature or heat. You may find different knobs that work like a simmer.

In that case, the temperature will vary. In most cases, you will find 95 to 195 degrees F is simmer on an electric stove. It may vary from brand to brand and stove to stove. So, it’s better to check the manual and ensure the correct heat to cook.

You might find a higher temperature that comes with 200+ degrees as well. But they all are for professional uses. Personal use stoves are come with that range. Wherever the stove or temperature is, you must know the simmer to control the temperature.

Is simmer low or medium heat? What number is medium-low and low on an electric stove?

Simmer is both a low and medium heat controller. Also, it could be the highest heat as well. Everything will depend on the stove quality and heating power.

But you can surely use the low, medium, and high heat. You can do it with the simmer. Here is the best way to control and make the temperature or heat medium-low and Low.


To use the medium-low, you need to find the simmer first. In some stoves, you need to search for a while. When you find the simmer or knobs, you will get some numbers out there.

It might be from 1 to 6 or 1 to 9. If you have 1-6 settings, you need to use the 3-4 simmer numbers. They will give you medium-low heat. If you have 1-9 settings, 6 is the medium-low number on the electric stove.


To get the low or lowest heat, you need to use the 1 or 2 numbers of your knobs settings or simmer. On the other hand, if you have 1-9 simmer number settings, you need to go for number 2.

Additionally, you can use the number 1 if you need the lowest heat. So, number 2 is a low heat on an electric stove.

Why is my simmer too hot on the electric stove?

There might be two reasons why your simmer is too hot on the electric stove. First thing would be the highest heat. You might have cooked with the number 6 or 9 to get the best heat from the stove.

In that vase, you will find your simmer is too hot. Another reason could be the internal damage. If you use the low or lowest heat mode, and still find the simmer is too hot on the stove, you need to check it out.

What temperature and setting is simmer on an electric skillet and induction cooktop?

You will find the simmer or heat controller both on the electric skillet and induction cooktop. But the method of controlling is different. However, you will get some indication and button that will allow you to control the temperature and setting.

Electric skillet:

350 degrees F is the best temperature and simmer setting for the electric skillet. You can use this for cooking any foods and sauces.

However, Electric skillet has a little bit different settings and controls. Therefore, you have to identify the simmer and control the temperature accordingly.

Induction cooktop:

Induction cooktop is the direct method of cooking. You can control the temperature through the different switches. 

Here the temperature is around 300 degrees or more. It will be different from the others’ perspective if you have different brands of cooktop.

What do the numbers mean on an electric stove?

Numbers on an electric stove mean the different temperature modes. You can change the temperature based on those numbers. Let’s explore them.

  • Numbers are from 1 to 6 or 1 to 9. In both cases, number 1 means the lowest and last number or the big one means the highest temperature. It could be 6 or it could be 9.
  • Mid-range numbers indicate the mid heat or average temperature. In that case, you will find number 3 is the average or medium heat option if you have simmer numbers from 1 to 6.
  • On the other hand, if your stove comes with 1 to 9 numbers, and you want to make the heat medium, you have to use the number 5 and 6. They will surely meet your requirements. 
  • Moreover, there is the best way to use the number and temperature accordingly. In that case, you will find the user manual guide as a blessing. It will show you what number is suitable for what type of cooking.
  • Sometimes, you will not find the simmer numbers, in that case, you need to search for the button or touch indications. It would be best and it will work like simmer control.

Final thoughts

There are different simmer numbers you will find on the electric stoves. The most common range is 1-6. But you might find 1-9 simmer numbers as well. These numbers will help you to control the heat of an electric stove. These are all premade switches or buttons.