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Maytag Washer Beeping (How to Fix?)

If you have a washer in your house, you might be familiar with signals and beeping. However, the Maytag washer is one of the well-known washers. This washer has some excellent features. So, it is unusual if the Maytag washer beeps without reason or gives the wrong signal. 

So, you might be confused about why your Maytag washer keeps beeping. You have to know about the beeping of your washer to identify the error in the washer. Besides, knowing about different types of signals and the beeping of your washer is essential. 

Moreover, learning about the solution to the beeping problem is also necessary. 

Maytag washer beeping

Your Maytag washer beeping problem might indicate a door opening or closing problem. Moreover, overflowing water in the washer, overloading the fabrics in the washer, water draining problems, etc., can be responsible. These problems can also be solved on your own. 

However, beeping sounds can be of different types. For example, the beeping might be continuous or random. Sometimes, the beeping can be heard three times at once. So, you have to know the reasons for these different beeping sounds. 

Let’s see why your Maytag washer keeps beeping differently. 

Beeping while running

You might hear that the washer is beeping while running. Some specific reasons are responsible for this. So, let’s see why your Maytag washer is beeping while running. 

Door problem:

The Maytag washer might be beeping because of a door problem. It can beep if you don’t close the door properly while running the washer. Moreover, the loosely sealed door can also cause a beeping sound while running. 

Error function:

Sometimes, error functions can cause a beeping sound while running the washer. For example, you might have pressed a button that doesn’t work while running the washer. So, a beeping sound will be created, which will mean an error. 

Power problem:

Generally, a power problem can cause a beeping sound. Moreover, this sound will continue until you reset the dishwasher. Power outage is a pretty common reason why your Maytag washer is beeping while running. 

Water level problem:

If the washer has a low water level, it will give a signal. Generally, the Maytag washer has a specific level of water that is necessary. If the water level is too low, you might hear a beeping sound while running the washer. 

Overloading of fabrics:

The balance will be interrupted if the washer has an overload of fabrics. So, the washer will not work correctly if you overload it with materials. For not functioning properly, the washer will make a beeping sound. 

Beeps twice but won’t start

Sometimes, the beeping sound can be like beeps twice, but the machine won’t start. Let’s see the possible reason behind this. 

Door is open:

When the door of the Maytag washer is open, the machine will beep twice. Moreover, the machine will not cycle since the door is not closed. So, close the door first, and try to start the machine again. 

Beeps when I press start

The Maytag washer might beep when you press start. Here are the possible reasons behind this. 

Door problem:

This might also be the reason why your Maytag washer beeps when you press start. The door might not be closed or sealed well. 

Low level of water:

When the washer has insufficient water, the machine can also beep while starting. The washer has a limited water level. If the limit is not reached, the machine will beep when you press start. 

Beeping 3 times

Sometimes, your Maytag washer can beep 3 times; let’s see the responsible reasons.

Activated anti-flood sensor:

Generally, when the anti-flood sensor is activated, the washer can beep 3 times. This sensor will be activated if water leaks into the water basin. Generally, fixing the leakage problem is pretty hard. So, you can contact a professional to correct the problem.  

Door issues:

If the washer’s door is open before finishing the cycle, the washer can beep 3 times. Moreover, this problem can occur if the door is not closed or sealed properly. 

Is Maytag washer beeping common?

Whether the Maytag washer beeping problem is common depends on the type of washer. Let’s see whether the problem is common or not for the following washers. 

Maytag bravos x washer:

The beeping problem is pretty common in the Maytag Bravos X washer. You might see that this washer is running okay but beeping sometimes. This might be because of different errors. So, a beeping problem is common in this washer.  

Maytag Neptune washer: 

The Maytag Neptune washer also has a beeping problem. Sometimes, water problems, power outages, overloading, etc., problems might occur. Then the Maytag Neptune washer will give a signal by beeping. So, this problem is also common in Neptune washers. 

Maytag 3000 series washer: 

Maytag 3000 series can also have a beeping problem. The beeping can be continuous or random. Moreover, the beeping can be 3 times, or the beeping can occur while starting. These problems are pretty common in the Maytag 3000 series washer. 

Maytag Maxima washer: 

Maytag Maxima washer has sensors that beep when a problem arises in the washer. Generally, the washer runs pretty well. But the beeping can be signals from simple to severe problems. 

How do I stop my Maytag washer from beeping?

Now that you know different reasons can be responsible for your Maytag washer beeping, you might want to know the solutions. Because beeping problems can mean serious problems sometimes. Moreover, it can be pretty irritating. 

So, let’s see how you can stop your Maytag washer from beeping. 

Balance the fabric:

You might know that overloading of fabric can cause balance problems in the washer. So, if you distribute the fabrics well in the washer, it will not beep for overloading. Moreover, don’t put too many fabrics at a time in the washer. 

Check the water level:

Next, you have to check whether the water level is okay. If the washer doesn’t have enough water, it will give a single beeping. So, you have to fill the washer up to the required level. 

Moreover, you also have to check whether the washer is overloaded with water or not. If there is too much water, the washer will also keep beeping. 

Check the errors:

Most washers have some error codes. These error codes mean different problems in the washer. You can check the error codes if you see that the washer is beeping without any reason. If you see an error code, you must act according to the problem. 

Close the door well:

Door problems can create different types of beeping. For example, it can create random beeping or beeping while starting. If you don’t close or seal the door well before the cycle, you might hear beeping from your Maytag washer. 

That’s why I check the door before starting the washer. 

Contact a plumber:

Sometimes, a serious problem might be associated with the beeping problem. For example, leakage can cause beeping. But this problem is not easy to solve. You can contact a plumber to fix the leakage in the washer. 

Moreover, if you can’t solve the beeping problem with these above methods, you can contact a professional. 

How do I reset my Maytag washer?

Resetting your Maytag washer can be beneficial. Even the error codes might be solved by resetting the washer. But you might not know how to reset the washer. So, let’s see how you can reset your Maytag washer. 

Turning off the washer:

First, you have to remove the washer from any electrical connection. To do this, you have to turn off the washer and plug out the machine from the wall. This way, the machine will not be connected to the electric line anymore. 


Then you have to keep the machine at rest. This resting time is necessary to reset the machine. Otherwise, the problem might not be solved. You have to keep the washer at rest for at least an hour. 

Turning on the washer:

After the resting period, you can turn on the washer. Before turning on the washer, you have to plug in the machine to the electric connection. Then you can turn on the washer. 

Final Thoughts

Your Maytag washer can beep for different reasons. For example, the washer might be overloaded, leakage problems or the water level might not be right. One of the common reasons is the door problem of the washer. These problems can be solved by following easy steps.