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How to Reset Ge Ice Maker? (All You Need to Know)

Ice makers are helpful home appliances that help make ice without spending time storing ice in the freezer. Ice makers are useful for any sort of party. There are several brands out there that make ice makers. GE is one of the finest. Let’s see how you can reset your GE ice maker.

How to reset ge ice maker?

GE or General Electric ice makers are among the finest ice makers in the market. It is pretty identical for all the GE ice makers to reset them. Locate and turn the shut-off switch for 30 seconds, locate the feeler arm on the ice maker and push the feeler arm three times. It will do the job for you.

Here we have discussed the process to reset some different ge ice makers below, stick to this section if you want to know – 

GE monogram ice maker:

Open the Ice Bucket:

Behind the ice bucket, the ice maker is placed. So, ice bucket removal is a must before other steps.

Check the Ice Maker Switch:

The Switch might turn off somehow. That’s why you need to check the Switch first.

Check if the Ice Maker Paddle is Free:

The paddle of the ice maker is one of the most crucial parts of an ice maker. Make sure that the paddle is free or not.

Turn the Switch off:

There is a switch on the right or left corner of the ice maker. Turn it off. Then keep it as it is for fifteen seconds. After turning it off for fifteen seconds, turn on the Switch again. 

Press the paddle Three times:

Whatever design it is, make sure to press the paddle under the Switch three times softly. Push it three times.

Wait Three minutes:

Wait three minutes after pushing the paddle. See if the water is coming through the channel or not.

Call a Professionals:

If the ice maker is not working as per the following steps, you can do nothing to fix it without a professional.

GE cafe ice maker:

Locate the Ice Maker:

After opening the ice bucket, you will reach the ice maker machine. The ice maker machine is just behind the bucket, so locate it first.

See if the Switch is working:

If the Switch is turned off somehow, there is a high chance that the ice maker is not working.

Check the paddle:

There is a paddle. See if it is free or stuck. The paddle needs to be free. If not, the ice-making procedure will not happen properly.

Turn the Switch on and Then Off:

To start the resetting procedure, you must turn the Switch off and turn it back after a fifteen-second pause.

Move the Paddle Gently:

The paddle must be pushed three times gently. Not more than three times. Or the water will not come through the channel if you move the paddle more than three times.

Professionals Guidance is Needed:

After pushing the paddle, if water doesn’t come even after three minutes, you need to call a professional.

GE opal ice maker:

Ice Makers Paddle must be free:

After opening the hood or the ice bin, you need to see if the paddle is free or not.

Turn the Switch On then Shut it Again:

In your ice maker, there is a switch, which you must turn on and then shut the Switch again for fifteen seconds.

Push the Paddle or Feeler:

The paddle must be pressed three times, so that water can come through the channel into the ice bucket.

Wait Three minutes:

After pushing the paddle, you must wait three minutes to see if the water come or not. 

Take Help from Professionals:

After waiting for three minutes, if the ice maker doesn’t work, call a professional to fix it.

GE French door refrigerator ice maker:

Check the Switch:

There is a switch under the ice bucket. Shut the Switch for fifteen seconds, turn it back.

Check if the Ice Maker Paddle is Free:

There is a paddle behind the bucket. See if the bucket is free or frozen. If it is free, then we can go to the next step.

Press the paddle Three times:

If the paddle is free, then press it three times. Then wait for three minutes to see if the water comes through the channel or not.

Wait Three minutes then call a Professionals:

After waiting for three minutes, call a professional if the machine does not take any water inside it. 

GE bottom freezer ice maker:

Open the Bottom Part:

Open the bottom part of the GE bottom freezer ice maker. And locate the ice maker machine. 

See if the paddle is fine:

Check if the ice maker paddle is working correctly. If it is stuck somehow, then don’t push it harder.


The paddling procedure is so sensitive. You need to move the paddle just three times only.

Wait for Some Minutes:

Wait three minutes for the water to come. If it delays, then call a professional.

Is there a reset button on GE refrigerator ice maker?

Some GE ice makers might have a reset button, but it is not usual. The usual way of resetting a GE ice maker or refrigerator needs some muscle to complete. Generally, there is no reset button on the GE refrigerator ice maker. 

But there is an option to reset the refrigerator ice maker. There is a wire feeler arm, a sliding Switch and a standard switch. You can turn the ice maker off and on by just using these options. But to reset the refrigerator, there are some procedures that you need to follow. 

Sometimes just pushing three and more switches on the refrigerator ice maker can reset and restart the ice maker.

Why is my GE ice maker not making ice?

Your GE ice maker can stop making ice for the following reasons –

Malfunctioned Electric Panel:

GE ice makers are fully electric. Generally, an ice maker needs almost 350 kilowatts throughout a month to produce ice. It requires at least 20 amps of electricity to produce up to 1200 pounds of ice. So, electricity is the lifeline for the ice maker.
If the electric panel somehow malfunctions, proper electricity may not pass to the ice maker. As Ice makers require electricity all the time, it is mandatory to have a proper electric panel. A good flow of electricity is needed.

Frozen Water Problem:

Frozen water can cause a problem. It can clog inside the ice-making machine. So before resetting or forcing the cycling procedure, you must see if the ice making machine is free or not.

Too Big Chunk of Ice:

Sometimes the ice cubes are a little too big to pass through the channel. It is a typical problem that can be solved quickly. But some adjustments may be needed for that procedure.

Perfect Temperature:

The temperature of the ice maker or the refrigerator needs to be set correctly. The recommended temperature for the ice maker is around sixteen degrees of Fahrenheit. If the temperature is not rightfully adjusted, the ice maker will not work correctly. 

How do I force my ge ice maker to cycle?

The following steps will surely assist you to force your GE ice maker to cycle –

Make Sure Nothing Is Stuck in the Ice Maker:

Before starting the procedure, make sure the ice maker is entirely free. If anything is stuck inside the ice maker, it will cause a problem.

Remove the Ice Bin Under the Ice Maker:

By removing the ice bin from the ice maker, you will get to the core of the ice-making machine. Where you will find the switch and feeler handle.

Toggle the Switch:

Check if the Switch is on or off. If the Switch is off, then make sure to turn it on. The reason behind your ice maker is not working correctly. Maybe the Switch was turned off somehow.

Rotate the gear on the front of the Icemaker:

There is a gear inside on the front panel of the ice maker machine. So, rotate it clockwise to force the device to work.

Readjust the feeler handle:

After rotating the gear, press the feeler three times, forcing and resetting the ice maker.

Final Thoughts

The main steps to reset the ice maker are to get to the ice-making device. To get there, first, you need to take any covers and then use the Switch, the feeler handle, and after pushing it and waiting for three minutes, the ice maker will start working. Or you need to bring a professional to fix it.