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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Speakers? (Explained)

While driving the car, you might want to enjoy the podcast or listen to your favorite song on the speaker. If it goes wrong, you need to replace the car speaker soon. When you want to replace the car speakers, you should first decide your budget.

You will have various options and types of car speakers to buy. They fall into three categories. One is for budget-friendly speakers, another is for low-budgeted speakers, and finally, high-quality speakers. And the cost will vary.

How much does it cost to replace car speakers?

It costs around $500 to replace a car speaker. But the actual cost will depend on the speaker quality and other related factors. You might get the speakers within $250. And the installation process will take another $100. If you want to get the best quality speakers, it will cost $1000.

Despite the speaker’s quality, there are some additional factors. If you consider the entire sound system of the car, you will get three parts, including Speakers, heads, and amplifiers.

When you plan to change or replace the whole sound system, it will cost you around $800 to $1000.

If you want to change the speakers only, it might cost around $300 to $500. It’s an average estimation. It can extend up to $1000+. Here, the quality comes with a cost. More the price of the speakers, the better the quality.

Replace blown car speakers:

Depending on the sound system, replacing blown car speakers will cost around $500 to $800.

If you plan to replace the entire-blown sound system, it will cost you more than $1000 because the blown sound system also damages the amplifier and other related kinds of stuff.

If you only want to replace the blown car speaker, you can do it within $300 to $500. It mainly depends on the speaker quality and car model. It will cost more than you anticipated.

Replace one car speaker:

It will cost $300 to replace one car speaker. Sometimes, you may find one faulty car speaker.

In that case, the defective or damaged car speaker should not cost you more than the required amount. Here quality also plays an important role.

If you have an updated and expensive car, it will take more than $500 to replace one car speaker. You should check your car model and search for the required sound system. Otherwise, it will not be the perfect car speaker.

How much does it cost to install new speakers in your car? How much to install bose speakers in the car?

It will cost around $100 to install new speakers in your car. But the installation process is difficult if you try to do it yourself.

It will save you the cost and become the easiest process to install the new speakers. However, the process needs to have some accessories.

We will show you some easy processes and steps that you can follow to install and replace the new speakers. But the first struggle is to find the perfect car speaker. If you find it, you can install it.

It will cost around $150 to install the Bose speakers in the car. It’s a mid-budget car speaker that you can use within your budget. If you search for a high-quality Bose car speaker, it might cost a bit more.

Is replacing car speakers worth it?

Replacing a car speaker is worth it. If you have a faulty car speaker, you never repair it. Repairing the car speaker will not last for a long time; instead, it destroys the entire sound system. Although replacing car speakers is costly, it is worth it.

Repairing the car speaker might save you some bucks, but the new one will last for years. When you have faulty car speakers, try to find out the car speaker’s reason and the wrong part. Then, consult with a mechanic and ask for the repair cost.

Sometimes, you will find that repairing the existing faulty car speaker costs the same as the new one. In that case, you should buy the new one and install it. Both the installation cost and the repairing cost might be the same.

Where can I replace my car speakers?

You can replace your car speaker from a nearby mechanic shop or the automotive speaker shop. It will be better if you search on google and get the nearby shop location. Besides, you will get an online platform to hire a mechanic.

You can also hire the mechanic from social media pages. You will get a professional mechanic’s name and address from the online shop. You may check the customer review sections and look at the review to get some mechanic’s ideas.

If you want to replace the car speaker from a physical shop, you should go to a nearby garage or the speaker shop. It would be better to ask for a professional mechanic and replace your car speakers. It will give the best installation.

How to replace car speakers?

Replacing car speakers will require some tools and tips. Here you go with all the necessary things to replace car speakers.


The first thing is to gather all the necessary tools to replace car speakers. You need different size screwdrivers, wrenches, electric tape, wire cutter, and crimping tools.

If you replace the entire car sound speakers, you will need a socket wrench set and box cutter.

Choose the right size speakers:

You should purchase the right speakers according to the car model. It will be tough and tiresome to install or replace the wrong or big size speakers in the car.

Disconnect Battery:

It’s time to disconnect the battery first. It will flow the electricity to the engine, and you should turn off the engine and battery simultaneously.

Open Panels:

Open the panels from the speaker dashboard. You need to loosen the screws with the screwdriver. Then, open the panel and remove the existing lousy speaker. You need to be careful while disconnecting the speaker’s wire.

Install the new speakers:

You will install the new ones after removing the damaged car speaker.

After attaching the speakers, you should connect the electric wires. You should connect all the wires and use electric tape to attach them firmly.

Close the panel:

After the successful installation, you should close the panel and tighten the screws. It’s not a difficult task anymore. You can taste the speaker before closing the panel. It will help you to check the speaker quality.

Connect the battery:

It’s time to connect the battery again without further delay. You need to check the newly installed car speakers.

Be careful while connecting the battery. And, you should turn on the engine and check the actual sound of the new car speakers.

How much does it cost to repair a speaker in the car?

It will cost around $100 to repair a speaker in the car if it is slightly damaged or doesn’t need any part changes.

However, the cost will vary from car to car, and it will also depend on the mechanic’s skills. If you get help from the professional mechanic, he will charge double.

Also, the cost will be more if you need to change any damaged part or wire from the car sound system. Let’s say you have a faulty head or amplifier. It will add to the cost if you replace or repair it.

Moreover, the repair cost will be around $200-$250 when you have four speakers on the four doors. Since most modern cars have four speakers, they will cost you hundreds of bucks more to repair them.

How much do car speakers usually cost? How much do subwoofers cost for cars?

Car speakers usually cost around $50-$250. $50 is for the lowest quality and average car speaker, whereas the $250 is for the high-end car speaker, which will give you the top-notch quality along with the stereo sound system.

If you want to get an average quality speaker, it will cost you around $150. It’s the standard speaker price that will give you excellent sound quality and the sound system.

The subwoofers cost about $100-$200 for cars. When you spend two hundred bucks only to purchase the subwoofers, you are getting the top-quality sound system indeed. If you like the premium quality loudspeaker, try to invest more than $200.

Mainly the subwoofers are for the loudspeakers. So, it’s better to invest a bit more in quality speakers and enjoy the song or your favorite podcast. And it will also be better to install the subwoofers with a professional mechanic.

Final Thoughts

Although $500 is an ideal and standard cost of replacing the car speakers, you can spend more on the top-quality sound system. It might require $1000 to get an excellent pair of car speakers. However, you can also find the car speaker for $300. So, it’s better to fix your budget.