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How Many Watts Does a Toaster Use? (Read This First!)

What do butter, avocado mash, and scrambled eggs have in common? They are not complete without the hot, toasty bread for the breakfast. A toaster is the one kitchen appliance without which people can’t function in the morning nowadays. 

Even though a minimal amount, the toaster consumes electric energy to function. However, you should know the power requirement of a toaster in the case of electricity budgeting at your home. So, let’s find out how many watts your toaster use

Watts usage for a toaster

The power consumption of a toaster varies on the slices it toasts. If the toaster is 2 slice toasters, it will absorb between 700-1000 watts, on an average of 750. And a 4-slice toaster will consume 1200-2500 watts, with a 1400 average value. For the actual number, check the specification label.

The electricity cost of a toaster depends on the watts it uses and the time duration to make the bread crunchy of your liking. Since it makes 2-4 minutes to toast the pieces of bread, the cost is minimal and only a few cents.

It is important to know the actual wattage number of your model to calculate the exact figure of electricity consumption and cost. Let’s do the calculation depending on the time duration.

Per minute:

If you toast 2 slices of bread, the average watt usage is 750. So, to calculate the cost and power consumption per minute, we need to figure out the exact wattage, cost per unit, and total time which is 1 minute here.

Cost per unit varies from place to place. If we take an average of 15kWhr, electricity usage per minute will be 0.013kWhr and the cost will be 0.41c.

When you are toasting 4-slices. The average watt will increase to 1400. So, considering the similar cost per unit, the electricity usage per minute will be 0.023kWhr, and the cost 0.67.

Per hour:

It takes 3 minutes to toast a batch of 2 slices of bread on a toaster. If you toast one batch of toasts for 3 minutes, per hour the electricity usage will be 0.037kWhr, and the total cost will be 0.563.

If you use the toaster for a full hour each day, the electricity usage will be 0.750kWhr. Imagine how many pieces of bread it will take to toast for an hour!

The time duration doubles up when you use the 4-slices toaster, and the wattage also. For this, the electricity consumption will rise to 0.140kWhr and the cost will be 2.1c per hour.

Per day:

Since it takes 3 minutes to make one batch of toast in the toaster, the hour and day calculations will be similar.

Since if per hour the electricity consumption is 0.037kWhr, per day it will be the exact same digit. And the cost will be similar per hour as well. Whether hour or day, the power consumption time doesn’t vary.

Per month:

Considering the month will be 30 days and the usage will be 3 minutes per day, we can easily find out, per month the cost for a 2-slice toaster will be 17.111

And when the toaster is 4-slicer, the electricity usage per month will be 0.42kWhr and the usage cost per month will be 63.882.


Startup watts or surge watts are the additional watts required to turn on the electric toaster in less than one or three seconds. For a toaster, the startup watt is 0W, since the appliance is small and takes minimal wattage to function.

How much wattage does a 2-slice toaster use?

In comparison with other kitchen and home appliances, the electricity consumption of a toaster is totally minuscule. A 2-slice toaster uses a wattage between 700 to 1000 watts.

On average the value of energy consumption is 750 watts. Some ultra-modern and multifunctional toasters may lift the number a bit higher. But a regular 2-slice toaster would never notch the 1000 watts scale.

However, to find the exact figure of the watt usage, you need to look up the specification level. You can find that level underneath the toaster. If you have the manual that came with the packaging, you can find the number there as well.

If you are not able to find the wattage, look up your model at amazon and check the description there. Ultimately the energy consumption and cost of usage depend on the watts the toaster uses so the exact number is crucial.

How much does it cost to run a toaster?

The cost to run a toaster is so cheap and inexpensive that you can’t really put a dollar sign before the number. Because a toaster’s function is minimal and it runs for only a couple of minutes of a day, it is cost-efficient to the fullest.

Also, since it is a very small appliance, surge watt is zero, so the cost depends on the slices of bread that you toast.

For a 2-slice toaster, if you run it for 3 minutes per day and your appliance is 900 watts, the cost will come to 1.29c only. The annual cost will be $4.71, less than 5 dollars. The more wattage usage, the more cost increase.

Similarly, the time duration will also impact the cost of running the toaster. A 4-slice toaster, running for 3 minutes with 1400 wattage, will cost you $2.01 daily and $7.33 annually.

What factors determine toaster watt usage?

The total power consumption of a toaster depends on separate variables. To figure out the exact cost, some factors will be liable here. Such as_

Wattage Usage:

Wattage basically means how much power the appliance consumes. You can find the exact number in the specification level underneath the device. On average, a 2-slice toaster uses 750 watts, and a 4-slice uses 1400 watts.

Cost per unit:

For an electric utility, a standard unit price is charged. This cost depends on location, accessibility, company, and country. To find out the cost per unit price, search it on global electricity prices.

You can contact your electric provider to know about the charges. The electricity or utility company puts the charge for the overall number of kilowatt-hours you expended.

Hours of usage:

This is the only variable that you and your family have control over. Regularly a 2-slice toaster takes 3 minutes to toast a batch of bread.

And the 4-slice toaster takes the double time. You need to notice how many minutes your toaster is being used per day.

Per day units:

Daily usage of electricity is counted by the units and in consideration of channeled operation hours, the factor is determined.

How do I check the power consumption of my toaster?

You can easily check the power consumption of the toaster with simple information and calculations.

To figure out the number you need to know a few pieces of information regarding your toaster and electricity supply chain. The numbers provided there will be the ultimate variables to check the power consumption of the toaster.

Follow the steps to calculate the power consumption of the toaster and pull off the result are:

Find out the wattage:

The wattage rate is to figure out the amount of power the toaster consumes. When the toaster lists its wattage as 800 watts, it uses 800 watts each hour.

It is crucial to know the wattage number of the toaster to calculate the power consumption.

Figure out the hour of operation:

How many hours or minutes a day your toaster is functioning determines the power consumption rate of the appliance. If the toaster is functioning 6 minutes a day, the hourly rate will be 06 / 60 = 0.1.

Know the cost per unit:

Depending on your location and utility provider company, this rate will vary. You need to know this cost number not only to figure out the toaster’s power consumption, but rather all electrical appliances of your home and your overall bill at the end of the month.

Electricity unit:

How much power the device consumes in a total running hour is its final unit of electricity. If the toaster of 800 watts is running for half an hour, it will devour 800-watt X 0.5 = 400watt hours or 0.4kWhr of electrical power.

Calculate with the numbers:

After you bring out the information, with the help of an online calculator you can figure out the power consumption of the toaster, as well as cost per hour, per month, and usage per minute.

Final Thoughts

A toaster is a handy tool for breakfast. Even though it is an appliance, its power consumption is very minimal. Which is around 700-1400 watts depending on the size. Even so, it is encouraged to grab knowledge about the wattage usage of a toaster for an unforeseeable emergency.