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How Long to Sit Under Hooded Dryer? (Quick Answers)

A hooded dryer is a perfect substitute for a regular hairdryer. It is less damaging than the typical hair dryer because of its even air. When you sit under the hooded dryer, it will evenly heat the hair and dry out the water.

If you use a typical hair dryer, you can dry the entire head. You dry side-by-side; therefore, it no longer gives you the even heat.

In contrast, the hooded dryer will provide you with the scope to dry all the hair at a time. It also takes less time than the regular hairdryer.

How long to sit under a hooded dryer?

You can sit under a hooded dryer for about fifteen (15) minutes. If you have long and thick hair, you may sit for 20 minutes at best. Longer than this time will damage your hair. When you go to the salon or use your hooded dryer, sit appropriately under it. Then, set the time for 15 minutes.

When you stay for about ten to fifteen minutes, you should check your hair. If it is dried, you must turn off the dryer.

What if you have thick and long hair, and your hair is still wet? In that case, you need to stay under the hooded dryer for an additional five minutes.

Don’t try to use the hairdryer for more than 20 minutes. It will start to damage the hair by overheating. Heat is not a recommended way to dry the hair. Only when you have limited time, and you’re in a hurry you may use it once or twice a week.

If you use it regularly, you might face hair fall issues suddenly. Moreover, the uneven heat air is also dangerous for hair health. Go for the second option whenever you have options to dry the hair, either with a hairdryer or a hooded dryer.

The main reason is the even heated air. Only the hooded or domed-shaped hair dryer will give you even heat all around the head. Moreover, it will take fifteen minutes to dry the hair properly without rinsing the hair water.

However, the hooded hair dryer is costly. We go to the salon and take a hair treatment. And the hairdressers use the doomed or hooded hair dryer to dry our hair soon. It has some benefits as well.

The hair gets heated air, and all the hair massage or treatment nutrients go to the scalp slowly. It’s the only way to give your hair the proper nutrients and make them healthy. But never sit under the hooded dryer for more than 20 minutes.

How long to deep condition under the hooded dryer?

It might take around 30 minutes to get in deep condition under the hooded dryer. It’s a long process to give your hair all the nutrients and hydrate them properly.

The exact time for the deep condition will vary from person to person due to the hair thickness.

When you go for deep conditioning and have thick and long hair, it will take around thirty to forty minutes. On the other hand, if you have short hair and are not thick, it will take around 20 to 30 minutes for deep conditioning.

Deep conditioning under the hooded dryer is a time-consuming and tiresome process. You need to massage the scalp smoothly for a long time and ensure the nutrients go through. Additionally, the nutrients need to be hydrated.

It might take around 30 minutes for an average person’s hair to be in deep condition under the hooded dryer for all these reasons. It’s better to ask the hairdresser about the time since it might take more or less time depending on your hair thickness.

How long do you have to sit under the dryer for a roller set?

You have to sit under the dryer for twenty minutes for a roller set if you have short hair. And it will take 40 minutes for a roller set to dry if you have long and thick hair. Never go beyond or after this time frame.

It will not be an ideal practice for your hair growth. So, it’s better to dry the roller set within thirty minutes. How do you decide the best time for the roller set? You should ask the hairdresser to look at your hair length and thickness.

They can give you the best time information and set the dryer for the roller set. Make sure the hooded dryer covers the entire head and your hair. Then, select the timer and go for the roller set.

The function of the roller set is to curl the hair. If you want to get a bigger curl hair, you must choose the big roller. If you like the slight curl, you need to set the small roller. Whatever the size is, time will remain pretty much the same.

How long do you sit under the dryer for color?

You need to sit under the dryer for about an hour for the color. It takes more time than hair drying.

But the time will entirely depend on the person’s hair thickness and length. It might take around twenty minutes to get the desired color when you have small hair.

On the other hand, the color for long hair might take an entire hour to stick to hair. Sometimes, it might take more than the required time to dry the hair first and then apply the color. It’s always better to apply the bright and thin color to the hair.

If the hairdresser sprays on your hair and then sits under the dryer, it will take only half an hour to dry properly. But never be in a hurry while applying the color.

4 reasons to not sit under a hooded dryer for too long

There are some reasons why you should not sit under a hooded dryer for too long. They are:


If you sit under the hooded dryer for a long time, it will overheat the hair. And you know overheating is not safe for the hair. It will cause hair fall and damage hair growth as well.

Oily Scalp:

Sitting under the hooded dryer for a long time will make your scalp oily. You might sweat under it, and it will damage the hair by wetting it again. The nutrients will go off the scalp.

Thin Hair:

When you sit under the hooded dryer for a long time, it will thin your hair by over-drying. The heated air will go through the hair scalp and ruin the nutrients from the root.

Health Issues:

If you sit under the hooded dryer for a long time, it might cause some health issues, including headache, pressure, and more.

If you have migraine issues, you must tell your hairdresser not to give you high heat. You should use moderate heat to dry the hair and scalp.

Is a hooded dryer direct heat?

The hooded dryer is not direct heat. It’s the best example of indirect heat that helps the hair dry slowly. Therefore, it helps to increase the scalp’s blood circulation, which ultimately gives you the best hair solution.

Direct heat is not recommended for the hair. It damages the hair root and causes hair damage and hair fall.

Direct heat also causes different health issues, including headaches and high blood pressure. You might wonder how the direct heat does all these?

Direct heat dries the hair pretty soon and dries out the essential nutrients from the scalp. Therefore, direct heat should be avoided, and you need to use the hooded dryer, which gives you indirect heat to dry the hair.

Will sitting under a hooded/bonnet dryer cause heat damage?

Sitting under a hooded or bonnet dryer will not cause heat damage unless you sit for a long time. Typically, the hooded or bonnet dryer will dry the hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you want to overheat the hair or your hair is wet and takes more than thirty minutes, it may cause heat damage.

If you overheat the hair, it will damage the hair growth and nutrients from the scalp. It will be better not to overheat the hair and dry it for a long time.

Never be in a hurry, because if you are in a hurry, you will try to dry the hair soon. As a result, you might overheat and damage the hair.

However, any artificial way to dry the hair is not recommended. It might damage the hair in several ways. It’s better to dry the hair naturally.

Final Thoughts

15 to 20 minutes is the best time to sit under the hooded dryer and dry the hair. Your scalp will get all the ingredients slowly and absorb them too. But you should never spend too much time under the hooded dryer or bonnet dryer. It might cause hair fall and overheat the hair.